MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hundreds of thousands of CenterPoint Energy gas customers could be in store for refund.

According to CenterPoint, it had the best of intentions, experimenting with a tiered pricing system — encouraging conservation by charging more to customers who used more natural gas.

But if the meter reading period stretched beyond 31 days, some customers were bumped up to a higher tier and paid more, even though a new month had commenced and the customers in questions were using no more gas than normal.

The idea was dumped last fall after several customers complained.

Comments (8)
  1. Reasonable says:

    Thank you for letting your readers know how to claim a refund. Excellent reporting!

    1. M says:

      They will do anything to make a buck until they get caught.

  2. shamoo says:

    good reporting , get real !!!! this tells us what??? where do you claim a refund????

  3. Really? says:

    Not that I like WCCO, but people there is no refund information set up yet! Settle down! !!!! Do your research! HERES A THOUGHT, CALL CENTREPOINT, RIPOFF COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brett says:

    Centerpoint has been ripping off it’s customers for years now. Even filing a complaint with the PUC does no good. Check out the commodities page at CNBC.com, and see what the “cost of gas” really is, then look at your bill, and explain to me why I’m paying 50% or MORE than I should be paying for it.

  5. chuck says:

    Why doesn’t mn. deregulate our energy like the other 17 states have done?

  6. not quite says:

    That tiered system burned me since my house is over 5000 square feet and the price to heat it jumped under it. I remember when Kare11 did a story on the tiered system right when it started using a family in Chanhassen with a whole bunch of kids. It was pattently unfair to large families and punished anybody but grandma who lives alone. Given we don’t have another option except CP for our gas, you can’t help but feel like it is a money grab. Just as bad as the “decoupling adjustment” they charge you.

  7. Tom says:

    CenterPoint over charges it’s customers because they know they can.

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