MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There have been six mob attacks, in all, since February. Now, police are now wondering if an 8 o’clock curfew keeping anyone 17 and under from two downtown streets will stop the violence.

Nicollet Mall is a destination for many. Outdoor patios where drinks and food are served are a draw not only to people who live here, but also tourist.

Since February, when the sun goes down, later in the evening, mobs of teens take advantage of the darkness and attack.

A video captured on 6th Street and Nicollet shows how the mob of teens viciously attacks innocent people.

Police have made four arrests, but continue to search for others. They’ve beefed up patrols and monitor video from cameras that cover the entire downtown area.

Minneapolis Police have asked the city attorney if it can impose a curfew of 8 p.m. along the mall and Hennepin Avenue.

For some, talk of an earlier curfew for 17 year olds and under won’t stop the violence.

“Curfews are just going to make them want to act out even more,” said Mary Carter. “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.”

Kids we spoke with say they feel as if they’re being punished for something they had nothing to do with.

“They’re stopping me from going to where I need to go,” said 15-year-old Marlon Beard.

The curfew would allow those 17 and under to come and go from Timberwolves and Twins games and other activities.

Some think the idea would keep mobs of kids like this out of downtown.

There is a curfew in Hennepin County. Sunday through Thursday, kids under 12 need to be home by 9 p.m., 12- to 14-year-olds by 10 p.m. and 15 to 17-year-old’s by 11 p.m.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the curfew is an hour later for all ages.

Meanwhile, Downtown Improvement District Workers and their radios also help in alerting police and several hundred securities guards who work in offices downtown to potential problems.

Reg Chapman

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  1. James says:

    I’m glad to hear they’re also talking about moving the buses. They should talk about shutting down bus service altogether during non-business peak hours. Sorry folks, some people will have to pay for their own transportation after all…

    1. Susan says:

      Ummm, I’m new to Mpls.but don’t you have to pay to ride the bus??????

    2. John O says:

      The fare is $1.75 off-peak. Google Metro Transit Minneapolis.

      1. Amilia S. says:

        With no tax payer subsidies a bus ride would be over $6.00 each way. So this is just another hand-out for the thugs.

        1. Zip says:

          Parenting starts at the home, most of theses young kids shouldn’t even be out and about if parents kept an eye on their kids.
          Yeah the economy is not great – http://www.dailyjobcuts.com
          but that doesn’t mean you don’t have family values, and can’t raise your kids to be good people.

          1. Islnder says:

            If only all kids had loving parents, but many don’t have anyone to care about them or to give them any love at all. A child who is loved and nurtured at home most likely will not join up with a criminal gang.

            1. SirGareth says:

              The great society of the leftists has made Uncle Sam the fathers of these kids; He’s done a rotten job despite the lavish cash we taxpayers gave him to father these kids; so let’s fire Uncle Sam and find some capable fathers with our cash.

              Of course there is a more ready solution to this problem; carry a 9mm Glock (with a high capacity magazine) in your fanny pack holster. When a mob of “disadvantaged youth” approaches, cross the street and get out of their way. If they follow you draw your gun before they get within 25 feet of you. If they keep coming – well that’s when your high capacity magazine comes in handy.

              1. Snitch-in-Time says:

                And after that, if you are really lucky, you too can become a special project of Jessie Jackson and Al [not-so] Sharpton when they get done in Florida. We just cannot have people defending thsmselves. Sets a bad tone, don’t you know.

                1. Bootneck says:

                  Sid Gareth was absolutely right, in that each of us has a right to defend himself whenever our lives are threatened, and “defense” includes deadly force.

                  Unfortunately, you too are correct i in that the likes of racists Sharpton and J. Jackson will do their best to defend the thugs and shift the blame from their “brothers” to the victims.

                  Nevertheless, I will continue to rely on my two friends, Smith and Wesson, to “reason” with roving bands of punks.

                2. CallousD says:

                  Well as long as the thugs are white then you can shoot them.

                3. Orwell was right says:

                  Children scream loudest before they give up. The evidence so far.looks bad for the race-baiters. If Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and was beating his head, he can and should be shot in self defense. Nobody has to take an unprovoked beating. Like it or not, we are a nation of laws and the court of public opinion only matters to morons.

                4. rjm2238 says:

                  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if a stray round, instead of hitting an innocent, hit some loud mouth rabble rousing a crowd. Now I’m not advocating anything, I did say stray round. Rich in New Mexico.

              2. Charles X says:


                1. Andrew P. says:

                  Indeed. They are razists; all 1,111 of them.

              3. cottoneyed says:


              4. thesuperman says:

                Buy a real gun. A revolver. 357 Magnum. Having 16 shots with a cap gun is worthless. One shot with a 357 Magnum will stop anyone. After the first kid falls dead instantly the rest will retreat.

                1. infractusviscus says:

                  Try 10mm.

                2. Elwood says:

                  Right. We need a lot more guns out there for the honest, hard-working, patriotic, God-fearing Americans, along with plenty of ammunition. Those punks out there would think twice before approaching one of us if they knew we were all carrying weapons and were ready to use them at any tine and any place. And yes, even in a church or school. Those punks down’t care where they start trouble.

              5. mac says:

                100% spot on!!!!!!!!

              6. Reasonable says:

                Or it’s entirely possible that, given how jobs are scarce, these non-loving parents that you’re worried about are taking on a 2nd nighttime job so that they can provide something for their family.

                It’s not an issue of a few bad parents, it’s a systemic problem that goes back to squeezing every possible dime out of labor. “sorry folks, but profits are down so instead of refining our business model and creating a better product/service, we’re just going to cut 25% of you and ask the rest to pick up the slack with no raise.”

            2. SAJN says:

              Most only have a Mama at best. The days of a two parent family is long gone in the hood.

            3. Dan in Burnsville says:

              Which begs the question, is this not a symptom of a broken, dysfunctional culture? How did it get this way? Have Liberal Social Policies really helped anything? I submit that we are seeing the result of two generations of indoctrination of perpetual victim-hood and government dependency. Americans need to step back and take a serious look at where we have been, where we are and where we are going if we remain on the same course we have been on, particularly over the last three years. Something has to change. Think!

              1. jackactionhero says:

                Meaning what? Republican social engineering is a better answer? You really think Rick Santorum offers solutions to America’s problems?

                1. Ally says:

                  Try no social engineering at all.

                2. texas58 says:

                  “Republican social engineering”???? You really are a shill for the dhimmicrats aren’t you. Or do you mean respect for human life is social engineering? Or expecting people to be responsible for themselves is social engineering? Or expecting people to show respect for the law is social engineering? No wonder the USA is messed up with you dhimmicrats in power. But we will get rid of you in November!

                3. mirted says:

                  I’m old enough to clearly recall the feminists of the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s
                  vehemntly stressing that men weren’t necessary to raise a child, that women raising children alone had no flaws. This is what the media , Hollywood darlings, and university “professors” spread. These folks have never had a conservative mindset, and would be allowed to keep their jobs if they did, let alone express an opposing viewpoint on TV.

                  So, while you may not like Republicans or their views, it is clearly the Left that has led the charge on the ideas that find us where we are today culturally and economically. You can either keep doing the same things that haven’t worked, or try something else. If Democrats want to lead on that, fine with me. But, to continue the Great Society and “If it feels good, do it” path, fits the definition of insanity. No action will be painless.

                4. isnrblog says:

                  I’m a Republican and Santorum should shut his pie hole.

                  However, if he is the Republican nominee, I’ll vote for him. He’s way better than Obama. If Obama wins, our Republic is lost.

                  With Obama, this will get far worse and a lot more will suffer from various things before it gets better.

                5. burt says:

                  if I say you are smart everybody, including you,, will laugh, so shut up.
                  do not blame people, give us solutions, do not learn from FuBar Ack H.O.

                6. Patriot says:

                  jackactionhero….you are a kool-aid drinker….

                  Let me simplify it for you….REWARDED BEHAVIOR IS REPEATED BEHAVIOR!

                7. Rick says:

                  At least he offers solution #1 and that’s get the government out of the business of raising kids and creating lifelong dependencies. If folks actually HAD to rely on family and friends to care for them when they are down, maybe, just maybe, they’d treat each other a little better.

                8. mahone dunbar says:

                  Rick Santorum . . . personally can’t stand him. But would he, or anyone of a dozen or so so other republicans, would be better than the last forty or so years of liberal social engineering. Anything the republicans could offer would be better. In a perfect world, you and your fellow-traveling leftists could have the ghetto to continue practicing your egalatarian social experiments on, and the rest of us could form a reasonable, workable constitutional republic and have a life.

                9. Lee says:

                  everyone please, both parties are the same at the deepest level. the differences are show. check out jbs.com or democratsagainstagenda21.com
                  and you’ll see that we the peeps have been robbed and conditioned. But remember, there are more of us meaning average folks, than of them, the elite that pushed and allowed moral decay because they knew it would weaken us and we would then not pay attn to the big goings on. 🙁 🙂

                10. orson2 says:

                  jackactionhero asks:”Meaning what? Republican social engineering is a better answer?” YES, because they take the late James Wilson’s ‘broken windows’ thesis seriously! And policies that do have been shown to succeed.

                11. thesuperman says:

                  And some how Obama is solving America’s problems? Cars running on algae. Painting our roofs white. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

              2. Snitch-in-Time says:


                1. Yes
                2. 50 years of liberal social policies.
                3. No

                Trying to get liberals to think is about as productive an activity as attempting to nail jello to a tree with a staple gun.

                1. chris says:

                  >>”Trying to get liberals to think is about as productive an activity as attempting to nail jello to a tree with a staple gun”.<<

                  That is just freakin' HILARIOUS!!! LMACO!!! 😀

                2. mahone dunbar says:

                  Trying to get a liberal to think is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

                3. glenp says:

                  I WILL use that one if you don’t mind — that was GREAT

              3. Charles X says:

                Two words: FEMA camps.

              4. Garry says:

                Two generations? I think you better check your math. In the land of gov. housing, welfare, foodstamps, free clinics, rampant drugs and violence there is a new generation about every 14 years. There are little heathens running around with great-grandparents who have never had an alarm clock. Didn’t go to school and never had a job. You can try to blame it on the last 3 years but it has been downhill since the first dirtbag politician took money from an American and gave it to someone else to buy their vote. Well over a hundred years of vote buying and it is not going to change until after the total collapse. It will be ugly and no politician capable of getting elected can stop it.

                1. thesuperman says:

                  Garry, I agree a total collapse is near. It won’t be fun but hey I have plenty of shot shells and stored food.

              5. jimlay01 says:

                Liberal Social Policies have CAUSED this! Compare black attitudes today with what they were in 1960. like night and day.

            4. I hate feral punks says:

              All true, but it’s too late for that now. We have millions of LBJ’s great society children killing more people than a real live war overseas is killing. Where is the war really?

          2. das says:

            Please stop spamming every story Drudge links with your web site. You and the “Palin’s Dirty Secret” loon are really annoying.

            1. Rich says:

              First time i seen this, I use drudge everyday too.

              1. Andrew P. says:

                das is right. Every comments section of every Drudge link, and many Breitbart ones, will have either the “Palin’s Dirty Secret” troll, or the troll that tells us the govt is censoring books, and then gives us a link to said book (on Amazon, no less).

                It’s really f***ing annoying.

          3. SirGareth says:

            If someone could hire these kids to work at a car wash for a buck an hour and teach them the protocols of work it would go a long way. Of course they are not worth a buck an hour so someone will have to stick their neck out and violate state and federal “wage laws” to boot.

            This is why liberalism (leftism) is an incurable mental disorder. Its prescriptions kill the patient – not the disorder.

            1. Bud says:

              Nice try troll…

          4. junkyardboy says:

            for generations of thugs, this is family values

        2. Davey says:

          Your taxes at work, spreading the ‘Black Plague’.

