MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Occupy Wall Street movement has picked up again in Minnesota after demonstrators re-launched their efforts Saturday in Minneapolis’ Loring Park and Peavey Plaza.

Saturday marked the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Minneapolis movement, and organizers plan to occupy both locations Minneapolis throughout the spring and summer.

The protesters say they support the national movement for social and economic equality. They are against Wall Street, but protesters note that their movement is made of individuals from various groups.

At both locations, police are keeping an eye on the protesters. At Loring Park, officers are visible, and at Peavey Plaza mobile cameras have been set up. But organizers say their protest is peaceful.

Occupy Minneapolis’ Ben Egerman said this re-occupy movement is the next step after taking the winter months to organize.

“Some of us were doing a lot of foreclosure work, that’s been very active,” Egerman said. “A lot of people have been organizing for a big mass day of action on May 1, so there has been action and rallies and planning going on.”

Update: protesters at Peavey Plaza left Saturday night after a confrontation with police. Protesters said they would return with fellow protester from Loring Park.

Reg Chapman

Comments (17)
  1. Kevin says:

    .000005% of the populaion…..GO CCO!!! GO!!!! Cover these unemployed POS!!!! MORE!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jack Anderson says:

    Or until the freeloading benefits run out, whichever comes first!

    1. AF says:

      I hate to break it to you Jack Anderson, but unemployment benefits are paid via unemployment insurance which is payed by your employer, not the state or the federal government.

      I hope you never have to be unemployed. You wouldn’t be able to keep your 15 million dollar house on lake Minnetonka, hell you wouldn’t even be able to pay rent. So anyone that thinks unemployment insurance is a way to live should actually do the math… but that’s right, the facts have a liberal bias, don’t they?

      1. Ginny says:

        All these “freeloaders” paid for any funds they are getting through their taxes–unemployment insurance and the like.
        No one should make a judgment on these issues, most especially anyone who has power to decide them, if they have not walked in these peoples’ shoes. For more than a day. I believe politicians should, first of all, pass a basic test concerning our Constitution and history, and then spend a week or so in a public school, on welfare, as a disabled person, as an elderly person–everyone they affect. THEN they might be allowed to vote yea or nay.

  3. Honestly says:

    Or until the Republicans totally rewrite the constitution and remove the right to assembly and freedom of speech.

    1. CriminalsRule says:

      Republicans rewriting the constitution??? If you are serious you might want to check yourself…. The current administration is all about rewriting what our country was founded on. Obama has said numerous times he did not care for the way our founding fathers sent this country up and can’t stand the fact his illegal healthcare can and will be strucked down by the supreme court. Obama wants direct controlled or should I say direct power like a dictator. Get a clue and start looking at obama’s background as well as his closest allies/friends

  4. Mike says:

    down with big business! but I need to use my iphone oh and my ipad and my video camera.

  5. altavista says:

    More disruption for the citizens of Minneapolis by the perpetually adolescent and dysfunctional

  6. Bill G-A-R-R says:

    How is this going to affect the many private and small businesses that employ so many students? Where are they going to the bathroom at?

  7. ipmutt says:

    See if Esme is in with this left out group too.

  8. not quite says:

    You would think that between the amount of time that passed between the last OWS and now the present OWS season, these non-taxpayers would have secured jobs. The bummer is when these misguided folks finally grow up, they will have wasted a lot of valuable time for which they will have to explain away on their resumes. I just can’t imagine living in the U.S.A. and not making the most of the short lives we all have. I suppose if we all got four or five lives we could waste one being a hipster, fool but we don’t.

    1. Ginny says:

      If you know of an available job, you should go down to tell these people about it. I have read about hundreds of people who line up for one job. So if you know something these people don’t tell them about it.
      This isn’t time wasting. These people are standing up for their rights to assemble peacefully in a public place as long as they are not causing big disruptions. They are not and cameras have caught police actiions which do not bear out their claims–except when, of course, the police confiscate cameras, as they did with a KSTP cameraman.
      They are bringing the elephant in the living room to our attention. The huge growth of money that goes to the rich, and the minimal amount to the middle class. It’s not just unjust, it’s a danger to our society when 1% rule because they have money (not necessarily because they are smart or educated) over the rest of us. It can’t be sustained. Before the economy can recover, people need to buy goods and they can’t do that without money.
      Another reading of the Constitution, U.S. history, and some sound economics books might help you.

  9. Bluto says:

    Is that Zygi Wilf with the group?

  10. AF says:

    ” Obama has said numerous times he did not care for the way our founding fathers sent this country up”

    Cite your source. The tea party website who told you to say this doesn’t count.

    “Obama wants direct controlled or should I say direct power like a dictator.”

    Cite your source. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t count either.