MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community in the nation and Saturday people across the metro rallied against a banking policy that affects the Somali community.

Some banks are not allowing money transfers from Somalis living in Minnesota to their loved ones in their home country.

The banks say they’re concerned about money going to terror groups. But the Somalis say their families are desperate for help in the famine-stricken country.

The community wants the banks to reverse the policy. Protesters say 500 Somali Minnesotans have pledged to close their bank accounts with U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo if no agreement is made by May 11.

U.S .Bank released this statement: “We value our relationship with the Twin Cities Somali community. At the request of leaders in that community, we met with them recently to discuss the gap between their existing process and what is required by federal law.”

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  1. Bonks ↑ on the head! says:

    What the heck are you talking about? Are you on the same page here?

    1. Susan says:

      see carol above me, would not let me use the reply section

  2. gale says:

    Don’t let the money transfers continue. Were these not the same group that had folks found guilty of transferring money to terrorist?

  3. Dennis the tax payer says:

    Of course the banks value these accounts, they are some of the largest most active accounts that they have thanks to the Minnesota tax payers. Why are the banks so bothered by it now, it’s been going on for years.

    1. DB says:

      Because of the high Anti Money Laundering (AML) expenses that the banks have right now. Have you not noticed the hiring spree by banks for AML investigators? Somalians are the biggest group of people funding terrorism in Somalia. Most recently Somalian terrorists and Al Qaeda shook hands in friendship. Also, MN has seen a big number of Somali youth returning to Somalia to be active in terrorism and getting funding from MN. This is a huge problem for the banks.

  4. Ash says:

    Change the policy. Then at the same time increase the fees 300%!!!!

  5. gobacktosomalia says:

    what’s the problem again?????

  6. Michele says:

    Well said, Kilgore. The Somalis are doing remarkably well for the hell they came from. I’ve noticed that people tend to get less tolerant when they feel that their own jobs and lifestyles are threatened; they don’t mind a victim, but they fear a competitor. As to sending money home, our Mexican-Americans send their hard-earned cash home to their families, and nobody questions if the money is going for guns at the border. (Which would be absurd. Our drug users send enough money back to cover an army.) One more thing: America is built on the concept of immigration; it is the changing face of the population that makes our society strong. The taxes we pay are not membership fees for an exclusive country club. Everyone here pays taxes, in one form or another.

    1. Niki says:

      Well said Michele! We were all immigrants at one point or another. It’s amazing how quickly people are to point the finger and tell someone else to get out when they are doing the exact same thing your family did at one point in time. Without immigration The United States of America would not be!

      1. pumphandle- says:

        Wow my grandfather got free housing and money to live in 1915? Don’t compare me to them.

    2. Linda says:

      Most of them have lived here long enough to live like Americans and when they send money to their countries then it’s in their countries not the U.S. Same with Mexico. This country will soon be divided, either you are rich or you are poor. We need to keep our money in this country or many of us will end up like it is in their country with one exception, our families won’t be able to send money to us.

      1. Niki says:

        A lot of that money going out of our country can be blamed on big companies. If they could pay small children to work for pennies they would employ more people in the US, unfortunatly it doesn’t work that way and instead damn near everything is made in China where they don’t have the same regulartion as us and thus children in the US die of lead poisening. So instead of worrying about the $200 an immigrant is sending their starving children in Somalia worry about the places and products you support everyday.

        1. Michele says:

          That is certainly food for thought, Niki.

        2. AntiTeabagger says:

          What about our kids that are starving here. Take care of our own first before you send money off to another country, or even bring them here. Why do we have to be the police of the world and or the pocket book of the world? Because tree huggers like you cry and moan about it without helping our people here first in the U.S. I say if you want to help them so bad, pack your bags, go over there and help them out all you want! My tax money should go for the people of the United States, not people who come here to take advantage of all the loopholes you tree huggers make for them.

          1. Michele says:

            AntiTeabagger, surely you do realize that the money these people are sending is money that they earned themselves. And they aren’t asking you to send anything; they just want to have the freedom to take care of their own families. What does tree-hugging (a euphemism for an environmentalist) have to do with this? These people aren’t doing ANYTHING that hasn’t been done in this country for centuries. Even the Scandinavians sent money home.

