MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A motorcyclist is dead after losing control and being thrown from his bike in Plymouth, Minn.

The Minnesota State Patrol said 58-year-old Gene Kokesh, of Minnetonka, was exiting from southbound 169 to Bass Lake Road when he lost control, crossed the westbound lanes and jumped the median. Officials say he was going too fast.

Kokesh was thrown from his bike and both he and the bike collided with a vehicle driving eastbound on Bass Lake Road. The driver of that vehicle was not injured.

Comments (18)
  1. BOB says:

    Slow down people. Leave earlier or be late.

  2. Kevin says:

    Sad to say but a $10 t shirt and $20,000 does not make you a biker. Go to Sturgis sometime and watch them all plow into each other, its amazing. And with a mild winter the animal kill was light. So all animal populations are going to heavy. Its going to be a bad year for those on two wheels…..

    1. red says:

      dumba– comment Kevin AGAIN

    2. Greg Looseanus says:

      Very true Kevin. A $30 pair of trunks and a swimming pool doesn’t make anyone a diver also.

  3. Brett says:

    Gee, no mention about whether he had a helmet on or not?? Like it would have made any difference in this case.

  4. Timmy says:

    It’s amazing how many people on motorcycles speed and weave in and out of traffic, Many of them are going so fast the literally come out of nowhere. I wish they all would slow down and I also wish they would stop hovering in people’s blind spots when they are behind someone’s car. I’m all for people enjoying the bike’s.I’m not for people endangering themselves and others because they think they’re badass because they’re a biker.

    1. Dr Suess says:

      You can’t come out of nowhere unless the space time continuum has a rift in it.

    2. Rodger That says:

      Are you the Timaay from South Park?

    3. DeuceRider says:

      How about getting off of your DAMN cell phones….how can you NOT see a bike that has Loud pipes, shiny chrome riding at speed next to you????….why? cause you’re on your damn cellphone and are oblivious to EVERYTHING around you.

  5. Jillionaire says:

    RIP Gene

  6. Jennifer B says:

    Everyone….please be SAFE when riding/driving a motorcycle or any other vehicle.
    I drove by this accident yesterday and it made me really sad. This man was someone’s brother, son, husband,etc.
    It just makes me think of my own family and to make everything count and make sure to tell your loved one’s you love them because you never know when a day can be their last, like this man’s.
    I’m so sorry for this man’s family and I pray for his family and friends.

  7. brent says:

    Loud motorbikes are the crook of trouble, they just terrorize children and sell drugs! They should be outlawed in the city or start doing some community service work for some good. When I am riding bike bike built for two they are always yelling and hollaring at people, one time I saw one with a gun or a club! Things need to change

    1. Sharon says:

      Brent, I think you just need to be educated a little more about Bikers. You say they need to “work for some good” check out the CMA group around the WORLD. They are the Christian Motorcycle Assoc. They ride for the SON.

    2. HDMC says:

      thats the last time I’ll wave at you…

    3. Tammy Gorka says:

      what world do you live in Im a biker i dont carry a gun sell drugs none of the above, I dont yell at people unless there on their damn cell phones and cut me off. Grow up and think before you open your mouth.

  8. D says:

    RIP GENE! As far as you brent you are a dumb fool to say those things not all bikers sell drugs and terrorize children or in a club. I happen to be a biker and I am not either one of those things so grow up you shallow person.

    1. Jennifer B says:

      You are so right D. I hate it when people sterotype people. He needs to grow up and get a life. People need to stop talking bad about people they don’t know.

  9. Melissa says:

    I was driving to pick up my daughter right after it happened. It was so stunning and tragic to see…the scene literally took the air out of my lungs. It is a stark reminder that motorcyclists are out, so regardless of the fact that this time it wasnt the car’s fault, please people just be extra careful when driving.

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