ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Law enforcement agencies statewide will increase enforcement this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, a traditionally risky time on Minnesota roadways.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety officials are especially concerned this year because St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday. They say the holiday has been safer in recent years when St. Pat’s fell on a weekday.

The last time the holiday was on a weekend was 2007 when 527 motorists were arrested for drunken driving and all three traffic deaths were alcohol-related. During a typical weekend in Minnesota, about 170 motorists are arrested for DWI.

The department’s Office of Traffic Safety says seven deaths were in alcohol-related crashes during the St. Patrick’s holiday from 2006 to 2010. Nearly 1,600 people were cited for drunken driving during the same period.

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Comments (2)
  1. Amy Senser' says:

    where is the best party in St. Paul ?

  2. Kevin says:

    Being irish this offends me! Just because your irish does not mean that you wear green and drink yourself to death! We dont have German day where we all goose step and try to take over the world! Or hmong day where we all hide in the woods and kill people….or Somali day where we all run like cowards from out country and drive cabs while trying to enforce shari law……or Mexican day where we all take turns swimming rivers and climbing fences…..Im going to contact the ACLU and sue for $280,000….then I am moving to Anoka….

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