By Esme Murphy

GOLDEN VALLEY (WCCO) — At the time when many hardware chains are closing stores, Menards says it opens a new location every week. Its latest has re-invented the traditional hardware store.

A year ago, the Menards along Interstate 394 in Golden Valley closed its doors. It was knocked down and rebuilt into a new Mega Menards.

“Menards has expanded over the years with what we carry. We basically grew out of the old store,” said store General Manager, Steve Gossen.

From the outside, the store looks like any other Menards in the area. But as soon as customers walk in, they’ll find a two-story hardware haven.

“It’s a unique look for a store like this,” Gossen explained. “You can pretty much see what we’re going to offer around the store. You can look right up and see our cabinet kitchen displays up above.”

Menards hired 100 additional staff members for the 225,000 square foot store. The bigger store meant more space for displays. This particular location has 41 kitchen displays to help customers see and know what they’re buying.

“Over the years, we’ve perfected these stores and what people are looking for. They want the wide aisles and they want the room to be able to shop. They want to be able to pick up their selections and be able to use them,” said Gossen.

Construction crews and do-it-yourselfers will find what they’ve grown to expect: a surplus of nails, light fixtures and garden supplies. Now, they can pick out those items to the tune of a grand piano. The expectation is younger local musicians will play for customers.

Next to the piano is another unusual sight, rolling walkways that act like an escalator.

“The carts have a unique locking system on them, so when they’re pushed on, the wheels lock and it takes them right up and wheels right off when you come to the top,” Gossen said.

Perhaps the biggest section you wouldn’t expect to see in a hardware store: the expanded grocery area.

It’s stocked with everything from cheese and eggs, to soup and cereal.

“If you needed to pick up some milk in the morning, you could swing by here, get your bulbs that burnt out, grab a gallon of milk and you’re done,” said Gossen.

Menards’ Golden Valley location will open to customers Tuesday. It’s grand opening is March 24.

The Richfield location is closing in two weeks for the exact same type renovation.

Tracy Perlman, Producer
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Comments (7)
  1. Poor Poor Pitifull Me says:

    Wider aisles? So then it will take two pallets to block an aisle as compared to the mandatory pallet in the middle of an aisle.

  2. Min Da says:

    how about getting rid of the turn styles and stopping the annoying intercom that repeats the same phrase over and over.
    several times I just turned around at entry and went elsewhere due to the turn style and many many many times when I did manage to get by the turn style without getting groped, I had found a few items that would adequately do what I needed done but then just leave the cart in isle and leave because the annoying intercom just won’t quit (it lies, can’t stand lies), I stop at menards because it’s closer than the other hardware stores that are less expensive and have better products, because I want to get the project done.

    1. Dan the Handyman says:

      Obviously the turnstyles are there to keep you out – survival of the fittest — please shop elsewhere so I don’t bump into you and your complaining attitude. The company is reinvesting and expanding – providing more jobs and opportunities – let it rest!

  3. Franco says:

    About 15 years too late. Now only the ugliest of the ugly will work and shop at My-nards. They only carry bargin/cheap merch and now it will be over priced. At least they used to have decent prices…but no more!

  4. MAJ says:

    Anyone complaining about Menards is definitely in the minority. I think it is a great store. Have found the Associates to be most helpful. I had a kitchen remodel done and 100% of the appliances, cabinets, etc. came from Menards.

  5. boycottingmenards says:

    My son-in-law’s SUV was hit to the tune of over $1500.00 damage by a “Courtesy” worker slamming a large chain of carts in a Menards parking lot. The manager said that they’d take care of it. Soon after, their insurance company lied and said that the security tape showed only one cart, and said that they wouldn’t pay for it. I was there – I know what happened and so does the manager. They now won’t release the security tape to us. This is just one of a long line of rotten things that Menards has done to my family and friends over the years.
    Menards is dirty, dirty. It’s nice to know that my daughter and son-in-law are helping to pay for the remodeling by not being reimbursed by Menards. Shop at Home Depot and Lowes.

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