MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan says the interference of a Minneapolis police officer, videotaped pushing a KSTP cameraman over during an Occupy Minnesota protest, “does not appear to be necessary.”

On Saturday night, video taken by one of the occupiers showed the clash between protesters and police.

Occupiers say police used excessive force; police say they were doing their job in keeping the streets free of obstruction.

Chad Nelson, a photojournalist from KSTP, got a first-hand look at what happened. The video shows how his camera took a beating at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

On Monday morning, Dolan released this statement: We instructed all of our officers before this, and any demonstration, to not take individual actions unless they are warranted for personal safety. From my preliminary review of the video regarding Mr. Nelson, the officer’s interference does not appear to be necessary. If that is the case, I am a very disappointed.

Lindsay Radford, the News Director at KSTP, responded saying, “We appreciate the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department has been so proactive about investigating the situation. It’s important that the media and police be able to work together at a scene, no matter how tense the situation may be.”

“Chief Dolan reached out to our photographer to speak to him personally. It’s still up to Chad (Nelson) to see whether he wants to move forward with criminal or civil charges, but we support him in whatever he chooses to do.”

Lindsay added that Nelson suffered minor whiplash and the camera sustained very little damage.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is reviewing the incident.

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  1. Again Mpls cops, who are thugs says:

    Very shameful to continue to see the blatant police abuse. Thanks for the apology, hope you are sued again. For those in Blue, please stop abusing your donors for your paychecks and all your union goodies. I am sick of hearing of this abuse of power. It is supposed to be the exception not the rule. You are thugs.

    1. King Fisher says:

      “Unnecessary” doesn’t mean “unwarranted.” Ever heard of a Monday morning quarterback? Dolan’s making a statement about a situation he didn’t see and wasn’t involved in. And many will say “what about the video. It tells all.” Not necessarily true. Anyone remember Rodney King? Everyone thought they got the whole story from the video when, in fact, the video begins half way through the incident.

      “…hope you are sued again.” Obviously, you’re not a tax payer. Thanks for weighing in though.

      1. King Fisher says:

        So you’re a taxpayer who hopes a government entity gets sued and has to pay out becaused they pushed around a camera man who decided to inject himself into a tense situation where laws were being broken? Makes perfect sense to me. I love the idea of people who, because they pay taxes, think they have some authority or expertise to criticize cops and tell them how and when to do their jobs.

        1. Please explain says:

          no I didn’t say that, I have zero issues with police, a tense situation? oh no, don’t take that tent down so fast, it clearly wasn’t tense. I am done debating your stupid argument. Police do not have a license to abuse, PERIOD! I don’t care who it is, unless they are being threatened, do you think the cameraman threatened?

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            The cameraman was manipulating the situation to make the police look bad. If he got what he deserved, we’d be talking about his death now. The police didn’t go far enough. They are protecting YOUR freedom from dangerous anarchists and atheists who would destroy our Republic. You’re too stupid to understand, or you are one of the traitors, too. Which is it?

            1. Sean Kelly says:

              Whoa…. put your aluminum cap on.

    2. JeffS says:

      Hmmm…Several cop-hating rants on the same blog. Name-calling. Put-downs. No concept of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Smells like Andy aka Andy Keller aka Lakewood 4 Are Burning aka J aka Marine0311 aka…many others (including Serpico now).


        not a cop hater, in the least, sick of thugs and abuse of power, very simple…

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          I agree with you 100%
          And you were very specific.

  2. Serpico says:

    I wish I was a cop so I could beat people up and take their stuff.

    1. Greg Looseanus says:

      I think the camera man is a sissy.

      1. School Yard says:

        Me too. “MOM! The cop pushed my camera! I’m taking my ball and I’m going home!”

  3. really people says:

    “the camera took a beating and he has minor whiplash” what a joke, how about as a decent journalist or camera man he steps back a couple feet and quits crowding the officers. The camera has a zoom on it, you can’t sit back a couple of feet and get your vidoe, of course not, he wants to be right up in their face and push a confrontation. Nice independent reporting when you purposely try to become part of the story based on your actions. The camera man should be fired! what a joke Liberal pukes!!!

