NEW ULM, Minn. (WCCO) — Students at New Ulm High School will get a pat-down on the way to class because officials found a written bomb threat at the school Thursday.

Officials and police searched the building last night and nothing was found.

Still, students will be searched before they enter the high school today as a precaution.

The threat was on a note found in a stairwell at the school. It said someone was going to “bomb” the school today.

Comments (8)
  1. Senor says:

    pat ’em all down, those criminals

  2. aintnoangel says:

    Strip Search everybody, That will teach these brats a lesson!

  3. ChiggerChaser says:

    I been pattin’ down all the attractive ladies but they need help with the rest

    where’s jackaction and lil’ Kevin???? help

  4. Reality says:

    So glad I went to HS almost 20 years ago. Never had to worry about any of this stuff kids go throw today. It is sad how much has changed. Pat Downs to enter a New Ulm School give me a break for some kid who wrote bomb. I highly doubt any of these kids have the capability of making a bomb. IED IED I think not

    1. Reality Bites says:

      Hey Warped Reality:

      Right – and when something does happen – you will be the first to say why didn’t the cops do something when they had such a overt warning?
      Columbine… Ohio last week ring a bell??

    2. ChiggerChaser says:

      Like the dude said – you’d be screaming if they didn’t and something happened.
      I’ll one up you – got out of HS (west ‘burb) in 1974, We had a bomb threat last week of school. It was handwritten. It was legit.
      Thank God for the staff there and PD or I may not be making fun of you today

  5. Research says:

    Legit reason to have a 3 day weekend. I’m sure attendance will be much lower today.

  6. Richard Cheese says:

    Well if it was a hand written note it shouldn’t be too hard to find them if it was a student.

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