        3. thesuperman says:

          Same goes with Democrat train being built between Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Destroying all those businesses along the route.

        4. S. Quade says:

          so right. you’ll be dissed for saying so tho.

    3. digger of the Truth says:

      Are they doing FLASH MOBS that is the story here. And I am glad to know that no city feller don’t do no drinken.

      1. orrest says:

        Digger can you read the story?

        1. digger of the Truth says:

          I can read, CAN’T you understand sarcasm , DAVE was worried about drunken suburbanites . orrest Maybe YOU should understand that MY reply is behind Dave NOT the story. DHUUUUU

    4. Pumphandle says:

      $hit for brains if us drunken suburbanites wern’t there spending money for ballgames or after ballgames, then many more businesses would be closing their doors downtown, and other than to watch a pro team play I havn’t been downtown for years, my job often takes me there and daily I ask why would anyone want to live here.

      1. pumphandle says:

        What is it like to wake up every morning and just hate where you live and the people around you, I bet you made a couple bad decisions in life but the worst had to be living downtown, I tell you what i’l let you mow my lawn today so you can feel what it’s like to own a home, then you can sit on the patio and grill and watch a game, you even get to park for free.

        1. Dave says:

          Quit projecting Pump&Dump. At least my property value didn’t flush down the toilet as your burban prefab POS did! Say hi to your new neighbors for me as we continue to kick them your way.

          1. pumphandle says:

            I can buy a house in Minneapolis for 30k, I bought my house after the market crashed so ive lost nothing, you probably live in North, you probably ride a bike to work if you even work, you’re losing well you already lost!

            1. Dave says:

              You’re a bottom feeder! You could only afford a 30K house in North, keep trying son.

          2. Corey says:

            Property value? MPLS is a landfill for the garbage the world doesn’t want anymore. Have a blast in your 5000 sq ft slice of heaven….

            1. Dave says:

              Gotta love that bourgeois suburban attitude and their witty come backs. Get original,… yawn.

          3. Dave says:

            I think that’s the definition of bourgeois there Corey, but to each their own I guess. I was wondering if you have asked or reseached how many Minneapolis or Hennepin Co. residents actually wanted or want new stadiums. It seems to me that the only people who really want them are those who think they’re somehow entitled to them but don’t want to pay a dime for them (a ‘hem, outstaters). I think the beers should be $20 at the stadiums to cover their costs.

          4. pumphandle says:

            You gotta love it when Dave doesn’t allow replies to his comments, I live in the burbs, my point is you can by a home for 30k in North sounds like great property values, also I was for the stadium in Blaine years ago, which I would have helped pay for by an extra sales tax, I can afford 10cents more for every $20 i spend I’m not a total failure like you Dave.

      2. Bryan says:

        YES!!! I AGREE!

    5. bob says:

      Wonder ho many are wearing hoodies and are of african american descent?

      1. docmccarthy says:

        Odd how that’s not reported any more. No more profiling – go out at your own risk. We’ve been taken over by thugs.

      2. Guglielmo Boogliodemus says:

        The way to know is if it doesn’t give a description including the race of the perp, they are black or hispanic. If the perps are white, the story will say so.

        1. joemash says:

          Or just read what ‘they’ speak and bingo!

    6. JByrd42 says:

      Are these black youth’s? If so, then please give us the details(the truth).

      1. isnrblog says:

        Yes. There are other clearer videao but these are pretty clear.

      2. chris says:

        What? And have the liberally biased news media tell the truth about who the perps are in these attacks? Why even ask? They are the same feral little SOB’s that have been doing this in escalating numbers for at least 3 years now. God forbid that the news media mention their ethnicity! :/

    7. leterrip says:

      They should only shut down those buses that serve the northern European ghettos where all those white thugs live.

    8. Golfendude says:


      The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the BRAVE RWR 40.

      The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

      The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

      The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

      Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

      1. WeWeweee says:

        Warning! Nut case above.

        1. steve hartke says:

          Unfortunately, I think, increasingly, that such people are correct.

          There is no reason for us to tolerate violent mob attacks in our downtowns.

          Deportation is a lasting solution that should be put on the table.

    9. larry davis says:

      Are these black youngs??

  2. Exp says:

    My question is: Where the heck are the parents of these kids?

    1. Judy says:

      A VERY good question! Had they taken the responsibility of being a parent seriously, we wouldnt be having these problems! OUR jobs are to teach our kids right from wrong, acceptable and non acceptable behaviors. They failed! Having babies is the easy part, taking full responsibility to raise them right is an enormous responsibility.

      1. jeff says:

        The parents are just waiting for one of them to get shot….then you will not only hear from them but all the mainstream media and every other movie star, sports figure, Sharpton and Jackson in this country. Until then……just enjoy the enternet videos and enternet news.

      1. Joe says:

        Hahaha. That’s what I was thinking.

    2. Chad says:

      Doing drugs – black teens running riot. This is what you get when you invite thugs downtown. Why isn’t this story calling it a racist attack?

      1. bammit says:

        “Why isn’t this story calling it a racist attack?”

        Because it isn’t.
        There is no such thing as a racist black person. Don’t you read the news?
        Only white people can be racists.

    3. oliverpynk says:

      we are living in the time of the kinder, gentler, parenting model. No more spanking, (it causes trauma and leads to social problems, can’t lock them in their rooms, which already has the benefits of a game room anyway in some cases, can’t speak harshly to them, cause it bruises the ego’s…)
      yes, we are reaping the benefits of a “stop or i am going to yell stop again” mode of parenting.
      Start to hold the parents accountable for the minors offenses, and see how fast it changes.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        There is no law against locking them in their room or speaking harshly to them either.

        There is NO NEED to beat your kids to get them to listen. By the time you’re considering it, you’re too late to do any good anyway.

      2. John says:

        Good post. My daughter, who works in Atlanta with several relocated liberals, has been brainwashed that “getting in his face” will be discipline enough for my grandson. Doesn’t work, timeout only works a little…the little guy (3) knows what he can get away with and how to push her buttons. I smacked his hand one time to keep him from doing something dangerous and he quit. It works. I know from experience (many a peachtree switch across the buttocks).
        These kids are a RESULT of liberal thinking and the “Great Society”. Prior to Johnson, almost 90% of black families were two parent families. It was down to about 45% at one time. It is slowly increasing as more and more blacks are beginning to realize that the liberals are simply masters of different type slavery…

      3. jon says:

        The word parent does not apply to the majority of these hoodrats

      4. steve hartke says:

        They need to be deported.

    4. George Johnson says:

      *MY* question, is where is al (race pimp) sharpton and jessie (the liar) jackson??

      1. jeff says:

        The parents are just waiting for one of them to get shot….then you will not only hear from them but all the mainstream media and every other movie star, sports figure, Sharpton and Jackson in this country. Until then……just enjoy the enternet videos and enternet news.

    5. thucidydes says:

      In North Minneapolis trading food stamps for crack, that’s where.

    6. LGG says:

      There is usually only one known parent and they are either on the street corner smokin’ crack or in jail or prison. It’s a damn sad state that this country is getting in, but let’s continue to make movies like “Project X” and glorify Rap artists…..

    7. SirGareth says:

      Their ‘parent’ is working in the welfare office while their mothers are buying crack with their welfare checks. Its called “The Great Society” The Democrats invented it.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        What is with your warped view of America? You think The Democrats are to blame for all of America’s problems, and the Republicans are the righteous crusaders for all that is good and just?

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          He’s right! The socialist, atheist DFL and DemocRATS have destroyed our great nation deliberately!!! They must be destroyed. Their leaders must be arrested and executed. Their property and offices must be seized. Their families and associates must be closely monitored. Anyone guilty of supporting these traitors must be arrested and removed from our society immediately.

          1. Elwood says:

            Right on. Arrest and execute all those liberal freaks and traitors!

    8. Mr. Rogers says:

      They are at home teaching the other smaller children that all of the problems they have now and ever will have are a result of white racists.

    9. jon says:

      Thease are the spawn of an unwed teen mom and an absent baby daddy. They are raised by a maturnal grandmother. Thank LBJ and the “great society for creating this mess

    10. Nate says:

      It’s not the parents, it’s the culture. Why not profile with the curfew or send the troublemakers down to Georgia, we won’t even notice the difference.

    11. BAB says:

      You can’t be serious. You know where they are and what they’re doing.

    12. WeWeweee says:

      They are probably at home high watching the other 8 kids. Oh missed that 10 kids.

  3. Hillbilly Hub says:

    Smoked Catfish tastes better!

    1. Get'r done says:

      Conceal and carry. Bang, bang a few of these punks and it will end.

      1. Chad says:

        I agree – shoot on demand. Then we will be having hoodie marches all year. Pathetic.

        1. coachsmac says:

          I agree bust a cap and that thug won’t attack any one ever again! You can’t reason with illogical people they don’t understand and don’t care!

          1. Rand says:

            Hopefully one day we will here about a citizen shooting these mobs.
            I pack especially if I`m in an area I`m not from, I will not be a victim, don`t care about gun laws either. What good is it if you respect gun laws but you are seriously injured or dead????? I`d rather go to prison than suffer at the hands of a criminal.

            1. Stopper says:

              That’s the answer, carry concealed and protect yourself, the police are unable to protect the citizen. I carry a 9mm loaded with golden saber plus, that just about stops anyone with a coule hits.

            2. Citizen says:

              Suggest you obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but your own self preservation is paramount. You know the old axiom, “if they outlaw guns, the only people that have them will be outlaws”

              1. thesuperman says:

                An unarmed society is no match for a armed government.

            3. SirGareth says:

              But Obama will say your ‘victim’ looks just like him and that’s more important than protecting your butt from mob violence

              Obama – what was it the MSM told us about this? oh yes, Obama, the “post racial” president.

              What a hoot.

              1. jackactionhero says:

                Your comments are stupid and uneducated. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You sound like you have the IQ of Forrest Gump.

                1. (REV) Al Skankton says:


                  You have a staccato delivery which belies a simple mind, full of witless one-liners. This void in cognitive thought should be reason for you to voluntarily abort yourself.

                2. WeWeweee says:

                  Jack I agree with what you are saying but Forrest is Trees above them.

              2. Dale Gribble says:

                None of them are too young. None of them are innocent. Not the women, not the children, not even the ones that claim to be “Christians”. The time has come. Take them all and kill them. Let it be the end of it. SirGareth is right! They MUST DIE!!!!!

        2. Stephen Burke says:

          I have a permit and do carry (in the South, where we don’t to have this problem like Northern Liberal cities, ie: Milwaukee and Minneapolis). Be careful, for when you off one or two of these punks,you will end up like Zimmermen. The black leaders and Liberal press will be lynching you instead of the miscreant who thereatened your life. Better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6.

  4. TakeBackTheStreets says:

    The parents of these KIDS will not say anything until they go after the wrong person and one of them gets shot. Then there will be cries of racism and oh…johnny was a good boy; he never did no wrong.

    1. rod juliusr says:

      Thats right

    2. cyrust2 says:

      That sounds so familiar.

      1. mewp says:

        no, kidding, didn’t aht justhappen? I see it splashed over the front pages of the papers.

    3. JOSE says:


    4. Turd Fergusson says:


  5. Sera says:

    Everyone talks about stopping the madness…punishment doesn’t prevent it…will somebody start a movement or something? I’m busy, but I’ll show up.

  6. Dave says:

    Peace through superior fire power.

    1. LW says:

      “Peace through superior fire power.”
      Sorry Dave that won’t work because you all have been disarmed morally, intellectually, and physically. It is a well recognized condition (among non-liberals). Liberals are severely affected and simultaneously unaware of it.

      1. Pmasheeniblick says:

        Peace through genetic engineering.

        1. Robert Oculus III says:

          Peace through freedom of association.

