MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Like Downtown before it, Uptown will get new solar-powered, credit-card friendly parking stations.

In a press release, Minneapolis officials said hundreds of smart stations will replace the old coin-only stations in Uptown. The city hopes that by March 21, 34 smart stations will be up and running along Lake Street, Lagoon Avenue, Hennepin Avenue and other nearby streets in the heart of Uptown.

Until the smart stations are put in, drivers should continue to use the coin-only meters.

Uptown’s coming stations will join the 350 other smart stations in Downtown. The city says its plans call for 175 addition stations around Minneapolis. By fall, the city hopes its old meters will have been replaced.

The smart stations have numerous advantages, according to the city. Besides making it easier on those who do not always have change, the stations also make work easier for city employees. The acceptance of credit cards makes it so that they don’t have to unload change as often, and since only one station is placed on each side of the block, city workers don’t have as many machines to take money from.

Service calls made to replace the stations’ batteries are also reduced due to the fact the batteries are solar powered.

Comments (7)
  1. Uncle Rico says:

    How about creating another parking ramp?

  2. Jan says:

    How about an eco-friendly mass transit ultra light rail train that is pulled by unicorns and powered by rainbows?

  3. Carl says:

    How about finding me a job?

    1. Big Dog says:

      Why does someone else have to “find you a job”. Take some responsibility for once in your life and find your own job.

  4. Those dreaded parking meters says:

    I must have received the first parking ticket at this meter when I thought I had put sufficient credit on my card only to come out 2 minutes after the meter expired to find a DREADED ticket on my windshield. I swear these parking officers must hide behind the bushes waiting to hear the ping sound as the red flag goes up.

    1. George Orwell says:

      You exist to support the government

      1. gtV says:

        @George Orwell
        Better yet, let’s call “Anonymous”, and find out when the ePark meters can be hacked for free parking? Also, who needs meter monitors when the meters can send signals out to central control to bill you r credit card for more parking fees or issue you a violation ticket? If I have to pay for parking I use coins especially the $1 coins. Why use a credit card for Big Brother to keep charging me? [Or run the risk of my credit card number being hacked in cyberspace?]

        George, “We the people” are supposed to be the government. However, somewhere along the line and time we have forgotten that!

        Big Brother is truly watching