MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In the Twin Cities, drivers will feel the impact from four major road projects this summer. It’s starting with the Highway 52 Lafayette Bridge in St. Paul.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will also resurface 35E between St. Paul and Forest Lake and complete the Highway 169 and 494 interchange.

Then four times this summer, sections of Interstate 94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul will be closed on the weekend for resurfacing.

The project that is going to create the pain for the most people will be Interstate 94. Parts of the  interstate will be shut down for four weekends this spring and summer. The first closure will be next weekend from east bound 394 to Highway 55 and Hiawatha Avenue.

In addition, there will be ramp closures throughout the summer. Any interruptions on I-94 are especially tough because University Avenue is still under construction for light rail.

Donovan Van Horne told us it will be especially tough for motorcycle drivers.

“It’s a pain in the butt, it’s terrible the roads are all torn up and people don’t know how to drive,” Van Horne said.

At a morning news conference a MnDot Spokesman pulled no punches.

“It’s going to be a tough season ahead for travelers in the metro area,” Said Tom O’Keefe.

But the pain won’t be as great as two summers ago, when both the multi-year Highway 62 project and work on Interstate 94 went on all summer.

However if you live by one of the big projects, like Interstate 494 and Highway 169, you will face delays.

“It’s a pain definitely, but that is what you can expect with road construction this time of year,” said Chad Paulsen, who works in the area.

But some like Julie Johnson have figured out the ultimate detour.

“I just ride my bike to work,” she said.

All the projects for the Twin Cities metro area are listed below:

• Continuing work on the Highway 52 Lafayette Bridge in St. Paul
• Resurfacing I-35E between St. Paul and Forest Lake
• Continuing work on the Hwy. 169 and I-494 interchange.

Projects in Greater Minnesota include:

• Constructing an interchange on Highway 14 in North Mankato
• Resurfacing portions of Hwy. 10 between Clear Lake and Big Lake
• Resurfacing 28 miles of Hwy. 71 in Koochiching County

Drivers are urged to check 511 for up-to-date information about traffic and road conditions during the summer construction.

“People are going to see a lot of orange cones, a lot of barrels out there. And it’s going to be very similar to what they’ve seen in recent years,” said Sorel.

For a complete list of projects, including construction dates and traffic impacts, visit www.dot.state.mn.us/construction.

Comments (10)
  1. USA says:

    1.1 billion dollars for a few thousand jobs…. come on get real. if they used concrete road ways, they wouldnt have to repair them so much, and those jobs wouldnt be there either. 3000/1.1 billion is 366,666 $ a job. asuming it is 300 jobs they “create”

    1. brandon says:

      need blacktop where it snows moron. sun doesnt heat up concrete like tar. think about it

  2. Brett says:

    “Seawalls”??? Where do we have “seas” in MN?? We are about as far away from a “sea” as anybody on the PLANET.

    Here’s what you should say. Hey, BLOOMINGTON, after you get your umpteenth gift of highway projects, like the current 494/169 interchange completed, consider yourselves OUT OF THE LOOP, for like, the next 20 YEARS. There are DOZENS of OTHER highway projects, some as old as *50* friggin years, that have YET to be COMPLETED, both in the metro and outstate. From now on, if you want a new highway or intersection built, tax your own city citizens to pay for it.

    1. Robert says:

      The sea walls would be what you see along lakes and rivers. Is it really hard to live in Minnesota without noticing there are lakes and rivers with manmade structures? Or is it hard to see with where your head is usually stuck?

  3. djp says:

    Warn people that Snelling is closed at 694 and you have to detour RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE I WORK!!! Grrr…lemme out of the parking lot…LOL

  4. Jeff says:

    Just wonderful. Get ready to watch five MNDOT workers stand around all summer while one MNDOT guy works.

  5. fannie says:

    Beats giving the money to Zygi so he can buy more condos.

  6. G Dog says:

    I’m surprised that all of the projects aren’t in the West Metro. We wouldn’t want those rich folks needing front end alignments on their Mercedes!!

  7. Nota Red says:

    More people leaning on shovels paid for with tax dollars, it’s a win win for Unions.

  8. Barry Soetoro says:

    What do you all think about the Federal Reserve loaning out 16 trillions dollars to foreign banks and nations??? You know we could’ve used some of that money here in the US to fix all the roads. I haven’t seen roads fixed in over 5 years!

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