ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota public safety officials are urging drivers and motorcyclists to share the road as warm weather brings out the bikers.

The state recorded its first motorcycle fatal of the season Monday. A 27-year-old man died after his motorcycle left the road and struck a tree in Lake Elmo.

Officials say the summer-like weather means more motorcycles on the road. Rising gas prices also are making motorcycles more popular and affordable.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says drivers should watch carefully for motorcycles in traffic. Always look twice before turning or changing lanes.

Motorcyclists should wear protective gear, travel at safe speeds, and stay attentive and sober.

Preliminary figures indicate 41 motorcycle riders died in Minnesota in 2011.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ash says:

    The state recorded its first motorcycle fatal of the season Tuesday. A 28-year-old man died after his motorcycle left the road and struck a tree in Lake Elmo.

    No other vehicle involved??????

    But but they want US car drivers to be careful.

  2. Brett says:

    Yes, Ash, there are some really stupid bikers out there, but most aren’t. I saw a guy a couple of days ago on a crotch rocket with his girlfriend on the back weaving thru traffic on 252 in Crooklyn Park doing about 80, with a cop right on his tail with lights and siren on. I thought the idiot was trying to flee police, but he eventually pulled over about a mile down the road (?). What a MORON. Hopefully, that cop gave him NO breaks and chewed him out pretty good to boot. Zero excuse for that kind of riding, especially with a passenger on board.

    1. Ash says:

      Agree with you Brett. Most riders are careful. But there are the “others” that you have to watch out for.

    2. kevin says:

      99% of these weekend riders cant put air in their in tires….but they sure look good in they HD garbage…..poser’s one and all…..

      1. dan says:

        you are correct Kevin. Went to the shop to get a tire mounted on my bike and the bikes I saw lined up for oil changes, coolant etc. Good Lord. Do it yourself.

  3. The worst drivers live in mn says:

    No doubt run off the road by someone in a cage not checking their blind spot. Every time I get on my bike someone tries to kill me. Open your eyes people!

  4. joanne says:

    my brother was killed aug 2011 last year lost control going to strugis sd. please drive careful watch out for other peeople on motorcycles

  5. Ace says:

    I was driving behind an idiot on a motor bike yesterday. His girlfriend was behind him, neither wearing helmets. He drove around 25 miles per hour and was weaving all over his lane with his blinker on. At the stop sign I yelled at him that his blinker was on and he turned it off only to leave it on again the next time he turned. I hope he wises up and I don’t read about him in the paper,

  6. K says:

    Yes, people do make mistakes, riders and drivers. However, let’s not forget that someone passed away. A life was lost and family and friends lost someone who was important to them.

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