          2. Niki says:

            You are right, we should take care of our own first. It makes me upset to see how much people (Americans) send to other countries to help them out and yet we have children starving in our own small communities. We shouldn’t have to take care of everyone. It has nothing to do with treehugging. I personally don;t hug trees, I opt for burning them. I want to help our children here, and that’s why I donate for their causes, unfortunatly many people then argue that those low life welfare recipients who are American are just as bad as people from other countries coming in and feeding off the system. The money is there to help people and if you have never been in the situation that deems it a necessity good for you, but don’t act like you personally are signing the check for their welfare and foodstamps.

          3. Jeannie says:

            Well said, when you live in other countries you do it their way or leave. Theres no press 1 or 2 or 3 for whatever language. We have poor homeless starving people right here. Lets take care of our own. when we fix trhe problems here then we can help somewhere else.

        3. Linda says:

          I agree and try to buy American or local such as farmers markets, China and the work the US sends there is a different subject.

        4. Susan says:

          children in Somalia are working in factories???? Children in Somalia are being taught to bomb other people and steal ships, money, and belongings of other people, some of that money going back to Somalia is being used for illegal things.

  7. djp says:

    Oh please…give us all a break. We don’t want them here taking money and sending it to who knows who!
    Get off your band wagon and see the light!!

    1. Criminals Rule says:

      Well I guess they should contact the state and advised them that they want their taxes raised so they can pay for them to live tax free for what is it 6 years. Free schooling including college/grad school, healtcare, housing, and many other perks. How about reduce the number of tax free years to 3 and how about giving us taxpayers 2 free years of taxes. They should really put a box on the tax form just like the DNR box that states you want to contribute say 20% of your tax return to them.

      1. brian says:

        no one gets to live here tax free that is a misconception that i also used to believe they just make there money through social services

  8. Niki says:

    I’m guessing our ancestors did the same thing when they moved to this country, you don’t exactly see the Native American religion and culture ruling our society do you? Too bad your family didn’t move back from where they were from and spare us all the pain of having to listen to your close minded babble.

    1. Jim says:

      i get your point, but you are a little off, see when our ancestors came here it wasn’t a country, now it is with an established government, so your argument is off. Depending on where you live there is allot of Native American influence around us, we just don’t always recognize it, as we grew u p with it

  9. Carl says:

    Does 500 accounts being closed make a big pash in the banking world. Nice threat. In the time I wrote this 500 accounts have just opened and closed.

  10. JKB says:

    Boo-hoo withdraw your money! Do like the majority of Mexican immigrants do, get money orders to send money to your families. Those that come to this country expect US to change for their convenience, when it is THEY that should try to conform to american ways , our language and learn the laws the rest of us are supposed to abide by. I can appreciate ones wanting to help their familiy who suffer, but you too, have to do something to show good failth in our system.

    1. Big Red says:

      Guess it could be tossed back at the white europeans by the native Americans – you come to OUR country you have to assimilate to OUR language and way of life.

      How’d that worl out anyway??? lol 😉

  11. g8bbgg says:

    Support is called my money AKA welfare

  12. Haji-nur live,love life says:

    Come on people this is the 21 st century, you can dislike a certain group of people but come on should we not thnk rationally? Instead of finding the solution to this we starve millions of more hungry people that are already dying from hunger, lets not forget we all were immigrants at once sending money to our loved ones. We were patient when we wanted Bin Laden and look at the out come. So people lets think rationally one man commits a sin doesnt mean a whole country should pay for it…. Peace and love to everyone even you that’s ready to write something nasty..

    1. AntiTeabagger says:

      Cry me a river, what about the children that are starving here in the US? I say pack them up and send them back to the sand.

  13. Susan says:

    Michelle, here is the difference between immigration years ago and now; my Grandpa did not receive any help, sent monies home to people that loved us not hated us He was eternally grateful everyday and did not constantly protest, scream for rights, and expect hand outs. He brought his siblings over and they all worked together to make a better life, The Somalis feel they are the only ones who have rights and are NEVER grateful for anything

    1. Michele says:

      Okay, Susan, so clearly, your Grandpa wasn’t Irish.

