MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Forty-three impaired drivers were arrested between noon Saturday and 4 a.m. Sunday, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Of those drivers, a reported 21 of the arrests took place in the metro area.

Lt. Eric Roeske, public information officer for the Minnesota State Patrol, said last year for that same time frame, troopers arrested 35 people for DWI. About half of those arrests were in the metro.

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  1. dan says:

    I can’t believe people still do this stuff.

  2. Shar says:

    I’d like to know what the rate is on a “regular” Saturday to compare…….

  3. Crazy Joe says:

    Morons the lot of them, I went out had a blast and had two O’Douls I did see did see lots of drunk people though. The police were thick last night as well they should be.

  4. Uncle Rico says:

    That’s it? I avoided more than that on the highway alone from St. Paul back to Minneapolis after the Wild game. St. Patricks day is a super trashy holiday.

  5. Kevin says:

    Irish posers! Im a profesional…..everyday is St Pattty’s Day…..

    1. O'Really? says:

      It’s Paddy’s, not Patty’s, you nimrod.

  6. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Last night around 10 P.M. I saw 4 alone on 694 between 94 and Central. Thank you State Patrol. I just wish certain people in this state weren’t so cheap so we could put another dozen or two patrols out every night and send a real message, drive drunk, go to jail. A mandatory 6 months for the first offense, 12 for the second, 18 for the third and so on until they stop driving drunk.

  7. Joe Schmoe says:

    The last time St. Patricks Day fell on a Saturday there were over 500 DWIs statewide. So I’d say if this is the figure for the entire state it’s a great improvement because to compare it to last year when this holiday fell on a weekday isn’t a good comparison.

    1. Fred says:

      you have something to back that up? that seems like a lot. I’m pretty sure that would’ve made the news this year

      1. civil says:

        plus, that’s just the number they arrested, maybe they had fewer patrols out, or were in a better mood. This statistic doesn’t really mean much.

  8. Liquid Nails says:

    When some people drink, they become stupid. You could have the death penalty and they will still take a chance and drive. It is just the nature of booze and chemistry of the noggin.
    Happy St Pats day idiots!

  9. Dolt says:

    I made sure to smoke a bowl before I left the bar, that sobered me up, i’m a model citizen

    1. KT says:

      Yeah some model citizen you are… Roll eyes

      1. Troy says:

        I get jokes, I laugh at Tony Danza

  10. Steve says:

    The arrests mentioned are JUST from the State Patrol. They don’t include all of the local and county departments.

  11. See BS says:

    Drunk driving is an excuse for Judges to impose Communist re-education on alcoholics.

    Drunk Drivers have Stockholm Syndrome when they get busted — and they agree to take chemical dependancy treatment for less jail.

  12. John says:

    If any drunk drivers are reading this post ,please read Alcoholism and Addiction The Cure. This is a great non AA way of staying sober. I am cured and sober 20 years now.

    1. just saying... says:

      Cured?? Wow! That’s a scary thought, since alcoholism is a chronic illness and there is no CURE – with or without AA.

      1. Linda Lovelace says:

        23 years sober and proud of it. And no thanks to the St Pat’s drunkfests on the roads either. I avoided 2 near collisions by drunks and it was not even 7pm. pretty pathetic

        1. Cheers says:

          Wow after your near collisions you pulled these people over and gave them a field sobriety test? There are terrible drivers all hours of the day, I like my life better social drinking, because im not to weak to use alcohol as a crutch. Good for you that you”re sober but it has nothing to do with the rest of our lives.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        The “illness” you refer to is lack of self control. It doesn’t force itself down your throat.

        1. Uncle Rico says:

          Just like the Lardos and their obesity “disease.”

        2. christine says:

          addiction is lack of self-control? lmao. You shouldn’t talk about things you have no knowledge of…it makes you sound dumb.

          1. desert eagle .50 says:

            Well he IS dumb, isn’t he?

            I am being specific.

      3. John says:

        Another person named John sober for 21 years this May.
        I did a year of AA and got tired of hearing and telling drunk stories. No offense to AA – helps a lot of people and I’m glad there is an AA but I chose not to keep calling myself a drunk every day. I quit using alcohol and there is no going back cured or not. Also quit the butts 11 years ago. Life is much better for me without those two things.

  13. JWar says:

    My friend and I were behind a guy that was obviously drunk on 94E going into the tunnel at 1030am yesterday :/

  14. Dale says:

    I saw a sorry looking fellow who had wiped out a few hundred feet of center cable on 169 near 36 Ave N around noon. He didn’t look to happy in the back of a trooper’s car. Wonder if he was loaded?

  15. Marine 0311 says:

    You have to be a complete moron to drink and drive on st. Pats day, you’re just asking for it.

  16. Rita says:

    Just drink at home cheaper or get a sober cab what dont they understand

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