MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A man is in custody after he allegedly fired shots at two Inver Grove Heights police officers Sunday morning.

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting happened near the intersection of River Road and 77th Street, where two officers had responded to a shots-fired call.

At the scene, the officers approached the suspect, identified as 39-year-old Justin Thadeus Amick, of West St. Paul, who was inside a car. But as the officers got closer, Amick pointed a gun at the officers and fired multiple shots, Dakota County Sheriff Dave Bellows said.

Amick failed to hit the officers and appeared to have thrown his gun on the ground before speeding off, Bellows said.

Police found Amick and the car he was in a short time later at an address in West St. Paul. Amick attempted to flee police again, but officers arrested him with the help of a police dog, Bellows said.

Amick is currently being held at the Dakota County Jail on probable cause for using deadly force against a police officer and other felony charges, police said.

The case has been presented to Dakota County Attorney’s Office.

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  1. do do says:

    something is amick here! This moron needs to do big time, like 20 years at least…..he is out to kill somebody if he hasn’t already…….

    1. Clint's loaded for the hunt says:

      cut th epuck free up in Isanti county somewhere and let me know where…..problem solved and I can save the range fee

  2. Friend says:

    I am pretty sure you do not know Justin, please don’t judge until he gets his fair trial.

    1. Friend says:

      We all know our legal system in the US is f@#%ed. Just because you see it in the news does not mean he is guilty. We have jailed thousands of innocent people. Funny how these sites or news channels do not correct their stories when they are innocent. They just slaunder their name before they even get a fair trial. Think about it, why would he pull a gun and throw it. Any criminal knows they can get finger prints from that and convict him with that. Makes no sense. Sounds as if he was set up just from that phrase. But seeing your comments, violence is the answer right? So why is he any different than you!

      1. steve says:

        give me a break. he shot at police. for what!!!!!

    2. Friend says:

      Who said he was a buddy?! And yeah, once again violence is the answer to everything. If that was the case I guess he is not in the wrong but the right.

    3. @ friend says:

      Don’t judge him??!! He shot at police officers, I’m sure he had a good reason. Let me guess… the drugs made him do it… he’s the victim … we should just treat him and let him go. Why even put such a stupid statement? Don’t judge him, my arse

  3. Chris says:

    Hes a pile of trash with a long criminal history!

    1. Friend says:

      As I said, I’m pretty sure you don’t know him. If we were to judge everyone by their wrong doings everyone would be a piece of trash.

      1. Chris says:

        Blah blah blah… and let me quess.. who did you vote for? The Big Dumb O right?

        I do know him and he is trash!

        1. Friend says:

          Who I vote for has nothing to do with this. Trash or not he deserves a fair trial! Why do these stupid websites have to post their pictures everywhere, oh thats right to profit from it. That is all I am saying, these over paid reporter should write an article that someone could actually use, like how do you get sharpie writing off a wall instead of writing something they know nothing about! While you may know him and I may know him they do not, they have no right to judge him before he is given a fair trial. I am in no way standing up for him and what he may have done. I just think these nosy a$$ websites should find something else to write about.

          1. Not me officer says:

            Sounds like you “Friend” have been in trouble a lot.

          2. Deep Thinker says:

            @ Friend …At some point you have to start making sense, let me know when that happens because your posts just aren’t worth reading…

          3. Truth Hurts says:

            Dude, this concept isn’t new. WCCO isn’t the first media outlet to splash a suspected criminal’s photo up for all to see. Some media outlets have a policy not to do so until a person has been formally charged. Some don’t. Get over it. That’s the way it is. And it’s been that way for a long time. Here’s something most people figure out by age 12: media outlets aren’t necessarily interested in truth. They’re interested in whatever generates ratings. As far as the “real information” you’re seeking, if you’re not smart enough to keep permanent marker off your walls, you’ve got an uphill battle there, friend.

  4. Unfriend says:

    You’re an idiot friend. Would you like to put a wager on if he’s guilty or not. I’ll take guilty.

  5. Jay says:

    Once again the coward cops send a Dog to do their work.

    1. Common Sense says:

      It’s ok, Jay. Recent studies have show that dogs are not people. Easier to train, easier to replace. I’d rather see a dog get whacked than a cop.

  6. Guilty? says:

    There has to be more to this story. People here are sure in a hurry to hang this guy and maybe so but there is so much we don’t know. The way this story is written he should have been shot by the cops during the gun battle.

  7. ^ moron alert above ^ says:

    Suck my friend!

    1. ^ moron alert above ^ says:

      Sorry all but I am the moron and I make no sense because I do drugs

  8. Friend says:

    I never said I didn’t think he was guilty, he is as guilty as it gets. Here is the perfect example, the girl was released and will not be charged. The media has already socially convicted her by posting her mugg shot on websites and papers. While I cannot imagine she was doing anything legal there that late at night, but the media has now pinned her as an attempted murderer on a cop. That is what I think is wrong.

  9. Casca Lawrence says:

    White people.

  10. j.c. says:

    That car would have been shot full of bullits if he fired at them.The leo is trained to shoot to kill if they feel they are in danger.

  11. not quite says:

    Finally a white guy got some time off work to committ a crime. I was beginning to think the bl@cks were going to take the lead on crime.

  12. liam gilmorrison says:

    Euthanize him.
    It’s humane.
    It acknowledges his mental disability at the same time canceling his existence out in the most humane manner possible.
    It is inhumane locking up someone like for years and years only to let them back out .. to return yet again.
    By ending his life we save society the expense of taking care of him.
    And that is money that can be used for better education that will hopefully prevent the next generation from being so at risk.