          Racial desegregation has been a mistake — a bloody mistake. Blacks and whites cannot live together peaceably, and to pretend otherwise is to ignore the cold realities of everyday life. For the sake of people of all races, laws prohibiting the right of people to freely associate with others on the basis of race (or any otther criterion) should be overturned.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            A nice sentiment, but entirely too soft-hearted. America was made by White Christian Men for White Christian men. All others must learn their places or leave.

        2. thesuperman says:

          Now that is stupid. Go back to India or Pakistan you moron.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        How exactly does a person get disarmed morally by an entire group of people? Please explain this idiotic comment. Thanks.

  7. Jay says:

    LOL! How weak. How weak. A curfew? Wow. You morons. 6 mob attacks!? Really!? Really!? How is this not national/international news!!!? Mob attacks. MOB. ATTACKS. Your answer is a curfew!? Really? My mind is blown! Please tell me someone who went to college thought that up.

    1. digger of the Truth says:

      I guess ya have to start somewhere . What would you do ????

      1. Kay says:

        Write your representatives/legislators. Tell them to keep violent people off the street the first time they turn up in the system. End the revolving door criminal justice system. Stop overcrowding jails with nonviolent perps. Why do we wait until someone is dead before taking them off the play ground?

        1. SirGareth says:


          How do your representative/legislators cash in on this – where’s the doe-ra-me in it for them?

          The reason we have a revolving door criminal justice system is because the government class is not here to serve you – you are here to serve them.

          These thugs know better than to cap a g-,man. When did Sirhan-Sirhan get paroled for killing a Kennedy?

          See what I mean – no revolving doors for those who bring harm to the political class and there is your answer – it doesn’t work, so carry a gun instead – guns work.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            The treasonous socialist DemocRATS always take care of their own. It is time to take back White Christian America and outlaw the DFL and other secular humanist traitors. Death to the Democrats!!!

            1. Joe says:

              It is not national news because it is blacks attacking whites and it happens everyday across America.


      2. paul says:

        police snipers on the roof after 8 with night vision scopes. I think that would end it. After announcing the new step to control this all you would have to do is place a few rounds on the ground near them.Or you can do nothing and let some person die from an attack. I am sure it would not be a hate crime. Not in Holders eyes.

          1. SirGareth says:

            Poison darts?

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              Nerve gas and a sealed room. We need to save the nation. Criminal and inferior elements of population must be removed.

      3. Stopper says:

        Starting somewhere is a 9mm concealed carry, that just about stops any attack. It’s obvious the police are not able to protect the citizens so you must protect yourself.

      4. timmay says:

        what would I do? tell the police to shoot on site and tell every citizen to arm themselves and take control of their own safety….or we can just tell the punks to be home in bed at 8 oclock and see where that gets us

        1. jackactionhero says:

          What you don’t understand about an 8 o’clock curfew is that we aren’t just TELLING the punks to be off the streets, we’re taking them to jail if they’re found ON the streets after 8. So yes, it DOES work.

          1. Joe says:

            .It is not all kids. It is black kids.. It is also not all black kids. What is needed is profiling. We all know who is causing the trouble. Also we need to have citisens armed and ready to intervene. These idiots have killed people in other cities.

    2. JOSE says:


  8. Tony says:

    Enact the curfew, then Offer a 500 dollar reward for the names of those involved and pass wanted posters around high schools

    1. Phil McRackin says:

      Now I like your idea.

      1. coachsmac says:

        I sorta like TALL TREE ,Short Rope, or YOU ATTACK, we shoot!!! Will solve many of todays societal ills!!

        1. bigdog says:

          I like that!!! This will solve the problem!

    2. Judy says:

      I too like your idea, but have one reservation. Where do you think the $500 dollars for every kid will come from?? TAXPAYERS who are already strapped? Too bad the parents of these uncontrolled kids cant be held responsible!!

      1. Curioso says:

        Charge the parents once the a**holes are convicted. And start wasting a few of the meaningless, useless, pathetic pieces of stuff before they kill an innocent victim. Why don’t you see that the war has started and the gauntlets have been tossed?

      2. PeteM1999 says:

        And where does that money come from? It comes from us the working people who pay taxes. So in the end we pay them to live, we pay them to breed (the more kids the more they are payed), we pay for them to live, and now we take the chance of paying with our lives if we go out to enjoy ourselfs. When does it all end? Generation after generation and we are reaping what we have sown. So now were going to enact a curfew and expect them to obey it? There are laws that prohibit assualt and battery and that has slowed them down??? Not at all, these people exist at the lowest level of the social scale and understand one thing, brute force.
        It is time brute force was applied to them, whether it be guns or a good police style beating, water cannons what ever. This they would understand and respect! These group style attacks that are going on in this country will end when they are met with a reaction that is equal to or greater then the violence they are using. Once it starts to hurt they will stop!

        1. Davey says:

          Amen. I was stalked by a group of black punks 6 years ago. They didn’t even stop after I took a shot at them in my own backyard. What did stop them was the next week when they showed up at the restaurant where I was and drove through the parking lot. I jumped out of my car, with my revolver in one hand and cellphone in the other. I fully expected to have to kill them. They saw the gun and left. 4 ‘black as Aces’ and the other a 1/2 breed named Blake. I know where they live and sent the cops, who I had called on the cell, to their house with the tag number of the car.

    3. Just Sayin says:

      You think these kids go to school? These kids are thr product of Baby mamas having 6-10 children then not giving a damn what they are doing until they end up shot by their peers or the cops. Then it’s OUTRAGE for the “poor innocent little baby” who’s average attire and attitude is that of a cCrip or Blood. If these women wanted to actually RAISE their children then they might ONE DAY contribute to society rather then just demanding unearned money.

      1. diffyq says:

        Wellthere is at least one person other than myself that understands the current reality. Sad……

      2. Logic says:

        It isn’t just a WOMAN’s job to raise a child. These are groups of males attacking, sounds more like they need a DAD. Just sayin…

    4. Pmasheeniblick says:

      I like that idea-aren’t bounties legal now?

      Of course, I call them ‘contracts’ or ‘hits’ but what do I know?

    5. Rick C says:

      Nice idea. Let the almighty $ speak for itself.

  9. Michele says:

    Shutting down the buses – what a great idea. All those in favor, here’s the volunteer sign-in log for designated driver! Oh, and for waiting the tables, because businesses won’t have enough staff to do the busing!

    The obvious answer, to me, is that an adequate number of police have to be hired to walk the area and do what they’re supposed to be doing: protecting the populace. In a lovely world, everybody knows how to behave without somebody setting boundaries … but that’s not this world.

  10. Gary says:

    “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.”

    Hmm, Mary Carter, don’t you think that’s the WHOLE POINT OF THE CURFEW? To single out the wannabe thugs?

  11. June says:

    Say there is flooding in an area, so you put up a damn to keep the water out. The water will simply go elsewhere.

    A curfew is a completely asinine suggestion that does absolutely nothing to address the underlying problem: Failed liberal policies.

    I predict it will be adopted enthusiastically.

    1. Jones says:

      “A curfew is a completely asinine suggestion that does absolutely nothing to address the underlying problem: Failed liberal policies.”

      More like failed agricultural policies.

  12. Jason says:

    So when a mob attacks the wrong person with a ccw, are we going to have another treyvon story? Then we will hear “could this been prevented?”

    1. Dufus says:

      Publicity would help the process. At some point the thugs will have to wonder: “Is this dude carrying a firearm and do I want to be famous like Trayvon?” And, will my ending be happy?

  13. Logic says:

    Make it illegal for CHILDREN under the age of 18 to buy cellphones that don’t require contracts. Start there. They’re able to organize a mob attack with technology. Duh.

  14. eathelbard says:

    Yeah, but they’re hard to light.

  15. Wilson says:

    6 attacks 4 arrested since Feb.? I think the problem is the Mpls Police. Whats up? Nip this in the bud now.

  16. bpk says:

    If you are attacked just dont try to defend yourself

  17. Sue says:

    If a minor gets caught doing something wrong or breaking the law, they should do 30 days in jail and the parents should be fined a 500.00 dollar fine. They just has much to blame because they don’t care what their children do or they say that they can’t control them.

    1. Get'r done says:

      But 30 days in jail costs the tax payer $15,000 dollars. I agree with you sentiment, but there isn’t enough jail space and it costs too damn much. Take away their rights to use societies infrastructure, welfare, health care, buses, roads, buying cigarettes, block cell phone service, etc.

      1. thesuperman says:

        OMG. That actually makes sense. But only in our dreams will it ever happen.

    2. Jar says:

      30 days in jail? Is there something magical about that length of time that heals w/e is wrong with the brains of violent people? Our revolving door justice system is why this problem persists. The purpose of a cage is to keep dangerous people away form the rest of us, not to give them a “time out”. Our indifference to violent acts, to stories of people getting permanent brain damage, etc. just blows my mind. Have you ever been socked in the face by an adult male fist? It’s painful. It’s not like in the movies where you just shake it off. Permanent nerve damage, chronic pain… Why do insurance defrauders get 30 years, no questions asked, but someone who bashes a loved one’s head in gets a stern talking to by a judge? It’s insane. Where are our brains?

    3. SirGareth says:

      I think you are mistaking the union of a sperm and an egg for a human being.

      Humans take a great deal of good care in the making. These ‘kids’ got government care instead; now they simply look like humans instead of of actually being human.

      For the most part these animals are failed humans and will never achieve the status that society demands of its members; gunning them down in the streets as they go about their forays of violence will cull their members and make them more cautious – its worth a try.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        We don’t have time to wait for them to do the job on their own. White Christian Americans must take matters into their own hands now and save our precious Liberty!!

    4. Elmer says:

      Every time you lock someone up you harden them just a little more, soon they are little more than a waste of oxygen.
      start to ELIMINATE them when they are caught and their friends will think twice before they commit a crime.

  18. Get'r done says:

    What about 15 year old baby-mammas, pushing their new born in a stroller in 40 degree temps with no blanked on the baby, looking for the 17 year old baby-daddy?? Could they be out past curfew?

  19. Bill says:

    How long did slavery last in this country? maybe 200 years. If the blacks want to bring up slavery as an excuse why not discuss the fact that their African ancestors kept the Jewish people as slaves for thousands of years.

    1. Mark says:

      I’m sure a very high % of Black don’t even know where Egypt is….

      1. obamavoters says:

        Let alone the entire continent of Africa.

    2. Michele says:

      That would be the Egyptians, Bill, and they don’t like to call themselves Africans.

  20. rod juliusr says:

    There are decent black folk and their are punks, separate them, cops should be on top of this

    1. Robert Oculus III says:

      There are decent black folk and their are punks, separate them

      And how are we to work this miracle?

  21. angry Minnesotan says:

    Why is it that the few are ALWAYS allowed to ruin it for the many? Now band groups that come to town will not be allowed out after dark, because of these idiots. Kids that come to town for the DECCA convention will not be allowed to go out and eat and spend money because of these idiots. Kids that come to town for sporting events will not be allowed out after dark and to spend money after their competitions because of these idiots.

    this is the downward spiral. It started with “white flight” where they took all their money and ran away to raise their kids safely. Then business (Target moving out to the suburbs), and now kids will not even be allowed outside downtown. So, this social experiment is failing miserably and Murderapolis is already dependent upon the surrounding communities to support them with “tax disparity” payments, but what will Murderapolis do when those cities can not or will not pay that money?

    1. May says:

      White flight, making sure never to go into certain areas of town, etc. never solves the problem, just sweeps it under the rug, just hides it the way families hide the secret of an uncle’s alcoholism. We need to petition our legislators to end the revolving door justice system, keep violent people in a cage permanently (with few excpetions) THE FIRST TIME they turn up in the system, and stop over crowding jails with nonviolent perps (people who need addiction treatment).

      1. Just Sayin says:

        Is it just impossible for you to ADMIT that teens having MULTIPLE children before the age of 20 is the REAL problem? THEY are STILL children themselves so when their babbies actually need to be raised they want to go out to the club to hook and and get wasted. START there and you will actually start making a difference but the WHITE GUILT won’t allow for an honest discussion on this problem.