    1. Again Mpls cops, who are thugs says:

      The live camera shots don’t lie! Take a look!

      1. Stuart Pidasso says:

        You know who does lie? People. Minor whiplash? That’s hilarious.

        1. WOW says:

          To get paid a doctor states whiplash, easy money for them then. Quick to blame soemone, before you know huh?

    2. Sean Kelly says:

      Liberal pukes? How incredibly original. Save your childish comments for the playground.

    3. Hiding in Momma's Dress says:

      There is no room to move back with all of you mommy’s boys hiding in the dark shaking and whining.

  4. david says:

    I’m sicken of some group of people that are trying to hide this. I wanted to become a cop, but experienced this brutality first hand, the corruption and greed that some cops have made me turn away. I don’t think I can sleep knowing that my fellow officers are doing this. Couldn’t wear a badge that represent a false image of safety and peace. I’m not saying all cops are bad.. just the few that are putting a bad image to the force and nothing is being done to stop them.

    1. Takin' Names says:

      Thank you for not becoming a cop. You wouldn’t have been a good one anyways. Nothing against the cops in my area; I’ve never had contact with them. But if I have a need to call 911, I’d love to know Mpls PD is coming. See, I love cops because I’m not a criminal. I’ve never been arrested. Cops don’t violate my rights. If they happen to cross the line sometimes (which, by the way, has been interpreted by a politician-chief-of-police who was not there) while dealing with criminals, I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. God bless our boys in blue!!

      1. big banjo says:

        your a GD fool.

      2. Sean Kelly says:

        So you are advocating the use of the military to overthrow a legitimate government? THAT is the very definition of a traitor.

      3. Knowwhy says:

        I am white, I am Christian. I fully support the Armed Forces, and the Police. I always thank those who have served, and believe we need to take care of them and fulfill our promises when they come home. But please sir, get off our side. You are giving us a very bad name.

  5. Real Dale Gribble says:

    Dolan is under pressure from the Nazi GOP to protect the police and the only thing keeping it from being white washed was the fact another camera caught it.

    1. Again Mpls cops, who are thugs says:

      Nothing huh? Alrightttttttttty then!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on funding the settlement slush fund for beatings, abuse of power etc, there Daley boy!!!!!!!! Enjoy that extra cash flow going into the blue coffers…………..

      1. No Objection says:

        Usually Dale is a little out there for my taste. But he’s right on this time. Dolan is a political pawn trying to keep up appearances and get reappointed. And personally, I’d rather see my tax dollars spent to pay police wages and benefits than to support some poor-mouth criminal who doesn’t have a job.

    2. Dave says:

      You are a credit to your cause Dale. This is why you and your ilk are called FASCISTS. It’s going to be a pleasure to see Obama re-elected. I really want to see your and your posse’s little heads spin right off.

      1. pizzedoff says:

        He’ll only be re-elected if voter fraud rules the day like it did in 2008. Progressives are expects when it comes to lawlessness. They lack morals, respect and honesty.

        1. Dave says:

          Give me a break “oh holier than thou”. I would like you to cite ONE instance in which progressives were proven to have commited voter fraud. I’ll get you started on the right path though. Indiana’s Secretary of State and top election official Charlie White, oops he’s a Republican.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            The proof is right here at home. The DFL busses thousands of welfare cheats from Chicago here before every election, gives them money for beer and cigarettes and registers them at the polls. This goes on every year and it is the only reason why Franken and Dayton are in office.

    3. The World Is 1080 says:

      Welcome to the digital age.

  6. Again Mpls cops, who are thugs says:

    Criminal reporter huh? Give the cops every right to shove whomever they wish, even Dolan commented it wasn’t right. Mpls can keep paying out huge settlements, until they get their men in blue, to stop being thugs, when they are needed. End of story! You go off on a little rant, about the cop blah blah, its public property. He wasn’t interfering!

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Anarchists and communists are agitating in public, trying to destroy our Freedoms and Liberty, and all you can do is blame the police officer who is trying to protect you? You must be some sort of subversive traitor.

      1. Lara says:

        “trying to destroy our Freedoms”

        They were exercising one of our freedoms dummy.

