MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You’ve probably heard of Jeremy Lin, a New York Knicks point guard who burst into fame right off the bench.

Before that, he was virtually unknown.

He’s known now by the nickname “Linsanity.” But did you know his winning streak reaches all the way from New York to Minnesota?

Winona-based Wincraft is a major manufacturer of sport souvenirs. But word of Lin’s winning streak hasn’t quite made its way into town.

Dave Schipper says some of his employees don’t know who the latest basketball sensation is. However, they are putting his face and signature onto hundreds of pieces of sports memorabilia.

“It’s a Lin-derella story,” Schipper said.

The phones started ringing off the hook at Wincraft when Lin started scoring major points. Lin’s face is now on flags, banners and pennants.

Schipper said Linsanity items even sold better than the company’s LeBron James merchandise, which was extremely popular last year.

The Linsanity memorabilia has already gone from stock to store shelves, and Wincraft estimates it’ll reach six figures by the season’s end.

However, Schipper isn’t sure the nicknames will last forever, but he thinks Lin’s talent is here to stay.

Wincraft says their souvenirs are mostly shipped to New York. The company expects many re-orders and new products in the future.

  1. Hate the media says:

    What about the other fantastic rookie point guard, our own Ricky Rubio. Where is his love?

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