        1. Michele says:

          Actually, there are plenty of white kids out there who are a problem, too, so I don’t think it has anything to do with guilt.

          I think that boys need a rite of passage, and our society isn’t giving it to them, so they’re finding it for themselves. It’s messed up, and it’s self-destructive. I don’t know what the answer is.

          1. Kent says:

            More ignorance. You never mention the failure of the family and the responsability of the parents to raise the kids. All you want to do is force us, the taxpayer to GIVE MORE to these animals. How about we link baby momas EBT card to the behavior of her spawn. Start reducing her EBT money and things would change in a hurry.

            1. Michele says:

              Hm. So you don’t think rich kids are causing problems? Kids left alone are kids left alone. Doesn’t matter their color or their economic level.

          2. coachsmac says:

            I do, shoot a few and the rest will stop, and if they don’t pop a few more. Sooner or later a lesson will be learned or you run out of targets!!

          3. SirGareth says:

            My “rite of passage” meant working 48 hours per week to save up cash for school.

            Oh but I had to work for sub-minimum wage – how terrible.

          4. thesuperman says:

            Michele, How about you have a kid and you take care of it. No welfare. No nothing. Let’s start with that. I bet the teenage pregnancy rate drops to ZERO real quick.

    2. Jfdshuman says:

      Can you say DETROIT?

    3. flatpik says:

      Sorry my friend, Minnesota is home sweet home to white liberal guilt. Did you see a single reference in this article to the fact that these rabid dogs are black? Of course not! We can’t risk offending anyone by pointing out the obvious. Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t Minnesota hire the TSA to start searching white grandmothers before allowing them downtown after dark?

  22. sharon thompson says:

    Truth and facts are pills can’t liberals can’t swallow. Obviously you’ve been indoctrinated and don’t know your history. Lincoln was a Republican, I know, that’s tough for libs to handle so to “feel” better they distort history. Bottom line is the blacks are causing problems downtown and pointing to history as an excuse is unacceptable.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Talk about not understanding reality.

      The beliefs of each political party have traded places in the last 150 years, so Republicans and Democrats have each switched sides entirely during that time. Don’t be so naive as to think Abe Lincoln was today’s Conservative. He wasn’t.

      1. Realist says:

        My sentiments exactly!

  23. Phil McRackin says:

    If all of these thugs were to burn up in a bus I would not shed a tear but rejoice.

  24. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

    I don’t think the solution is a curfew. The REAL solution is to sterilize welfare mamas. That will solve the problem before it even starts.

    1. Dufus says:

      Concealed handguns will help cleanse the vermin.

  25. The Shat says:

    Wait. There were liberals and conservatives as we know them now back during slavery? I’d say American political views have changed just a little since the 1860s. Now if you meant post-slavery but segregated America, I may see your point. But way to throw that card down. What a horrible argument.

  26. Jar says:

    An era of slavery leads to future generations hundreds of years later behaving like savages? Explain how that works. Is that supposed to be “honest dialogue”?

  27. Just Sayin says:

    Yeah no black youth are shooting and killing each other on monthly basis that the CONSERVATIVES. Wow Typical liberal attitude that it must be some kind of unknowable force causing MUCH of the crime in this city. OBVIOUSLY it isn’t 100% but think about the fact that black people make up 12% of the populatioin yet are commiting 80% of the crime. It’s the bleeding hearts that live in a magical land of self -loathing white guilt. EXPECT nothing from a particular racial group and you are surprised when they are the most impoverished group. Thanks for that Dems thanks for that!

  28. Amilia S. says:

    You know slavery is still legal in about a dozen countries in this world. I don’t see the brothers and sisters reach out to other to help stop the madness. More worried about busted out another welfare baby to get another $650 a month from the tax payers.

    1. Ms.P says:

      Yeah right $650 a month! Lol!

  29. Amilia S. says:

    But for all these thugs, even if they just show up in HS, the teachers will pass them. Then if they get even C’s liberal colleges will fight over who gets to un-educate them next; then they will get an affirmative action job, on the tax payer’s dime, and who know someday one will be come president….oh…hmmm

  30. Bill says:

    Michele is obviously black. And no one forced them to live in a black housing facility. that’s the result of poor work ethic and laziness!!!

    1. Michele says:

      That’s funny, because I burn on a cloudy day, Bill. Pure Irish German. And what the heck are you talking about? It’s been my experience that the people who spout “poor work ethic” don’t have one themselves; they just expect it in other people.

      1. Fred says:

        There’s only one thing worse than a Obama.
        That’s a Obama lover.

        1. Malcom says:

          you got that right, He has done more damage to America than any foreign army or terrorists. Voting for his POS shows how much of a traitor to the country you are and how much you hate the country.

      2. p e d r o says:

        just keep your head buried in the sand…

        1. p e d r o says:

          my comment was @ michele

  31. Intolerant says:

    Yeah, and ‘CCO doesn’t mention that the mobs are “African American,” just as they rarely give the race of a “thug of color.” But hey, keep letting these juvie offenders off with a handslap and probation, and another treatment program. And don’t say anything about a “hate crime” when these gangs of color beat a white guy into a coma. But wait til some non-black stops himself or some other innocent getting beaten to death by shooting one of the poor, disadvantaged little thugs. Then Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, and all the other weeping enablers will come to town with the national media. Think of all the revenue that will bring in!!! It will replace lost dollars from people like “Richard Cheese” who don’t want to bring their families to town to risk a beat-down.

  32. missy says:

    If they do acitvate a curfew, at least the cops can, by law, question groups of kids before a situation escalates. Otherwise, this argument is similar to what came first; the chicken or the egg? How do other major cities handle violent crime? If their policies are effective, just do what they do!

  33. enough already says:

    Curfew is a good start. But somehow this will come back and the “kids” wont have ID bc they can’t afford it. Just like the people that are against ID being required to vote. This city is going to garbage and doesn’t look like it will be able to make a comeback..;

    1. jimlay01 says:

      The kids can get ID, if they think they need it. Heck, the little turds go around wearing $200 sneakers…

  34. trey says:

    What if violence were outlawed, tomorrow. Can anyone see how that would make bad neighborhoods a thing of the past?

    1. Kent says:

      Violence IS outlawed you idiot.

      1. von says:

        I sure hope he was kidding. But you may be right.

      2. Max says:

        seriously, you don’t see this remark as sarcasm?

  35. Chad says:

    I believe it was the african’s who first created slavery… There is no excuse for these thugs behavior. there needs to be accountability. Black youths are living their hip hop thug dreams – Their own role models who create this plastic gangsta image to make money are allowing kids to but into it. This is a black problem created by blacks.

  36. Live and Let Live says:

    It’s called self defense in my world. If I’m walking down town, minding my own business and I’m attack by a gang of thugs, armed or not. Please consider that your life is worth living, because at that point I will not.

    The authorities need to get control of this situation, before someone loses their life over it. “Live and let Live” Peace Out.

  37. go figure says:

    I love how it leaves out the fact that these are black on white attacks.

    1. Jones says:

      Everyone understands it is Africans. But yes, they should report it.

    2. Malcom says:

      why isn’t this a hate crime?

    3. TheBeatGoesON says:

      Do they “look like my son”- Prez Obama has not inquired…Hmmmm.
      Gangsta rap and violent influences are not a good thing. Where is the Jackson/ Sharpton team? And why would the police or the media leave out the discriptions of the attackers? Agenda, anyone?

  38. Don’t they mean “black teens”?

  39. Can’t bring themselves to say “black” teens?

    1. Dace Falar says:

      You said that already. Yeah I went there.

  40. Kent says:

    That has got to be the most ignorant thing I have read all day.

    1. Frank says:

      Never heard of the Songhay kingdom. Ignorance is pure bliss.

  41. Marc says:

    Sharon, you need to stop listening to the DNC and study history. The KKK was created by Democrats.

    1. Dufus says:

      Yep, recall how the late Senator Robert Byrd admitted to being a KKK member?

  42. Mark says:

    Welcome in the new American culture, rap with vile words, walking the streets with hoodie to look like gangsters, show your under wear in public and use speech that is slang. Now we can add mob attacks on one innocent person who cannot defend themselves. Think about it people and stop letting them tell you otherwise, it will only get worse.

    Where did it all start….. I think we all know.

  43. Kent says:

    This is probably the second most ignorant comment here.

  44. BurtGummer says:

    Romans 1: 18 thru 32

    1. SirGareth says:

      Arm ‘yourselves’ with grammar too.

  45. Lawrence Davis says:

    Obama voters behaving naturally….er…badly

  46. Pennswoods says:

    Of course the article can’t say “black teens wearing hoodies”. Liberals can’t handle the truth. Meanwhile the churches in this liberal city continue to import more Muslims from Somalia to make their city “more “diverse”. You are seeing the collapse of one of America’s once great cities soon to become another cess pool like Detroit. I could care what happens to our cities anymore because I left one of them for a safe, quiet, all white small town.

    1. Brad says:

      What is the end game?

      All of European people’s big cities deserted, depopulated of economically productive people?

      To be filled with the violent, the dependent – the African and South American other?

      Will White people just live in small and medium sized towns, and yet still have to economically support feral people living in the nation’s large cities? Not forever. White people will not let themselves be exploited.

      1. Looney says:

        White people sat back and ALLOWED it to happen. Whites became afraid of blacks along the line. Look at all the white guilt and the white flight around you. Raise hell like the blacks do.

  47. John Freiheit says:

    Quick question as the article does not mention, is this another case of all black flash mobs ? is the race of the mob 100% black ?

  48. sean says:

    so are they black,white,or what?

    1. Dace Falar says:

      Who the hell cares you klansmen.

      1. PD says:

        I care. We already know they are all black. People are starting to question why this is. Because they are always black, I stay away from black people. Get it?

      2. truthisahatecrime says:

        so if someone demands to know the obviously concealed RACE of the perps (who are ALWAYS black,) the person asking for a description of the the thugs is now a KLANSMAN? you are part of the problem.

  49. Engage Gray Matter PLEASE! says:

    Are you stupid or something? Lincoln (a Republican) issued the Emasncipation Proclomation because Southern Democrats (plantation owners) like to keep other human beingas as slaves. Then after his assasination (by a Southern sympathizer) it was a reopublican Congress that passed the Civil Rights act of 1865, then to shore up that as they thought the Democrat President (Johnson) would over turn it, they went big and passed the 14th and 15th Amendments. Fast forward a few years. It was Southern Democrats who instituted “Jim Crow” laws, poll taxes, etc. It was a Republican President who got those 9 black children in to Little Rock schools in the 1950’s. Fast forward again…It was a Republican Congress that over rode concerns of Al Gore Sr. and Richard Byrd to get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. You truly are stupid aren’t you?

    1. Big Ed says:

      Maybe YOU should engage some gray matter… Do you think it was only the Southern States that had slaves?
      There is a HUGE slave cemetery in NYC…. there was a HUGE slave revolt in New Amsterdam (New York) which resulted in a mass lynching…
      Why is it that history is always rewritten to make the South the only states that owned slaves? and don’t get me started on “only southern people are racist”…

      1. HansJurgen says:

        Let’s keep in mind that their own ancestors sold them into slavery – they didn’t want them either. And honestly, most of those slaves had a better life here in America than what they would have lived in Africa – even today.

        1. snuzzcontrol says:


          1. joe says:

            I know a whole lot about the Arab and African muslim slave trade and Africa. If it were not for slavery all of the slaves in the Americas would have been murdered by the tribes that captured them. They would have taken the females and the youhng boys and killed the rest of the tribes. Tribal warfare was everywhere in West Africa. There is a lot moe history that I will gladly share with anyone that truly wants to know. Just remember this the white man ended slavery in all but the African and Arab muslim lands where it still is happening as I type.

