LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — Kwik Trip Inc. is recalling some doughnuts sold at its convenience stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa because they may contain undeclared traces of egg.

La Crosse-based Kwik Trip says the recall applies to all Glazers Donuts. Consumers allergic to eggs may run the risk of serious or life-threatening reactions if they eat them.

The chain says it ordered the recall after discovering its supplier had added egg to a key ingredient. It says the problem has been fixed and no adverse reactions have been reported.

The recalled doughnuts are in 10.75 ounce cardboard boxes with the UPC code 39779 04033 and a sell-by date on or before April 7. Consumers who are allergic to eggs and bought the doughnuts on or before Thursday are urged to return them.

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  1. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Aren’t eggs a normal ingredient in donuts, the way they are in cakes. People who have an allergy to them should just avoid them, like people with gluten intolerance must avoid wheat. It makes no sense to recall them, just get the word out.