ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — If any of you are geeky enough to have followed the debate in the Senate Tax Committee on the Vikings stadium bill, you know how very fragile the proposal is.

In the end it passed 7-6, but after several near-death experiences. The final death threat came when Senator Warren Limmer tried to get the bill sent to the Judiciary Committee, where it would have been given a prompt and proper burial. There are still legislators wanting to reshape the very basic aspects of the funding mechanism by throwing user fees into the mix.

In the end legislators will vote most likely on Sunday, appropriately game day during football season. This will be the Vikings ultimate game, and while it’s a team that has delivered on the field heartbreak for diehard fans for years, the outcome here is a toss-up.

Is it a Hail Mary, a desperate attempt to see if the votes are there? Or are backers putting together the ultimate drive, the votes lined secretly lined up and secured? It is drama of a high order, and one that appears poised, at least right now, to come to a final resolution with the legislature finally after all these years making a decision.

Esme Murphy