      2. nponya says:

        There were slaves in the north but the north gave them freedom. The south fought to keep slavery in tact. The democrat party is in NO WAY responsible for civil rights in this nation…only republicans. That’s history and that is fact.

        1. musicman says:

          Indeed, keep the liberal lie going fool. Soon enough, you all will come hell to pay…

        2. Lewis says:

          INCONVENIENT facts for your information, not that you can accept truth as it will interfere with your agenda:
          1. Republican Party was founded to stop slavery.
          2. Military was segregated by a democrat/progressive- woodrow wilson
          3. Margaret Sanger founded planned parenthood to eliminate undesirables. Her undesirables included blacks. Her eugenics was embraced by Wilson and Hitler.
          4. Richard Nixon, Republican, appointed more blacks both in number and responsible positions than any administration before his.
          5. Race riots by whites against blacks occurred in the north not the south! Pontiac Michigan and Boston to name two, democrat strongholds.

    2. silverislet says:

      Explain the Southern Strategy to us then. You know, the Southern Strategy refers to the Republican Party strategy of winning elections in Southern states by exploiting anti-African American racism and fears of lawlessness among Southern white voters and appealing to fears of growing federal power in social and economic matters (generally lumped under the concept of states’ rights).

      Oh, and it Emancipation, not the word that you used.

  50. Citizen says:

    Why doesn’t this headline read:Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Hate Crimes? The article makes no mention of race, which is totally despicable. Damn near EVERY assault & battery story I’ve read coming out of Minneapolis has been about black on white violence. Who’s responsible for the need of the curfew is blatantly obvious by omission.

  51. Beth says:

    Time for the whole story to be told. These are black on white hate crimes. Time for the MSM to report the truth instead of white washing the story. I won’t be back in Mpls until the city starts prosecuting as hate crimes.

  52. larry says:

    It’s going to be a long hot summer with race riots and flash mobs promoted by Obama, the media and the race baiters.

  53. Kent says:

    Start reducing welfare benefits to the baby mommas and things might change. If baby momma has to cut back on the menthol smokes and wine it might decide to try to modifiy the behavior of its spawn. And yes I mean to call them “IT” because at this point these are not people. It is a eating, pooping, blood sucking liability on the world. It serves no purpose other than reporducing criminals. It adds no value to the world. It contributes NOTHING of value.

    1. Pete says:

      Thank you. Well said.

    2. thesuperman says:

      How about if your receiving welfare you can’t vote? Or have more kids. Then we might actually create a society that wants to be productive instead of tit sucking.

  54. Vance says:

    Why I bet you could have even more of these quality citizens if you just beefed up your welfare system a little more! Personally I hope you collect them all until you wake up to what causes these problems. It is promoting dependency! The Minnesota way!

  55. mm says:

    I like how the communist media calls them “youth mobs.” They’re black mobs. So much for honsest reporting in modern-day America. Political correctness over public safety wins again.

    1. snuzzcontrol says:

      I like how you’re essentially a Nazi. Public distraction over public awareness wins again.

      1. joe says:

        WHY DO YOU USE THE TERM NAZI?? tHE COMMENT MADE WAS AND IS TRUE. bLACK GANGS ARE ATTACKING LONE WHITES ALL OVER THE US!! This is fact and should be reported. It is not reported because they are afraid of a backlash if the people in the country find out the true rate of black on white crime. It is epidemic and I personally feel that this summer will be the worse ever.

  56. diffyq says:

    When are peoplegoing to realize that the parent’s fault approach has absolutely no meaning in today’s world. (The house that liberals have built)! These kids either have NO parents at home or at most one parent at home! Children are growing uplike weeds today, with even less care and nurturing!

    50 % divorce rate??? Whose fault is that? The kids? Conservatives?

  57. Mark B. says:

    What race are these kids? Are they white-hispanic, white-asian, white-black, or what?

    1. Dace Falar says:

      Why so caught up on their damn race? You want to feel superior don’t you?

      1. SirGareth says:

        I think they want to identify the culture that produces this cancer and stay away from it. That’s why race is important – not for the skin color but for the culture.

        The welfare culture is nearly synonymous with black “family culture” and this chaos is the result of the disastrous social engineering of the Democrat party; they design cultures even worse than freeway bridges.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Which is why both they and the criminal DFL that enables them must be immediately outlawed and liquidated.

        2. Baka says:

          Thats not true!

  58. LW says:

    Dave said-
    “Peace through superior fire power.”

    Sorry Dave that won’t work because you all have been disarmed morally, intellectually, and physically. It is a well recognized condition (among non-liberals). Liberals are severely affected and simultaneously unaware of it.

  59. joesanders says:

    This will all come to a head eventually. Many think Obama is pushing for racial strife to ‘force’ martial law. That’s all we need.

  60. Frankie Ninja says:

    “I don’t feel like that would solve the problem because I feel that kids that would adhere to the curfew aren’t the ones causing the problems to begin with.” —- isn’t that the point? And people that adhere to gun laws aren’t the ones committing crimes.

  61. gary says:

    Everyone needs to start carrying a gun and protect themselves.

  62. hadenough says:

    Blacks are unable to govern themselves and therefore should be isolated from the rest of American society. Everyone knows it but are too afraid to sat it.

    1. Doug says:

      You reap what you sow.

  63. The Black Piper says:

    The most interesting thing about this article is what is not in it. No mention that these are predominantly black gangs causing the violence. You can be sure that if they were asian, white or hispanic the media would use that as the lead headline.

    1. Big Ed says:

      No…. for once let’s just tell it like it is and say “Gangs of young black thugs”…
      The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

  64. realityCheck says:

    We are all thinking it, too bad we cannot voice it.

    1. Brad says:

      Heading for a future like Brazilian society. Productive people in heavily protected, gated communities.

  65. Mike Williams says:

    These mobs are becoming very common. What is not reported is these mobs are black people often attacking white victims. These are hate crimes and need to be presented as such.

  66. Mark says:

    If it’s a problem with ALL youth, as you say,why can I not recall a single mob of white teenagers assaulting people?

    Can you point me to one example of that?

    This is a problem with blacks. Even if you want to say that somehow it’s not because of their race that they are causing the problems, at least be intellectually honest enough to admit that it is black, not white, teenagers who running wild in these mobs assaulting people.

    1. snuzzcontrol says:


      1. joe says:

        Actually you are wrong. Because of black kids whites are being harassed also. However you go after teh people that are creating trouble throughout the nation. They are black. Black on white crime is epidemic and it must be stopped quickly as the white folks are getting fed up and that would be bad for everyone when they start to fight back in the same way blcks do.

  67. roscoe says:

    Really shocking, right? Oh wait….not really….they’re all victims of DA MAN!.

  68. Tim says:

    Yeah, so I know it’s probably going to come as a shock to the leftist but criminals really don’t care about “Laws” like curfews.

  69. Maobama says:

    Get Zimmerman down there to get these punks in their places. Shoot a couple and the crime will stop quick.

  70. iodiner says:

    This is not a “youth” problem – it’s a black savages out of control problem. It’s the single biggest factor, and yet this fact is totally ignored by the press. That’s the problem….BLACK youths. Period. Pathetic.

  71. iodiner says:

    This is not a “youth” problem – it’s a black savages out of control problem. It’s the single biggest factor, and yet this fact is totally ignored by the press. That’s the problem….BLACK youths. Period. Pathetic.

    1. I hate feral punks says:

      History shows if we cannot identify the problem you will never fix it.

  72. patience says:

    solution = arm everyone.

  73. AgainstLiberals says:

    How are the police going to determine the youth are 17 or younger. Are the going to force them carry there ID’s? Funny, we can’t get voter ID laws, especially in the blue states, but they can require kids to carry their ID’s to be out after dark!!!. By the way, it is against the law to assault someone. These punks are already breaking the law. Do you think adding “out after curfew” to “assault” is going to deter them? It would only add to their resume. One of these days, the mob will run into a potential victim who happens to be a licensed concealed carry holder. Two magazines unloaded into the flash mob will get all the rats to scatter and think twice before trying it again. Actions should equal consequences. At least they do in Florida. Maybe we should by a house for Zimmerman in MN.

  74. Ed says:

    What’s the beef?

    Just mobs of kids who LOOK LIKE OBAMA’S SONS IF HE HAD THEM, doin’ their thing!

  75. iodiner says:

    You can’t have blacks in civilized society. They don’t fit.

  76. boss says:

    The only thing we here about in the media is this Trayvon Martin and how white people are racist and the whites are continue to keep black people down. This is for the most part fiction and liberal propaganda.

    . This entire story is fanned by a biased racist liberal media trying yet again to increase profits by playing the black victim race card. Black youths are killing each other by the thousands and where are all the civil rights leaders? In truth, black people are 18 times more likely to murder a white person than white person murdering a black. Blacks commit over 90% of all inter-racial crimes. The liberal media wants us all to ignore real facts and avoid real solutions. Our society is going down the drain.

  77. Tex Lovera says:

    Goodness! Looks like some of these attackers were wearing hoodies!!

  78. Big Ed says:

    Wonder if these youths look like Barack Obama too?

  79. mephistofan says:

    sterilize the rioting “yuts” That will cut down on welfare, and future rioting. We have met the enablers and they are us. doing nothing is not an option.

  80. Blanca De La Nieve says:


    1. Pete says:

      Mr Chapman didn’t understand as his poorly written article demonstrates.

    2. Dale Gribble says:

      This person understands. They will be used as shock troops when the UN arrives to implement Sharia Law. Obammy is using them as muscle to bring Marshal Law.

    3. Sffrontman says:

      Good for you! I invite you and everyone else to http://www.stormfront.org. There you will find links to uncensored news. You can find the truth about these racial attacks there.

  81. Malcom says:

    How’s that integreation and electing the first black president working out for liberal whites? unemployed and beaten down.

  82. OldOllie says:

    Yet another example of the lying liberal media deliberately misleading their readers. An honest headline would read “Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After BLACK Youth Mob Attacks WHITES victims.” WHITE on BLACK crime is so rare it’s cause for “2nd Coming” headlines, and race riots orchestrated by the “Revs.” Jackson and Sharpton.However, BLACK on WHITE crime goes unmentioned. Why? First, because it is SO common that it isn’t really news, and second, because we have come to EXPECT blacks to behave like sub-human animals.

  83. tim says:

    This is one of the reasons why our forefathers made the Second Amendment part of the foundation of our nation. It’s coming down to this. The Gang mentality is so out of control. I’m not racist. Just stating the facts. It’s too late to try to work something out to address this National Scourge. Take your guns to town people. The bad guys do. Don’t let these idiots take away your freedoms.

  84. Leland Williams Jr. says:

    Al Sharpton riding the bus to lead the mob at the mall?

  85. HansJurgen says:

    Darwin’s Theory of Evolution proven once again – some of us still look and act like apes.

  86. iodiner says:

    I have a feeling we’re going to see the rise of armed white groups who will come to the defense of innocent, law-abiding citizens, since gov’t and law enforcement won’t. Liberal politicians and the PC lib media are directly responsible for creating this problem. Crackers are starting to get fed up.

  87. Mike says:

    The residents and leaders of Minneapolis have done a great job in creating one of American’s greatest pedestrian and gathering spots in Nicollet mall. It is a shame these roving bands of thugs are being allowed to ruin it. The curfew needs to change and existing curfews need to be vigorously enforced until it can be changed to 8pm. Heavy police presence contesting anyone who looks underage and stiff penalties with an overnight stay in jail for minors caught there after 8pm. Of course, this may only serve to prompt the thugs to doing their thuggery before 8pm. Lots of police… lots of questioning any youngsters… lots of stiff penalties. Over time, it will get better.

    1. SirGareth says:

      Better yet, “lock and load”

      1. tj says:

        You cannot conceal and carry if you have a drink or two. Most of the commerce at Nicolet Mall after 8PM is centered around food and drinks.

  88. David Moore says:

    I am afraid the natives are getting restless and its not summer yet
    Buckle up its gonna get bumpy!!

