By Amelia Santaniello

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 39th annual Twin Cities Auto Show is reeving up car enthusiasts.

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One car on the show floor, the Lexus LFA, is lavish and fast and costs more than many homes – it retails just under $400,000. There are only 500 LFAs being made worldwide and only 172 will be made in the United States.

Bob Powell, a Lexus spokesperson, said the LFA is the company’s first super car and that it sounds like a Formula One car.

“The car is capable of 202 miles per hour,” he said. “It makes a wonderful sound.”

Powell said the LFA is 65 percent carbon fiber, making it light weight.

For those in the market for a car that’s eco-friendly and slightly less expensive – say $100,000 – the Fisker Karma sports car might be an option.

Gene Kaganovsky, a Fisker manager, said the Karma is the greenest car in the world.

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“Our woods are pulled from the bottom of Lake Michigan and refurbished instead of going into a forest and chopping down trees to put into a car,” he said.

The Karma, as you might expect, doesn’t guzzle much gas.

“It’s a very unique, exotic sports car that can get up to 100 miles per gallon,” Kaganovsky said.

Interested in a car that’s easy on the bank account and gas pump, consider the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Zack Nakos, a Ford spokesperson, said the Fusion Hybrid has excellent fuel economy.

“The Hybrid will have 47 city and 44 Highway miles per gallon,” he said.

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The Auto Show runs through March 18. Tickets for adults are $10. For children 15-years-old and under, it’s $7. Get tickets online and save $2.

Amelia Santaniello