MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After another beautiful weekend, it’s easy to think about enjoying Minneapolis’ lakes this summer.

But a popular restaurant may not be open at Lake Calhoun.

The Tin Fish has been around for the last eight years. Sheffield and Athena Priest lease the building from the Minneapolis Park Board, which used to run the restaurant as a concession stand. But the Tin Fish’s lease expired over the winter.

The Priests are negotiating a new lease, but the money might not be there.

Friends and customers are circulating a petition, and the owners say they’re worried that they might not reach a deal.

“We’ve built a business here that we love doing,” Sheffield Priest said. “We have 60 employees that we love working with, and we hope to provide summer jobs for the coming summer. We hope that we can get the doors open and can continue to do what we love to do.”

The Park Board will meet on the a proposed lease Wednesday. Calhoun area commissioner Anita Tabb said the Tin Fish has been a great partner, and they hope to resolve the issue then.

To view the proposed lease, click here. Wednesday’s meeting is open to the public, and it starts a 5 p.m.

Comments (17)
  1. Brett says:

    Waaaaaa….. UhhWaaaaa….. Is that “Kato” I see in the background??

  2. Ex-Cop says:

    Gotta love government!

    1. Frozenrunner says:

      No doubt the hangup is the rent.The Park Board has a prime piece of summertime real-estate it rents and Sheffield Priest wants to make as much money as they can.So why the whine ex cop? There are no details either in the story or the link to say the Park Board is the problem.

  3. Charley Manson says:

    hope they can reach a deal and open but like all th egood ol’ Republicans like to say — it’s about free markets and rates and what the current value is.
    Regardless of who is there – great location and likely th enext party will do will also if it comes to that.

  4. Chris says:

    Stupid on Park Boards part… they ought to give Tin Fish the same contract as before….either they get what rent they can from Tin Fish now or the place can sit empty and they won’t collect a dime! No one is going to move in anytime soon…Either way the Park Board will lose!

    1. Lakes Area Resident says:

      Actually putting in a restaurant which makes food better then fast food joint would be nice. Since Minneapolis has actually started to have some queality establishments this would be a nice place to put one that doesn’t just heat frozen food.

      1. Charley Manson says:

        I’m also not buying into this restaurant thing. Keep it affordable and where it can serve numbers, not a limited number.
        We have many private establishments on lakes for the few who want that setting……no need to limit something on a walkers path

      2. steve legas says:

        They dont just heat frozen food.The food is really good,the fish as fresh as any in the area.They care about what they do and care about the customer.

      3. Bil says:

        Have you eaten there? the food is cook fresh right in front of you.

    2. Charley Manson says:

      To secure a long term tenant the place will require some changes most likely anyway so if it “sits empty” they’ll pick it up on backside with increased $$.
      I never like these things, they always leave some nasty vibes but it sounds like they are far apart on money which means the TF owners want yesteryear rates, PB wants looking ahead and if they cannot find acceptable common ground well …… as a taxpayer I don’t feel we need to be given away everything all the time. Where it be small or big like the Purple Pukes, the freebies need to end

    3. Bil says:

      Here, here, not to mention the loss of 60 jobs, just what we need in this economy. This is what happens when new people come on to the park board. Season work means you have 6 months to earn enough income to last 12.

  5. do do says:

    Free advertising again……who would want to eat a tin fish anyway????

  6. Charley Manson says:

    No wthat they posted the linky to the contactual agreement I will do a flip flop and say the PB is asking a helluva lot for this type of contract.
    I wouldn’t even meet in the middle if I was the TF — the PB/city looking for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much.

  7. JWar says:

    the tin fish is actually part of a chain or restaurants so i dont understand why this is such a big deal, if you can’t pay the current lease rate, maybe find a new location

    1. Bil says:

      I hardly call 2 locations a chain. The Tin Fish in MI is not affiliated or owned by the same people in Minneapolis. What will go in there if anything, because who wants to be penalized for having a successful biz other then a Subway or MacDonalds.