MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Baseball season is back, and while the Minnesota Twins are starting on the road in Baltimore there’s still a lot of action going on inside Target Field.

The grounds crew is putting the finishing touches on the ball park. They broke out the mowers Friday, putting those familiar stripes in the grass. The home opener is Monday, but it’s not just the Twins and their fans who are getting ready.

All those businesses downtown are too. Break out your favorite cap, baseball is back.

The Twins home opener is on Monday and businesses are ready and waiting to welcome crowds of enthusiastic and hungry fans.

The sound of cheers, the clinks of beers and a view of red and blue. Twins season is back, and bars and restaurants near Target Field are preparing for the influx of fans by extending hours and hiring additional staff.

A Twins home game means all hands on deck at The Alley Sports Tavern.

“Probably went from six employees in the back to 20, out front from 15 to 40 so it’s a lot different,” said Jesse Wendt, the kitchen manager at Alley Sports Tavern. “On busy game days, we have pretty much everyone on staff, so we’ll have wait assistants to help us out, extra bar tenders, food runners, an expeditor.”

The tavern has also increased food items, and the supply of that favorite game-time beverage.

“We got a lot more beer, a lot more beer,” Wendt said.

Thirsty Twins faithful fans will dwindle the supply with more speed than a fast ball reaching home plate.

“By next Wednesday, every keg in here will be gone and replaced,” Wendt said.

Not only will Twins fans keep bars busy, but Timberwolves fans will add to the crowds with nine games combined in the next six days. Though the uptick in activity means more work for these businesses, the staff seems just as excited as the fans that baseball is back.

“Everybody is really excited. We wait all winter for this, they keep us open,” Wendt said.

We also spoke with Metro Transit. They will be adding extra staff and additional busses. This includes busses to transport passengers from Target Field to light rail stations and park and ride lots.

So you will have two transport options to get back to your car after the game.

Comments (5)
  1. Wendy says:

    Yeah for traffic jams and gridlock!

  2. just a country boy says:

    I find it a little convenient that this story, touting “all the big business” that sports teams bring to downtown, is being put forth with such fanfare just as the Vikings stadium is being pushed on the taxpayers – with one of their bogus claims being the kazillions of dollars they bring to “downtown businesses” for their ten games a year.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Bob=go protest wall street

      1. Really...I agree Bob! says:

        I agree bob…I can think of much more fun things to be doing than watching sports outside…not to mention….people don’t listen or read…THE MOA IS NOT A PARKING LOT!!! WE have signs that say…NOT A Park and Ride…yet people use our lots for that anyway…I’m going to suggest this year that we implement either paid parking or….we go to slips where you have to get it stamped by a store, restaurant or customer service person. I’m tired of not being able to find parking because of this…

        Also…riding the Train sux at this time…my friend works downtown and literally…takes her 2 hours to get home when they decide to have a game that lets out during rush our…

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