STILLWATER (WCCO) — In a packed Washington County courtroom, family, friends and fellow guard members of 34-year-old Brian Jacobson made certain that justice would be served.

Minnesota Army National Guard Master Sergeant Jacobson had served two tours of duty with the 34th Infantry Division and was back home on his Lake City farm.

However, on the morning of May 3, 2010 a Maplewood man, Anthony Mancheski, now 21 years old, was driving at speeds up to 89 mph and smashed into Jacobson near Hastings. Jacobson was killed instantly, leaving behind a wife and two children.

Mancheski was later charged with criminal vehicular homicide and agreed to a guilty plea. After Mancheski’s sentencing, Ember Johnson, Brian’s widow told reporters, “in all the quiet times, the pain is really deep, and forever.”

Mancheski’s guilty plea spared the family a difficult trial. While family members spoke of Mancheski’s lack of remorse for his reckless behavior, they supported the plea deal worked out by prosecutors.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput explained, “the victim’s family did have some say in it and they asked that we not send this young man to prison. We took that into account.”

Victim’s impact statements and an emotional 11-minute video tribute captured the family’s pain. As photographs of Brian with his family, farm and fellow soldiers played on the screen, Judge Mary Hannon would contemplate the final sentence.

Mancheski will serve one year in the county jail and 10 years under supervised probation. Should he not follow the strict terms of his probation, he would be sent back to prison for up to 57 months.

“Justice has been served as best justice can be served, but Brian will never come back,” said Jacobson’s mother, Cathy.

As for the sense of loss felt by Jacobson’s widow, Ember Johnson says it never goes away.

“You find a safe place, and you kind of make friends with it, but it never goes away,” said Ember.

Mancheski was taken into custody to begin serving his one year in jail. When he’s completed that, he’ll be on supervised probation for 10 years, and have no drug or alcohol use.

Any violation of the terms would put him back behind bars to complete the 57-month stayed sentence.

Comments (10)
  1. Tom says:

    not long enough, send him to the big house for a long extended vacation

  2. Sue says:

    This is just wrong……….wth

  3. Sam I am says:

    He will do 2/3 rds that time with time off for good behavior and supervised probabtion is a joke. I knew someone who got a felony DUI and while on probabion got another, it took 3 years before he did any prison time.

    Felony DUI is 4 or more in 10 years, or something like that. He should have been given straight time.

  4. Kevin says:


  5. angus says:

    Under the proposed new gun law all he had to do was say he felt his safety was threatened and he could have walked free.

    For you gun idiots, that is irony

    1. Sherry says:

      I didn’t know they let inmates of mental institutions have access to the internet.

  6. Matthew says:

    I agree that one year is not long enough….however…the REAL punishment will be that once he gets out, he will be on supervised release….that mean NO alcohol….No, not even a glass of beer with dinner….and the cops WILL enforce that. He’ll be subject to random alcohol and drugs test…at ANY time of the day or night. Being that this idiot will be free when he’s 22 years old…you JUST KNOW that he’ll mess up and end up back in prison for 5 more years. Just wait…..This happened to a friend of mine…..he got a stayed sentence of 9 years for DWI homicide……he spent 9 months in jail and within 2 months after release, he thought he was smart and thought that they would only give him random alcohol/drug tests on Friday and Saturday nights. Well, the idiot went out to the bar one weekday afternoon, and sure enough…..his number came up and he failed the alcohol test….and now he is sitting in prison for the next 9 years.

    Sometimes you can’t fix stupid.

  7. Shannon Conzet says:

    for those of you who keep saying his sentence is a joke and he should serve a longer jail sentence should reread the article. The VICTIMS family has asked that he not serve a long jail term. There’s a lesson in forgivness to be learned by them.

  8. Remembering says:

    Shannon, well done! You are absolutely correct. People have a choice in matters such as this. You can forgive and move on. Or you can harbor hatred and contempt which does nothing but damage your own soul and your relationship with others. Being that neither path will bring the loved one back, the choice is still obvious which one to take. And before someone says that I don’t know what it is like, I know EXACTLY what it is like. In my case I choose to forgive and move on and I am much more at peace with things than had I decided to hate.

  9. Van Ransenmaker says:

    I do not care if the victims family Forgives him. It is not up to them to keep this monster from doing it again. We all know he will do this again and next time it might be my family. This is why he should be locked up for 30 years. …just wait…the next time a new bunch of fools will forgive him and on and on it goes… we never learn.

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