MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 38-year-old man was charged after police say he bit and punched his girlfriend’s son over an argument about walking the dog.

Roosevelt McCray has been charged with malicious punishment of a child and domestic assault for the incident that occurred around 6:45 a.m. on Feb. 23 in Eagan, according to the complaint.

Police say McCray began arguing with his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son about walking the dog. The boy told him to stop yelling at him, at which point, McCray allegedly hit him across the face with a closed fist.

Officials say McCray and the boy then began wrestling and broke a mirror. That’s when McCray bit the boy on the shoulder and back, according to the charges.

The boy’s mother broke up the argument and the boy went to school. After school, the boy stayed with a friend and did not return home.

Police say the boy’s bite marks had visible scabbing as McCray’s teeth had broken the skin. McCray told police he didn’t mean to bite the boy but his mouth was open while the two were wrestling.

The boy told police McCray has hit him in the past and once gave his mother a black eye, although neither incident was reported.

In March of 2002, McCray was convicted of domestic battery.

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  1. Poor Poor Pitifull Me says:

    “McCray told police he didn’t mean to bite the boy but his mouth was open while the two were wrestling.”…..that’s funny…..it’s kind of like “I didn’t mean to get fat, my mouth was open when I was attacked by a fork full of spaghetti”

  2. Lou says:

    Wouldn’t have happened if he would have just mowed the dang lawn!!

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    I didn’t abandon ship – I fell into the lifeboat!

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    But he’s getting his life turned around…..