  89. nponya says:

    The ongoing problem with b lack youth in this nation is proof that you can take the boy out of the j ungle but you can’t take the j ungle out of the boy.

  90. Obamapoop says:

    That is profiling minors, wheres the outrage?

  91. leftandproud says:

    If we invested more in our inner cities and in our kids, we wouldn’t have these problems. But unfortunately, 8 years of George Bush and republican policies have left the inner cities decimated. Vote Obama in 2012 so we can continue reinvesting in our inner cities.

    1. Pete says:

      Does it hurt? I mean, ignorance is bliss but it’s GOTTA HURT???!!! Fool.

    2. Looney says:

      It doesn’t matter who’s in office. It’s how one race is violent and uncivilized.
      Now we know why they were chained and segregated. Every other race can assimilate but the black race. They’ve been given permanent victim status and it must stop!!

  92. tex a montana says:

    Our Country will witness the mother of all violent flash mobx if obama should fail to steal the the 2012 election. The BKK (boy king from kenya) will be “firing them up”.

  93. I hate feral punks says:

    The ones raised without a dad and on welfare are virtual feral wolves. How many dozens of lives will each one of these demons touch in their brief lives?
    When the govt finally gets off “our” backs, men of action will fix this. I hope to live to see the comeuppance of these vermin .

  94. Jeff Thompson says:

    Those pesky “youth mobs.”

  95. The MSM still can’t bring itself to say “mob of black teenagers” but flails around in search of an excuse and settles on “white hispanic.”

    The MSM in this country isn’t just dead, it’s a putrid corpse squirming with maggots.

  96. Fritz says:

    Funny how these articals always lead to a race war. Shut off the entitlement faucet and all of a sudden, all these people might have to get up and go to work/school instead of hanging out at the mall all night. This story repeats itself in EVERY major city. Hords of “youth” running around, late at night causing problems. These kids have no reason to better themselves. They watch their “Parent” sit around collecting money for doing nothing…why shouldn’t they. And if you say NO, than it’s because they’re black. Until we come to terms with giving everything away instead of working for it, this situation will not chance and only get worse. Even with all the lies by the Obama administration saying how good everything is becoming, stories like this illustrate the truth…that t’s getting worse by the minute.

  97. Dave Lambretto says:

    It’s Blacks of course -media ALWAYS hides the information that this is blacks – just like all the flash mob attacks are large groups of blacks.

    Tremendous amount of blacks attacking white people on a racial basis and the media trys to conceal it as much as possible and not mention the race of the attackers

  98. The MSM still can’t bring itself to accurately report on this mob of black teenagers. Yet they flail around in search of an excuse and grab “white hispanic” like a drowning man grabs a rescuer.

    The MSM isn’t just dead. It’s a putrid corpse squirming with maggots.

  99. bdawg says:

    We need federal martial law and then Obama can fix everything his way. Heil Obama.

  100. Socialist Pig says:

    Minnesota would benefit from a “Stand Your Ground” law. Once a few hoodlums get zimmermaned, the rest will think twice before jumping a stranger. .

    1. jimlay01 says:

      It may yet come to that. Once people give up hope of their government doing anything but glossing over and covering up black youth violence, then their thoughts will turn to vigilantism. After a couple of really juicy incidents where these feral apes are hosed down with gunfire, many people will see that as a viable alternative to hand-wringing and gnashing teeth. As things stand today, the government is mute and unseeing, and the press is complicit with that. It is not as if there aren’t hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reminders of this every month, in every city. The fuse is lit.

  101. amplitude jones says:

    allow democrats, have problems. Get RID of democrats, civilization will thrive again.

  102. MiddleWay says:

    All these comments blaming minorities . . . I see nothing in the article indicating any particular group is responsible for the attacks.

    1. Pete says:

      Ummmmmmm……..dddduuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Hoodie says:

    Maybe if the recessive mutants would stop being liars, criminals, racist , incest having monsters oh! and murderers, etc. maybe this world would be a lot better off. Than you people wouldn’t be so insecure about black superiority.

    1. Pete says:

      “Than you people”? First, spelled incorrectly. Second, yes, we ARE people. You, are NOT. Third…black superiority in WHAT? Putting a ball in a hoop? Or run real fast? Superiority MY A**.

    2. JM says:

      I see they are really superior at crime. That’s job security for me. Thanks slaves.

    3. thesuperman says:

      Hoodie, What planet do you live on? All those things you named are also perpetrated by blacks.

      1. glenp says:

        SUPERIORITY??? catching a watermlon? pooping out welfare broods? stealing raping and trashing? smelling bad?

        best at picking cotton I say

  104. neokong says:

    But wait a minute.
    I was told these teenagers only want skittles and ice tea and are not a threat to anyone.

  105. neokong says:

    How come so many look like Obama’s son…?

  106. Dufus says:

    Wow, the media, Obama, Al and Jesse sure are quiet about this problem. A little too close to home? Not enough white folks to blame?

  107. Bartholomew says:

    The black mayor of Philadelphia said after a recent youth murder at night that the parents deserve some blame for allowing their offspring out at night; and that the victims even deserve some blame for being out at night. Note that in principle, a curfew is good discrimination. Note that in a way a curfew is a kind of preemptive profiling: keeping people of a certain age off the streets because the odds are greater that they will cause problems and commit crimes.

    1. SirGareth says:

      If we are going to profile “youth” as the problem, then why not confine the problem as “black youth”

  108. F. R. L 2 says:

    Please! Please! People of the North. These are just idealistic youths protesting the “execution” of Trayvon, Treyvon, whatever. You should go to them and share their grief, despair, and most of all your wallets. They are just poor grieving children and if your head gets cracked or your family member gets beat to death, share their feelings of injustice. The events before the Tre, Tra, whatever “Lynching” were just psychic teens protesting in advance. If you detect a touch of sarcasm, good on you. We Southern folks have been the brunt of the joke so long, now it is your turn.

  109. Johnny Thunder says:


    Why are family no longer go to any public venues in the city or anywhere for that matter.

  110. joe says:

    Forget about the Taliban. Bring out the military and give them orders to shoot to kill these rampaging maniacs. Things will quiet down fast.

  111. HG says:

    I wish my great grandparents had picked their own cotton.

  112. IronDioPriest says:

    This problem cannot be addressed and solved without an honest, open, and full discussion of exactly what the problem is. The media’s refusal to facilitate that discussion will only perpetuate the problem.

    This “Urban Youth” flash mob violence and theft is sweeping the nation to the point that it is becoming an epidemic.

    There is absolutely no point whatsoever in labeling this a problem of “Urban Youth” when we can see with out own eyes that this is a problem with Urban Black Youth.

    That does not suggest that all Black youths are criminals, nor does it suggest that urban White youths are not criminals.

    What it suggests is that in order for society to deal with the situation effectively, it must be acknowledged and honestly addressed that this trend is a phenomenon that has a racial component.

    Can we expect this kind of honest treatment of this scourge by the alphabet news channels? WCCO? KARE? KSTP?

    Star Tribune? Pioneer Press?

    You media malfeasance perpetuates the violence.

  113. BarneyCrush says:

    This is just a wild guess…but I’ll bet a lot of the mobsters looked like Obama’s sons.

  114. Steinem Hater says:

    Impose curfews in every major city in the United States for young
    people from ages 12-18 years of age. It will never be done because
    no one that has the authority to do so wants to seriously drop the
    crime rate. It really is big business. Crime stimulates the economy
    in major cities whether you want to admit it or not.

  115. Paul Kersey says:

    shoot a couple of these thugs and they will learn. Death Wish.

  116. trayvonX says:

    One to the chest puts a thug to rest.

  117. Obama voters foment mobs,
    Of youths who will not work at jobs.
    They’d rather riot,
    Than work to buy it,
    And keep the Obamas “First Snobs”.

  118. jcmjcnj says:

    I watched the video twice.. Looks to me like a bunch of black thugs running wild. Where is Al Sharpton??? Oh wait…..He’s not interested in a bunch of wild black kids running crazy, only a bunch of white kids running crazy….Well let’s just hope they didn’t hurt each other. Afterall they do have to blow off steam every now and than….What a f—ing joke……

  119. Swampfox says:

    Keep voting for democrats if you want more of this stuff

  120. Vince says:

    If Obama had a son he would look just like the youth mob in Minneapolis.

  121. Paul from NY says:

    Do you know what would solve the problem of attacks by thug/future welfare recipient/pieces of trash?… A good “stand your ground” law!

  122. David White says:

    Black youth are mad that they are inferior to other races in terms of intelliegience and ability to rationalize. So the only solution they see is to attack and kill the other races. Simple as that.

  123. Mike G says:

    Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Obama on this story? Oh, thats right, the perps are all their black bros so they say nothing.

    1. Gary K says:

      100 or really 200% RIGHT and CORRECT you are. I think any rational person knows why you don’t hear from Obama, the Justice Department (under Obama), Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. It is precisely because the offenders are Black and the Victims are White. Knowing the people we just mentioned the real sham is where is the MEDIA on this one? This has been going on for a very long time. Maybe the media and the others will not get involved until someone shoots one of these thugs and then they will come running crying civil rights abuse of this fine young man and throw up a photo of him when he was 8 years old.

  124. Sheriff Jayne says:

    Being a Liberal State, your tolerance has allowed these gangs to flourish. Crack down HARD on these MooseSlime children and black gang members.

    Sounds like you need to clone our Sheriff Arpaio of the Phoenix area.

  125. gordon says:

    let me guess these are black kids white america made them do this

  126. Ms. Liberty says:

    Well, I see the racists and the hate mongers are here in force today spewing the venom they were told to repeat by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Can’t we at least agree that the real victims here are the little children who are meerly acting out a symbolic reparation in solidarity with all oppressed peoples of the earth? When Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh openly demand violence against our communities, we must assume that the actions of the little children are a direct result of the hatred directed against them.
    The white so-called Christians and their amerikan nazi fellow travellers need to crawl back to their AM radios and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Tom says:

      Can you please supply some links to what either Rush or Palin said about attacking minority communities. Or even Glen Beck for that matter? I do believe that you and people like you are the reason people like them feel they can go out and do these things. You make excuses for them as though they are somehow “less” then what they should be and therefore shouldn’t be held to the same standards.

    2. boss says:

      Ms. Liberty, You are the perfect example of a cultural stooge. You throw names like Nazi out, but are ignorant to notice that the PC liberal culture that you seem to be defending is actually destroying our society. Those who you slander in reality have the best idea’s to help the poor.

      The only way our society can help the black community, will be by being honest and ask for accountability. According to FBI statistics, more than 1,600 whites are murdered by blacks each year, a rate that is 18 times the rate of white people killing blacks. You liberals have the entire crisis backwards and are actually making the situation worse. Cheers!

    3. jimlay01 says:

      You really shouldn’t smoke that stuff in here.

  127. mameshki says:

    Fish stink from the head down Obama. Not much of a video, but looks like most if not all of the kids are black, emboldened by a black president as whitey payback time. Good thing we have a concealed hand gun permit in my state.

  128. Max17 says:

    Uhm, if Oblamer had a son, would he look like the little hoodlums? Oblamer seems to think this is the first and only thing we need to know about a crime.

  129. realistic_01 says:

    Hey, that mob of kids looks like Obama’s kids.

  130. Tom says:

    The only way to be safe is to remove yourself from the area and the problem. All the large cities with Democratic leadership attract more welfare recipients and more minorities. This in turn causes the crime rates to skyrocket. This isn’t a racist statement, it’s a fact. look up the FBI’s top ten worst crime ridden cities and you can see all of them have large black populations and have been run by mostly Dem’s for decades. White guilt can’t cover up actual facts. Whites make up about 70% of the population and are responsible for about 32% of all murders, Blacks make up 12% of the population and are responsible for about 38% of all murders. I’m sure those murders are justified though because of what may have happened to one of the great grandparents about a hundred years ago.