        (BTW I know you are being sarcastic but other people don’t).

      2. D says:

        You’re the fascist traitor Dale.

        1. Again Mpls cops, who are thugs says:

          YO Dale, wanna try to keep up with the postings, or can you not comprehend? Tell me if you need pictures for your intellectual mind to understand this. 🙂

          1. Dave says:

            Please, you loser.

        2. Dave says:

          You believe in FASCISM Dale. Your comments are FASCIST. What can’t YOU understand about that you uneducated twit?

  7. Dale Gribble Jr. says:

    Keep it up, dad!

  8. TBone says:

    1st & 4th Amendment rights violated.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Typical liberal, hiding behind laws which were intended to protect REAL AMERICANS, not anarchist traitors.

  9. Perhaps says:

    People can’t do their jobs and cover stories, they can’t protest, but the boys in blue can continue to abuse people and their power? They have cost the citizens more than enough money, when will it stop, that is all I want to know. Seems anything now a days can be miscontrued as being in the way of the men in blue in mpls. But yet, they can’t catch the murderers, etc. What gives?

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Take it elsewhere, comrade. Real Americans support the Police and Republican efforts to control criminal political and minority elements.

      1. CRAIG says:

        Your attitude is what is becoming the minority, more people then ever are becoming sick of all the manipulation from the authorities and that number is growing more and more every day.

  10. CRAIG says:


  11. LosersHateCops says:

    99% of people who have issues with police have a criminal record beyond speeding or minor traffic violations, Im in my mid 30’s I work and party as hard as any1 my age, yet I seem to never have problems with police, you people that complain all the time are losers who constantly find yourself in the wrong place at the right time, try acting like adults I havn’t even had a convo. with a police officer for 6 years.

  12. big banjo says:

    once again the mpls police will cost us taxpayers more money in misconduct suit…..i hope the photographer sues and seeks just compensation for what the pig, i mean cop, did to him…..that cop should be removed from public contact or simply removed from the dept. completely as in GETTING FIRED……its the same ol same old with the cops…..they are not to be trusted and should be scrutinized closely as this police behavior seems to be deeply ingrained in the dept.

  13. Bob says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  14. desert eagle .50 says:

    I thought you went to work today, Jackactionqu**ro.

    Did you go to work today?

    Please be specific.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      Sorry Jack. I admit I actually admire you.
      I’m being specific

  15. Knowwhy says:

    Dale Gribble,
    you’re the one who is Anti-American. The sick, hateful comments go against everything our Founding Fathers wanted for this country. Read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Please pay particular attention to the Bill of Rights. As a Christian, I say please stop using Christ’s name as an excuse for your hate. Your comments may have fit in well in 1938 Germany. But they are unworthy of an American citizen.

  16. Marine 0311 says:

    Most cops hate being filmed. It’s your first ammendment right to film public officials performing their duties in a public place. Check out the glick decision. this is why the perception of cops has changed from peace officers to violent thugs. With the age of you tube and the smart phone, citizens are educated on how a lot of them really conduct themselves with the public. Keep filming them, it has become the best weapon against the police now, and they hate it. That should tell you something right there. If you are pulled over and have a smart phone, let the officer know he is being video, and audio recorded. It could save your life.

    1. Mayhem says:

      “Most cops hate being filmed.”

      Ya, genius, thats why they utilize dash cams, head cams, taser/gun cams, etc etc…they definitely do hate ’em.

      They have more of their own cameras pointed at them and what they’re doing than a Speilberg movie.

      At some point in your life, can you remove the several layers of distaste for cops and maybe get some intelligence instilled in yourself?

      1. Marine 0311 says:

        Should have said it different. Most cops hate YOU filming them. Then they aren’t in control of the video. Check out the misconduct investigations done by the FBI into the Seattle police dept. recently. They found tampering with dash cam video, and videos disappearing, also not ” working” properly when misconduct was an a issue. Moral, never trust the cops to film your encounters. Take that responsibility into your own hands. Look at the murder of Kelly Thomas in fullerton. If citizens hadn’t grabbed their phones and began recording the murder. These murders would be patrolling a street near you. Guess what the dash cams happend to not be working in this incident either.