MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan says the interference of a Minneapolis police officer, videotaped pushing a KSTP cameraman over during an Occupy Minnesota protest, “does not appear to be necessary.”

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On Saturday night, video taken by one of the occupiers showed the clash between protesters and police.

Occupiers say police used excessive force; police say they were doing their job in keeping the streets free of obstruction.

Chad Nelson, a photojournalist from KSTP, got a first-hand look at what happened. The video shows how his camera took a beating at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

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On Monday morning, Dolan released this statement: We instructed all of our officers before this, and any demonstration, to not take individual actions unless they are warranted for personal safety. From my preliminary review of the video regarding Mr. Nelson, the officer’s interference does not appear to be necessary. If that is the case, I am a very disappointed.

Lindsay Radford, the News Director at KSTP, responded saying, “We appreciate the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department has been so proactive about investigating the situation. It’s important that the media and police be able to work together at a scene, no matter how tense the situation may be.”

“Chief Dolan reached out to our photographer to speak to him personally. It’s still up to Chad (Nelson) to see whether he wants to move forward with criminal or civil charges, but we support him in whatever he chooses to do.”

Lindsay added that Nelson suffered minor whiplash and the camera sustained very little damage.

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The Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is reviewing the incident.