MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota State Trooper sustained minor injuries in a crash along Interstate 94 on Wednesday.

According to the patrol, the trooper was struck while parked along the right shoulder in a grassy area near Boone Avenue in Brooklyn Park.

A vehicle changing lanes along eastbound I-94 struck another vehicle and crossed the traffic lanes, crashing into the trooper.

Both the 38-year-old trooper as well as the 47-year-old driver sustained minor injuries in the crash. The driver of the third vehicle was not hurt.

The State Patrol is still investigating the incident.

(credit: Minnesota State Patrol)

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  1. Rich says:

    Troopers should not be allowed to park where ever they like.
    Serves him right. He should be sued by the driver that hit him.
    Any one else parking there would be ticketed.

    1. Wildbill says:

      it’s true.

    2. GH says:

      Nice comment idiot! You have no idea why he was there. Maybe he just got done with an accident there and was finishing up when he was hit. Maybe someone was going 20 over and he had them pulled over at that spot. MAYBE you shouldn’t make such nasty comments without knowing the ENTIRE story!

    3. Tom T says:

      Another freak in the land of nuts.
      They can park where they need to for whatever reason. And for the idiot how stuck the vehichle while changing lanes – hope they tag your sorry butt, and charge you with either careless or reckless, whichever is applicable. HUGE fine to the idiot – HUGE

    4. Don't knock it till you've tried it says:

      Hey Rich. News flash: you’re an idiot. I wonder what the State Patrol ticketed or arrested you for. The guy’s doing his job. If he were sitting at the office, you’d be complaining because he wasn’t out doing what the taxpayers pay him to do. So I guess cops can’t win for losing. The article says he was parked in the grass, which means he was nowhere near the traffic lane. Hopefully you find yourself parked on the freeway in the near future. And hopefully, it’s due to a reason you had no control over. Maybe then you’ll see…

      1. Don't knock it till you've tried it says:

        Hmm that’s funny. You know, there used to be a guy on here named Andy who’d post his left-wing B.S. any time there was a story about cops or law enforcement. Yeah he’d come on here and post links to his favorite Marxist-Leninist, red-star, anti-cop websites. Post the one about the homeless guy who was supposedly beaten to death by cops for doing nothing…that one’s my favorite.

        1. The real marine 0311 says:

          Wow. You show how really stupid you are. People who are free staters, or against police corruption are so opposite Marxist/Leninist it’s not even funny. Everyone on cop block is a libertarian, which again goes against everything Marx, and lenin stood for. I am a libertarian. You need to get sterilized too. Do you even know anything about socialism, or communism? These groups loved the police! They are the ones who had their police forced kidnap people in the middle of the night, and threw them in the gulags. someone who has a negative view of cops, and the government is definitely not into Marx, or Lenin. Nice try.

          1. Real Deal says:

            What police force in the United States are you referring too that kidnap people in the middle of the night and threw them into the gulags? Did you get that mixed up with the United States military that still has Gitmo or the concentration camps back in WW2 that housed thousands of Of people from Japan , that wasn’t a police force that was our very own military, the one that you served in right?

            1. Marine 0311 says:

              No I was talking to a guy who’s comment was deleted about what politics I like. He accused me of being a Marxist/Leninist for being negative towards police. I pointed out to him that a Marxist/Leninist are all about the police. I am a

              1. Ryan says:

                Youre a librarian?

                Which branch?

    5. Brett says:

      IDIOT. Troopers have PLENTY of reasons to be on the shoulder of a highway, whether it is aiding a stranded/broken down motorist, issuing a citation, or operating a radar/laser speeding enforcement device. If you are stupid enough to slam into a trooper on a shoulder in GOOD driving conditions, you should be arrested and sent to jail, because you are an OBVIOUS THREAT to the safety of all who use our public highways. There is NO excuse for slamming into a vehicle on the shoulder of a highway in good driving conditions.

    6. tweeter says:

      Get off the road if you drive like that and save some gas.

    7. Lilohme says:

      Wait a minute, the trooper was parked off to the RIGHT….IN THE GRASSY area, which means he must have been way off the road, so how is it the troopers fault? I’m thinking the trooper did everything right and the person who was probably “rubber necking” and hit the car who hit the trooper would be at fault. You must be a criminal/cop hater or something. I’m not a cop lover, I’ve been given my share of tickets in my life, but I see no reason why this would be the troopers fault at all.

  2. All about $$$ says:

    that’s one of their hiding spots to try and be sneaky and catch speeders! Just like when they are on the side of the road at night WITHOUT any lights on. Surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Is it really worth it? Catching speeders and getting that ticket money? Should be a law that they can’t do that, everyone’s life is more important than speeding tickets! Period!!!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      In MN they do not park on the side of the road at night without lights on. Period.

      1. MN Cop says:

        I do. But I find a spot where I can park completely off the shoulder like a field approach.

      2. JWar says:

        I have seen them parked on the side without lights many times.

    2. Brett says:

      So, how often do you leave the roadway, and drive on the shoulder on a metro area freeway, especially when the driving conditions are “good”? Why would you?

      Are you such a lousy driver that you can’t drive in a legal lane, or did you learn how to drive in Zimbabwe?

    3. kate says:

      So, even though people sppeding and driving drunk kill people, the cops shouldn’t pull them over because they have better things to do? And what are your thoughts about when drunk drivers kill people in accidents? Probably complaining about hoe the cops should have stopped them.

  3. Jeff says:

    Don’t worry. He was probably sitting there helping some meat head like yourself who can’t read their gas guage.

  4. The real marine 0311 says:


  5. Liquid Nails says:

    Wake up and drive. Quit gawking and drive.
    Troopers have one of the most dangerous jobs out there.

  6. rentacop says:

    Hello out there. All you nay sayers. The article says he was parked in a grassy area. What the Hell was someone doing driving off the road into a grassy area anway where the trooper was parked. He wasn’t parked on the shoulder or the driving lane. To think that some of you are out there walking amongst us and multiplying is scary.

  7. Brett says:

    Well, in my 30+ years of driving, I have never even come CLOSE to slamming into a parked State Patrol vehicle on the shoulder of an urban interstate. NEITHER have any of my siblings, or parents, or “past” grandparents. Which leads me to the question: “How do you slam into a PARKED State Trooper’s vehicle that’s sitting on a shoulder of an urban interstate when it is not RAINING, SNOWING, there is NO FOG, or HIGH WINDS, or any other adverse weather condition?”

    The answer is: YOU are an IDIOT, and should not be driving a motor vehicle on the roads and highways of this state, at least until you get some EXTENSIVE and ESSENTIAL DRIVER’S TRAINING, PERIOD.

    Even in the past, when I may have had too much too drink or was too tired, I didn’t even come CLOSE to crashing into a State Trooper on the shoulder of a highway.

    Get a CLUE, before you kill somebody.

  8. Brett says:

    “Marine0311”, you still sound STUPID, beyond belief.

  9. Dale Gribble says:

    I like men.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      So Dale, what do you have against Jackactionqu**ro?

      Please be specific.

  10. JWar says:

    If you have time to sit by the highway and pull over speeders, it means you actually caught the person that stole my identity and wrote out a bunch of forged checks in my name…oh no MN law enforcement you haven’t? Do your f**king jobs and quit worrying about revenue from speeders.

    1. kate says:

      So, you’re ok with drunk drivers on the road? You don’t think troopers should pull over people? Before you try to claim you were talking about speeders, you should realize that a lot of drunk drivers are caught because they’re speeding and that is the reason they attracted the police’s attention. Besides, the fact that speeding is against the law and police are supposed to enforce the law.