MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Like all good things, the gorgeous weather comes at a price.

Chances are good sniffling, sneezing and watery eyes are telling you its peak allergy season – and this may be the worst season we’ve seen in some time.

While most people think visible dandelions and weeds are to blame, it’s actually trees that are the culprit.

Britta Lindvall says it was during a recent walk that she uncovered the mystery.

“I think I’m very allergic to the cottonwood trees, and I see that they’re just blowing, because I can barely speak,” said Lindvall.

Twin Cities allergist Dr. Promad Kelkar said that cottonwoods may be just one of many culprits.

“Ash, birch, maple, oak – all the tree pollens are sky high right now,” said Dr. Kelkar.

And even if you don’t have those trees in your backyard, Dr. Kelkar says tree pollens can travel as much as 100 miles.

Another contributing factor is rain.

“When the rain comes, the pollen counts go down temporarily and people feel better,” said Dr. Kelkar. “As soon as the rain stops, you know the pollen count is going to be sky high again, and the people will feel worse.”

That’s when you need relief. Dr. Kelkar says he recommends first trying over the counter anti-histamines, or even a Nedi pot.

When those don’t work, ask your doctor about prescription nose sprays, or sign up for allergy shots.

“Right now, I’m doing everything that I can with honey and lemon, and anything else I can get my hands on!” said Lindvall.