MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Majority claims that it’s found proof of voter impersonation in Minnesota. And Executive Director Dan McGrath says it’s time to pay up.

On Feb. 13, the ACLU offered a $1,000 wager from their “Vote No 2012 Fund” that there hasn’t been a single case of voter impersonation in Minnesota in the last 10 years.

Minnesota Majority, the government watchdog group involved in looking into fraud says it’s proved the ACLU-MN wrong and asked to collect on the bet.

“The ACLU of Minnesota asked for evidence of a voter impersonation charge, indictment or conviction. We’ve completed that research for them and are providing them court documents that clearly show a charged case of one voter fraudulently voting in the name of another in the 2008 election,” McGrath said.

McGrath said the case in question was not easy to locate because the deal the court cut with the defendant kept the records somewhat obscured. The voter charged was an Andover resident who voted once in person using her own name and also completed a forged absentee ballot in an apparent variation of her daughter’s name. The daughter was away at college and also voted in her college precinct.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Election officials detected the apparent duplicate vote and contacted the daughter who denied voting twice. Eventually, the mother was contacted and admitted that it was she who completed the absentee ballot in her daughter’s name.

The Andover woman was charged with three felonies, but was sentenced only to temporary probation and was ordered to repay the costs of her prosecution.

“The moral of the story is, that if you look for voter fraud in Minnesota, you’ll find it. This is a clear-cut case of voter impersonation,” McGrath said. “It’s unusual that it was caught, because ordinarily there’s no connection to be made between a false identity and the actual voter. In this case, there was a connection to be made.”

Minnesota Majority plans to contribute the $1,000 reward to the Vote Yes for Voter ID campaign, or to furthering their research into election integrity issues.

Chuck Samuelson from the Minnesota ACLU responded to the prize claim. He said voter fraud is not a problem in the state of Minnesota.

He said he will review the claim, and let Minnesota Majority know whether it will pay up on April 5.

Comments (16)
  1. Confused says:

    The problem is the Voter ID law would not have stopped this. She did not vote in person rather two absentee votes were cast.and caught by the current system.

    1. Thinks about reality says:

      So it’s better to allow MORE ways for voter fraud RATHER than try to curtail it. Yeah also we shouldn’t have theft be illegal because ya know people can get away with it anyway. BRILLIANT logic. Your name is very appropriate.

  2. Homer says:

    It seems they prioved the ACLU’s point.

  3. ID's Work says:

    Just a few more, read down the middle where Donald Ducked signed off…


    Oh wait maybe he really does live here and migrates north in the winter instead of south..

  4. Rube says:

    Voter ID. Such a simple thing, show an ID card with a picture and your address on it, that you were issued for free in order to vote. Why is that so hard? You have to do that to buy smokes, liquor and to claim your casino freebees.
    It doesn’t make much sense to me, what’s the big deal?

    1. mike0023 says:

      It makes it hard to steal elections. That’s a big deal. That’s why Democrats are fighting it tooth and nail.

      1. Tom F says:

        Lol, stealing elections?!? Of course you would claim that, you lost. hahah

  5. Mary says:

    Watch the video on you tube where in Central Minnesota counties, a guy goes and gets up to 20 registration forms for people he said couldn’t come and get them, asks if he needs to show ID for the people that he is registering and the answer was always NO. They went on to give him several absentee ballots and said that they could vote that way if they wanted and never have to show ID. I see that as a MAJOR PROBLEM-DON’T YOU?? The one lady said Minnesota is the type of state that MAY do something about fraud after the fact, but not before and she said that she’d like to see better regulations.

  6. ID's Work says:

    Mary, can you please post a link?

  7. rina says:

    I was listening to a local radio station in st cloud on 08 election day and they were interviewing people who had just voted. Lo and behold here comes a guy who had just voted he claimed twice. The guy only gave a first name and sounded mentally disabled. he was laughing because he voted twice. Guess who he voted for? You guessed it OBama.

  8. Tom F says:

    http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=204 Read the part where it says “Registering on Election Day”
    To register at your polling place on Election Day, you must bring one of the following with your current name and address to verify your residence in the precinct :

    A valid Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit, Minnesota ID card, or receipt for any of these
    A valid student ID card including your photo, if your college has provided a student housing list to election officials
    A Tribal ID card that contains your picture and signature
    A valid registration in the same precinct under a different name or address
    A notice of late registration sent to you by your county auditor or city clerk
    A voter registered in the same precinct as you who can confirm your address with a signed oath
    An employee of the residential facility where you live who can confirm your address with a signed oath
    Both 1) a photo ID from the list below, and 2) a current bill from the list below with your current name and address in the precinct

  9. Brett says:

    No it isn’t. Be REAL, be GENUINE, be VERIFIABLE, and GUESS WHAT, you won’t have a problem. Be a fraud, and you should be dragged thru the streets until you are almost DEAD. I’m tired of reading about how so many FRAUDS are tearing this country to shreds, doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, democrat or republican.

  10. NARKUS says:

    STOP IT … STOP IT … the Democrat party believes that black americans are too dumb to obtain ID. It is time that all are required to show ID.

  11. order of law says:

    I’m not sure how this story works in MM’s favor.

  12. Patrick says:

    The right-wingers conveniently forget that one felon who was busted for voting illegally in 2008 said he voted for Coleman.

    Fraud goes both ways.

  13. toad says:

    It does not matter what color your skin is,or your blood count,and what part of this planet your DNA traveled from.Get yourself a valid ID because we are in the technology age.Then you can vote for your favorite millionaire.

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