  131. zone says:

    The big elephant in the room is not a white elephant.

  132. JM says:

    So we have another epic “FAIL” example of the leftist entitlement mentality and their welfare program or as I like to call it “Gubbament Slavery”. I gues that was a success though. LOL!

  133. Greggers says:

    Here’s a start to solving this stuff:

    The police chief and D.A. need to conduct a joint press conference with the following statement: “Citizens will not be prosecuted for stepping in, with lethal force, to assist people being attacked by a mob. Also, business owners will not be prosecuted for taking action to prevent the loss of property during any ‘flash mob’ shopping spree.”

  134. Hateliberals says:

    What racial group are we talking about here? Why is it when a caucasian is involved, it is the first thing mentioned, followed quickly by ‘racist hate crime’. But when it is the true thugs and problem group in America, it goes unmentioned? These people are Obamas people, Trayvon wannabees.

  135. bill says:

    Where is the Black Clergy? You could and should try to very publicly diffuse this before it gets any more out of hand. You have a perfect opportunity to counter the typical antics of Rev Al Sharton who is NOT a good role model for black youth. Seize this moment — the juxaposition of your good message with Rev Al’s race baiting would be appreciated by all.

  136. TGWRH says:

    And people wonder why Block E continues to fail along with the rest of the downtown entertainment area. It’s going to get to a point, when the weather improves, to have a ratio of one cop per ten visitors. How can Minneapolis residents, let alone out-of-town conventioners feel safe when they risk being a victim of a random act of violence?

  137. Pastor Carmen says:

    Children should be Home at eight P.M. on School nights ten P.M. on Friday and Saturday. When we were Little in the summer time when Street lights came on we had to Go in the house Unless are Parents where with Us and their should be a curfew for everyone one under eighteen.

  138. Ghandi says:

    From the looks of the video it is more out of control NEG ROS. And they wonder why they are profiled. Best thing to happen to stop this is to shoot about half of them.

  139. cubanPapi says:

    Hire zimmermand as security and give him a ar-15 to protect.
    That should get the job done.

  140. Aarradin says:

    Shame on CBS for failing to mention the race of these ‘kids’ in the mobs. The mobs are 100% Black.

    You are supposed to be reporting the news not hiding it.

  141. anopenminded1 says:

    Just more misunderstod black youths showing their frustration with people that have more than they do. They have the right to gang up on these victims because they wouldn’t be able to on their own. They’re not smart enough or courageous enough to do what they do one-on-one. No curfew, make the other people stay inside. Give the streets to the animals.

  142. Paul says:

    As a former long-time resident of Chicago and a current firearm instructor in Minnesota I strongly suggest that those of you who are willing and able obtain and make use of a premit to carry a pistol. It’s not about making a political statement, being a hero or thinking that guns are cool,… it’s about the saftey of you and your family. Let’s face it, there are three types of people in this world: sheep (most people), wolves (most criminals) and sheep dogs (the minority of law abiding citizens that have the desire and ability to do the right thing when it comes to wolves). The real question is, “Which one are you?”

  143. welcometothejungle says:

    Jungle boogie, get down!!

  144. punks says:

    Hundreds of Trayvons raising hell lol. The cops better toughen up.

    1. Just saying says:

      I feel bad for the cops. Out numbered, out gunned and hardly anyone appreciates what they do for us. Their job must be hell

  145. Avoicenmany says:

    Great idea! Now just a few additions.
    First violation, PARENTS pay $150 fine
    2nd violation, PATENTS pay $500 fine
    3rd violation PARENT serves MANDATORY 7 day jail sentence.
    While not a fix, it would increase the incentive to keep their thug off the street.
    OH and if the thug mama or ?daddy? cannot pay the fine community service to pay it off.

  146. Sick of Nigeroids says:


  147. Rusty says:

    YOUTH MOB ATTACKS!!! Obviously BLACK youths when the liberal media describes black gangs attacking white people. When will you people learn this!

  148. Shoot them all and show it on the nightly news. That will be the end of that.

  149. Bob says:

    Why don’t we hear about the ethnicity of the Gangs? Wouldn’t fit the liberal presses agenda. Notice we only get the white-Hispanic from the New York Times when it fits the race divide gin up that the liberal press is attempting to promote lately. We don’t hear the race of the shooter that killed the taxi cab driver in North Minneapolis do we? Interesting the double standard. The inner city in most major cities has been destroyed by the liberal driven entitlement and welfare state and the related destruction of the family accelerated by the welfare state.

  150. fwduptimeman says:

    Boy the natives are really getting restless.
    Bounties issues by New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and Jesse whipping up the mob, total silence but the DOJ and “O” himself about rule of law. Looks like rule by street justice and maybe mob rule might be around the corner.
    What will this really summer be like??
    I thought “O” was the president for all of America. Boy was I wrong.

  151. michael m says:

    Just do your duty, serve on every jury you can, acquit any that protect themselves from these life threatening mobs by shooting them and convict the mob members

  152. mark says:

    Unfortunately for the USA and Minneapolis MN the tendency of African Americans is to simulate life in those parts of the world where African culture is predominant; same for Europeans in our midst.This should not be surprising.
    If one prefers life in Zurich to life in Kampala choose your neighbors accordingly.

  153. Jean says:

    A poorly written story, with grammatical and spelling errors (the kind that spellcheck won’t catch). Where did this reporter learn to write?

    1. thesuperman says:

      Some liberal college that gives everyone A’s You know we can’t have people failing. So give everyone an A

  154. 1911Commander says:

    What fascinates me is how the people calling US racist for defending ourselves and wanting to be separated from these kinds of people –

    are the ones living in the gated communities.

    Pathetic feckless hypocrites

  155. Pomona Pete says:

    Hey Reg, you ‘accidentally forgot’ to identify the race of the ‘kids.’ Hmmm, let me guess…

  156. wilbur says:

    Once again (youths = blacks) attacking whites. This should be considered hate crimes. This is why people want Conceal carry permits. Where is our Racist president???? Some of these victims could have been his kids????

  157. isnrblog says:

    Look at the video. These are black thugs.

    The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found
    significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division,

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

    Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.

    Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

    Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison.

    Most blacks are uncivilized animals that are a drain on the American economy.

    Non Whites are gettng fed up.

  158. idgarad says:

    Wait till that light rail gets out to YOUR neighborhood. Enjoy.

  159. jon says:

    The medis is always careful not to mention the race of the mob…still just by reading the story you can easily figure out they are black. No federal intervention, no street protest, no calls for justice. That is reserved for the rare white on black crime, these after all are black youth.

  160. manniep says:

    I’ll tell you what will lower mob violence. Shoot some of them. Carry your pistol and protect yourself and your family. Keep your situational awareness high.

    Then wait for the racist criminals, Sharpton, Jaxkson, Farakhan, and Zerobama to turn this into a racial hysteria!.

    The problem is that Minnesota is a Criminal Protection state. It’s hard to get a CCW. The Liberals want to protect their fellow criminals.

    Liberalism is a culture of hate and violence.

  161. Aubrey says:

    Kids? Like Trayvon was a “Kid”?

  162. The Morrigan's Pet says:

    I’m partaking of a little schadenfreude here, I must admit. Gophers, who have been voting Democrat for too long, are realizing the benefits. Enjoy, bugwits.

  163. Edward says:

    As a southerner, my response to the Yankees is…..You freed ’em, you feed ’em.

  164. james says:

    I’ve canceled my recent ‘bicycle’ order. So much for the mayor’s “bike city” USA!!

  165. glenp says:

    let me guess there was a whole bunch of swee innocent little TRAYVONs running amok

    of course you shouldn’t be afraid—fear means you are a racist

  166. Hunter Todd says:

    If Obama had sons, they would look like these thugs.

  167. jack says:

    Now you know what the South suffered under Post Civil War reconstruction’s black rule. We now have reconstruction on a national level with incompetent blacks in the White House and occupying gerrymandered seats, reserved for blacks in the
    national legislature.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Shameful comment. Just pathetic…

      1. glenp says:

        what is atrocious are “people ” like Sheila JAckson Lee, Cynthia McKINNEY, OVOMIT, MOOCHELLE JEssie JAckson Al Sharpton and that clown from NY convicted of tax evasion yet still serves

  168. Where’s George Zimmerman, now that we need him?!?

  169. BadPenny says:

    simply solution – allow permit to carry. After a few more dead teenagers, maybe they will start to learn being a thug can get you killed. Instead they glamorize being a thug! An armed society is a polite society!

  170. michaelp says:


    1. auntben says:

      more importantly when the heck is the authorities gonna do something about it before ipeople start taking matters in their own hands

  171. harvan says:

    Where are all the people with their concealed weapons that are supposed to prevent this?

    1. Bloody Right says:

      We ain’t here to protect you; WE protect ourselves and loved ones. You need to learn to do the same, or become a sheep!

  172. auntben says:

    Its out of control what we are doing is not working…..law and order needs to be restored for the benefit of law abiding citizens…because there is no mention of race i assume automatically the kids are african american…the problem is the elephant in the room …many inner city blacks have had a total breakdown of civilized and lawful behavior …its time to come down hard

  173. OrionsBellatrix says:

    There wouldn’t be a youth crime problem if parents did their jobs. Until such time as a law is passed that make PARENTS financially liable for the damages done by their unruly offspring these types of acts will continue and continue until something big happens and then all the lawmakers will be running around, wringing their limp wrists demanding change and the bad parents will lament and wail “why?”.

  174. Josh says:

    Hmmm…any one care to take a guess as to the underlying commonality between all these mob attacks? Hint, they aren’t asian, white, or hispanic youths.

  175. natb1 says:

    Once again the solution to the behavior of 1% is restricting the liberty of the 99%. Isnt that how it always is with BIG Government? Disarm everyone, make everyone get a prescription for common cold medicine, ban fireworks from everyone, etc, etc. Many of these “crisis'” are fostered by policy, then the solution is MORE policy that subjects EVERYONE!

    Peace happens when good people are well armed.

  176. Joe Friday says:

    everyone with an IQ above 85 knows what the real problem is, but since it’s not PC it’s ignored

  177. A G Kaya says:

    If Florida officials had any courage they would arrest and charge Jackson and Sharpton with Inciting to Riot. What is lost on the whole drama played out in Florida is the grand scheme to disarm honest citizens and allow the street hoods total freedom on the street. Don’t look now folks but this is a watershed event in our country.

  178. Reality monster says:

    I love how “reporters” can’t actually report what’s going on. I mean, “people under 17,” the mob,”, etc.? What do these people look like? We all know, because there are groups of these “people under 17” in every major city. They’re called BLACK KIDS. Repeat after me: BLACK KIDS.

    BLACK KIDS are the ones attacking bystanders for no apparent reason. BLACK KIDS are who you look for when taking money out of an ATM in public.

    Stop lying to yourselves and everyone else with this politically correct nonsense.

    1. jen says:

      I agree. Stop hiding the facts.

  179. RS says:


    That’s media short hand for “black teens” isn’t it?

  180. A G Kaya says:

    If Democrats(Leftists) had any credibility left it was lost last week. Watching the leftists on MSNBC and CNN kiss Black behinds and distort the Zimmerman story was truly sickening. However, one saving aspect of this, I believe all will hasten to facilitate the demise of the left that has been so injurious to this country.

  181. steve hartke says:

    Blacks have been doing this for all of the 40 years I’ve lived in this city.

    They’ve destroyed north Minneapolis. Hawthorne looks like a war zone. Half of the houses are burned down or have been torn down.

    They’ve destroyed the outlying malls by driving customers away.

    They destroyed the City Center by driving businesses away with theft and violence. As soon as that wonderful place was built the writing was already on the wall. Black drug dealers and violent thugs immediately moved in.

    They destroyed Block E. It was their violence and criminal behavior that caused the city to bulldoze it. It was a parking lot for at least ten years. Now they’re doing the same thing in the “new” Block E, a sad substitute for an irreplaceable piece of Minneapolis history.