  14. Linda says:

    Notice what Aisha Mohmad has said ” I don’t like white people!” Now all of you who think there is nothing wrong with them living here should understand. They are growing in Mpls and other large cities so they can control the US and then guess what…they don’t like you, so you’re going to end up living like the Somoli’s and Iraqi’s are now in their countries. Is this what all of you defending the Somolians really want?

  15. RIII says:

    The bigest differance I can see between imagrants from other countries and the Somali is the Somali expect us the change our laws to suit them. Unlike other imagrants the Somali have not and do not care to become Americans only cause problems here. They are in the news allot for such a small gorup.

    1. Niki says:

      Oh that’s right. I forgot that when all the white Europeans moved to this country they assimilated to the Native American culture and adopted their language and ways of life. I’m so silly to have thought otherwise.Every group that moves here brings some of their own culture along, read a book…make it a history one.

  16. cathy k. says:

    Sooooooooooo……….Why did you move here? There had to be other options that didn’t include white people.

  17. Stanley Peterson says:

    We are getting sick and tired of you burka brats. You don’t know the word to simmulate into our culture You just sing the “blues”!. You won’t listen, you just “hate” and then cry abou how your treated . How did you get over here in the first place?.And then you pollute our society. Why does Somolis murder Christian’s. Freedom of Religion. You have no idea of what that means? Ufta!

  18. rj says:

    Take your money grubbing ways and GET OUT

  19. Michele & Niki are the same person says:

    Point of education for you, Niki/Michele. We don’t need these people, the Somali’s, they need us, the US and the city of Minneapolis. Your point about everyone being immigrants at one point in time is worthless and revealing of your inability to think beyond the obvious spoon fed information you ingest. When our ancestors came here to make a better life for themselves their living conditions were deplorable, and nothing was free. They were allowed to come here to further the industrial revolution, something these other countries should be working on achieving. Instead, they come here, because we let them, and while they are next to worthless as far as education or ability, we support them while they basically spit in our faces, snub out culture, engage in lives of crime, and send money back home to fund terrorist campaigns. Your spoon fed unoriginal knowledge and lack of there of concerning history will have you saying that I am picking out a few scenarios to brand an entire group of people. There may be merit in that, but what you and your other personality do not understand that these people are so ungrateful. As a community they should be terrified of losing all they gained once they simply landed here. They should be worshipping the ground they walk on. They should be intimidating others in their community into NOT committing crimes and funding terrorism so that they do not LOSE everything they have been given and end up getting sent back to Hell where they came from because they couldn’t behave themselves in our society. you are a fool and hate knowing that we live in the same area because it is clear you do not demand better for yourself and what I hope you earn and work for. I hope you are young and have time to change and grow up.

    1. Ruth says:

      Well said! Perhaps you would consider replacing our useless government and president and cleaning this state and country of these worthless “immigrants” who refuse to assimilate.

      1. Larry says:

        Right on Ruth!!! totally agree with you!!

    2. Linda says:

      Right on! I’d vote for you…great suggestion Ruth.

  20. Molly says:

    Well stated Ruth…I agree. and to Nikki my grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They got jobs,worked hard, paid taxes, became US citizens, learned the language, raised a fam of hard working responsible people another words they ‘assimilated’. They were forever grateful for America. They did not expect nor rec’v any hand outs, paid their own way with education etc…. unlike your Samolia friends who all they do is expect and demand hand outs, freebees all the while never assimilating to our US society, learning english & paying taxes. They all need to return to their own country right now!!!

  21. brian says:

    I feel Somalians have a harder time either wanting or being able to assimilate into our population. I understand that they came from a country with virtually no governmental law, but that should not deter them from understanding and living by our nations rules. When we have multiple terrorist recruiting cells in this area Somalians should understand our need to stop the conflict that caused the need for them to leave in the first place. I also understand the need to help our family members financially but to many people have moved to the united states to work and send money out of country rather than making a living here, further removing financial resources from our country.

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