    They’ve attempted to destroy the Mall of America but since that is not a public space the security are more free to crack down.

    Meanwhile, their entire underground economy (few blacks actually have jobs– yes, they are discriminated against, for obvious reasons) is supported by money from white pockets, from entitlements like welfare to drug money, parasitism on the white economy.

    Whites are 2/3 of the population in this country. It’s time that we start standing up for OUR RIGHTS and stop allowing criminal savages like these to run our streets.

    1. snuzzcontrol says:

      HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG “They did this to themselves.” LOL. It would be so hilarious if it wasn’t so tragically delusional. I hope society is more fair and humane than the hell you must live in.

      1. steve hartke says:

        Such a coherent, well-reasoned response. Please respond more on threads like this so that people can see how reasonable our position is and how unreasonable your position is.

        The answer is heavy profiling and lengthy incarceration.

        They are unable to police themselves, so, as usual, we are in the position of having to do it for them.

        Extremism is coming. Permissive attitudes like yours are part of the reason why.

  182. Syd says:

    Of what race are these roving bands of punks? Do they tend to be black? I couldn’t tell from the video. In any event, the offenders must be hunted down and removed because a curfew on all youth isn’t fair and wouldn’t work anyway.

    1. jen says:

      They will just migrate to the burbs.

  183. Sffrontman says:

    No pictures, no videos. Likely to be more b on w hate crimes. If it were w on w or w on b there would be pictures and accusations of hate crimes. I’ll bet you can find pictures at http://www.stormfront.org

  184. Jeff says:

    Law abiding citizens need to carry concealled and help take back the streets from the thgs.

  185. Dayling says:

    It used to be fun to spend a weekend down around Target Center, etc. I won’t spend my money downtown for dinner and drinks anymore. I’ll just stay in the suburbs.

  186. glenp says:

    WATCH THAT VIDEO it looks like a GD WAR ZONE!!!!!!! you’d be safer on the frontlines in Afghanistan

  187. MSNBC Race War says:

    Liberal White guilt is really working great. If you don’t mind getting stomped by a primate flash mob.

  188. glenp says:

    I don’t carry a gun but I have a couple vicious as hell knives that go through you like butter. I’ll take a couple out on the way down

  189. Joe Biden says:

    Don’t tell me, let me guess, we are talking about gangs of black teens aren’t we. It is not fair to punish teens of other ethnic heritage for the action of black kids. Put the curfew only on the trouble makers.

  190. Philip says:

    IN Philly PA we call groups of young black boys and girls Wolf Packs…….They have decimated the business in the heart of the city, and South street. Curfews are generally ignored and if you are under attack by a Wolf Pack don’t expect help from bystanders or police. YOU ARE ON

  191. tremayfreon caudwell says:

    and how many of these low-IQ street thugs happens to looks like de son obama neber had?

    inquiring minds gots to know.

  192. TruthTeller says:

    That looks like a whole group of potential Trayvon’s. One of these times a “victim” is going to put down several of them, and the usual clowns will scream “racism” because they all look like Obama’s non-existent sons. I’m sure some will scream about this post, too, but it’s just an observation of facts.

  193. naro10 says:

    Mpre and more abortions is the answer.

  194. ronstradamus says:

    Mobs of young blaque men are now free to indiscriminatly attack whites because Obama got there back!

  195. Tom B. says:

    An eight p.m. curfew? This is an outrage. Make it six p.m.

  196. oakwood99 says:

    Mobs of teens… mobs of kids? When is the media gonna start calling this what it is? These are gangs of blacks going around beating up whites and people need to be aware of that for their own safety. Can you imagine what the reporting would be like if this were the other way around?

  197. Lewis says:

    Can one take a wild guess as to the unidentified race of the hooligans????

  198. walter12 says:

    It is a real shame but everyone knows who is comitting all of these crimes. No matter how hard the main stream media attempts to hide the truth, it is out there for all to see. And these people are insane nowadays. Obama created this climate, he is a demon, a monster.

  199. Lewis says:

    My comment was reply to nponya, silverislet and their ilk.

  200. Mynameiscommonsense says:

    So are these mobs of youths attacking white innocent people and they are black? Pray tell?? Where is Eric Holder investigating all that hate crime? Hmmm? Is that crickets I hear?

  201. William says:

    Shoot them. Shoot them dead. And if anyone objects …….. Shoot them too.

  202. Crosscut says:

    Sad situation. These kids have nothing going for them. No skills, no work ethic, no decent role models. no future. Their anger and rage is enormous. If they can’t attack white folks they will attack one another.

  203. Timx says:

    If Obama had a son, he would look like those kids attacking innocent people in the video.

  204. Sffrontman says:

    Part of the reason the South feared the freeing of slaves was the Haiti massacure. The Haitian slaves rebelled and with their new freedom killed every white man, woman, and child. Then they started on the mixed bloods. There was good reason to fear that the same would happen in the US.

  205. Mike says:

    Conceal and carry will solve this.

  206. NCT says:

    Al and Jesse – where are you???

  207. marko pollo says:

    I’m guessing these were canadian yutes?

  208. Frank says:

    Lets blame Bush.. He gets the blame for everything else

  209. Noamsayn? says:

    Blacks were MUCH better behaved and actually acted civilized 160 years ago when they all had jobs.

  210. Lickerface says:

    The 9mm curfew would help.
    Some people star the curfew at 45 or 38, and some even kindly begin at 22LR.
    OH, this is Illinois… well, no wonder there are these problems: it’s a fascist oligarchy sans human rights.

  211. Jason says:

    Arrests and incarcerations should end the violence…but what do I know.

  212. Ted says:

    No race mentioned; so they must be White-Hispanics.

  213. Scotty says:

    Let me guess, some conservative blowhard (probably from Fox News) linked this article and now all the whack jobs are coming out in force. If you don’t live in the Twin Cities, why bother posting in this thread?

    1. joe says:

      Because the problem of black on white crime is epidemic in the US. Everyday blacks are raping robbing and murdering white people. It is time that the truth be told. Blacks are the problem and this can not be debated. STOP ALL BLACK ON WHITE CRIME!!!

    2. pedro says:

      i outta slap your mama, foo!

    3. pedro says:

      libs are emotional creatures (not logical).. just gotta smack some sense in to them sometimes.. wait for the mobs to get em:)

  214. Mike-in-sota says:

    It would be interesting to see how many of these youths’ parent(s) are receiving public assistance. Of course, we can’t ask questions like that now, can we?

  215. crypticguise says:

    Please note that these are not gangs of kids. They are BLACK THUGS, who should be shot down in the street if they riot. Kill them all.

  216. Moccasin05 says:

    If those roving bands of thugs try to assault you, just point the pistol at the leaders head tell him you’ll turn his head into a canoe if he doesn’t continue on his way. After he realizes he just piddled himself they’ll all leave you alone.
    To quote Harry Callahan “Nothing wrong with shooting people so long as the right people get shot”. Protect yourself because when seconds count, cops are just MINUTES away. The Al Sharptons, Black Panthers, and Jesse Jackson types need to be busy working jobs, not planning on causing harm to innocent people.

  217. Mike-in-sota says:

    This looks like a racial attack to me, as blurred as the video intentionally is. Where is the Sharpton Lynch Mob and Jackson’s Rainbow Connection?

  218. adm454 says:

    Shoot ’em before they kill an innocent. End of problem.

  219. SecondAmendment says:

    Odd; I didn’t see any mention of the race of the worthless pieces of thug trash. I wonder why.

  220. Paul Begala says:

    Obama supporters, no doubt!

  221. gregbuls says:

    I’m sick of seeing these mob attacks by vicious white kids against innocent blacks. Hopefully the curfew will work. Since it’s only white kids involved in these mob attacks, it’s only whites that need to be kept off the streets.

  222. Beau Diddly says:

    I bet if obama had a son, it would look like these thugs.

  223. Turban says:

    Rampaging mobs of the media’s newest confection, the “white Hispanic,” no doubt.

  224. only solution says:

    dont let blacsk downtown. duh.

  225. Frank says:

    I always carry. So bring it on. I will shoot in self-defense.

  226. Trailer Abraham Lincoln Vampirjäger says:

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  227. Jerry Frey says:

    PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

    “Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    “If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”


    1. bill says:

      Jerry, you are right on with the Philly Mayor Nutter comments. Mayor Rybak, are you listening? Show some leadership here. You don’t have to worry about offending anyone, just use common sense and talk straight about this problem.

  228. Abraham Lincoln says:

    OOPS! Guess I really f***ed up when I freed these worthless subhuman animals. Sorry about that.

  229. dispolitico says:

    The article was silent about race, so 99% likely they are blacks. Keep in mind, whites have been enslaved more in history and more brutal often leading to death, e.g. by Mongols, by Ottomans, by other Muslims, by Arabs, by Natives, by Pirates, by pimps, by traffickers, by other whites, e.g. Roman rulers, Hit1er, Stalin, etc. Also, like one poster said above, many black slaves had a better life than if they stayed in Africa. They were not all treated bad as revisionist history tries to tell us. Also, many whites died to free them.

  230. SomeDude68 says:

    The curfew is a good idea. These are SCHOOL age kids so they should be home, turn off the gamebox, and do some homework, spending time with family, and getting ready for school in the morning.

  231. jsr4225 says:

    Where are the police? Why out giving tickets for not wearing your seat belt or rolling through a stop sign. Also making sure nobody has a gun to defend themselves. You know, the really bad stuff that threatens our society and requires ever more police and taxes.

  232. Brian M. Babey says:

    This has been happening a lot longer!!!! Sorry a Coworker who survived 2 tours in Iraq and his Hispanic friends were sucker punched and attacked near a police station in downtown Minneapolis last fall. When they went inside to report the incident the PIGS REFUSED TO FILE A POLICE REPORT AND THEN THREATENED TO ARREST THEM!!! I They contact the news media but no one would listen except the article was in the St Paul Pioneer Press. I have been warning people since last fall about how unsafe MSP is!!

  233. Mike Oxlong says:

    It is apparent that English is not this reporter’s primary language.

  234. Jamal says:

    There’s a reason why white neighborhoods are the safest.

    Truth hurts

  235. 1911Commander says:

    One of my good friends is black. I asked him about the video. His reply is the most succinct thing I have ever heard:

    “Some of us are black, the rest are just a bunch of f—ing N—-.”

    Of course im not going to repeat his exact wording since, of course it would be racist….

  236. Ronald Reagan says:

    Scientific: These flash mobs have all occurred during “hours of darkness”. Simply outlawing “darkness” would be a first step.

  237. Ronald Reagan says:

    These curfews are un-Constitutional.
    Our founding baby-daddies would never have accepted this.
    Of course, if the make-up of the Congress in the late 1700’s would have been different, the U.S. Constitution would’ve been penned by absent fathers.
    In addition, I think that some flash mobs are only the equivalent of 3/5 of other flash mobs.

  238. joe says:

    Leaving race and politics aside, my wife and I typically spend 10 weekends a year downtown for our “urban” retreat. We stay at the best hotels, dine at the best restaurants and see the best shows in town. We always spend over $1000 on a weekend. The recent attacks downtown will put an immediate stop to these getaways. Minneapolis needs to figure something out before this takes a huge financial toll.

  239. snuzzcontrol says:


  240. snuzzcontrol says:

    Trust your instincts, but if you need intellectual justification then:
    “The gaze of the cameras does not fall equally on all users of the street but on those who are stereotypical predefined as potentially deviant, or through appearance and demeanour, are singled out by operators as unrespectable. In this way youth, particularly those already socially and economically marginal, may be subject to even greater levels of authoritative intervention and official stigmatisation, and rather than contributing to social justice through the reduction of victimisation, CCTV will merely become a tool of injustice through the amplification of differential and discriminatory policing.”

  241. goto says:

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