MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Just in time for the 2012 election campaign, a political guide from a former Minnesota governor.

Jesse Ventura’s new book is called, “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government.” The title refers to infamous Los Angeles-based gangs.

It’s vintage Ventura — Another provocative, agitated book about what he says is America’s corrupt two-party system of government, calling out political party “thugs in Brooks Brothers suits.”

In the book, Ventura advocates abolishing the two-party system in America.

He goes after Congress, Super PACS, the Koch Brothers, insider trading in Congress, rigged voting machines, and — of course — the media.

The former Independence Party Governor has been upset about this for years: most recently, talking about it at an Occupy Minnesota protest in Minneapolis.

“We have two political parties who have sold themselves out to Wall Street,” he said then. “Now I love Wall Street, I do. I just dont like the crooks and consprators who run it.”

The official launch date for Gov. Ventura’s book is June 11.

Below are a few excerpts from the book:

On Government Salaries, Healthcare, & Retirement Benefits: “The average representative makes $174K a year, while the average American household makes $50K. In 2009, 261 of the 535 members of Congress were millionaires. In short, our federal lawmakers are nine times richer than the average American. They vote on their own raises, healthcare, and pension plans, and we are left with the bill. If government-run healthcare is good enough for Congress, it should be good enough for the rest of us.”

On The Media: “Otherwise known as slaves to their advertisers, the media cares more about ratings than covering the important issues. They have no incentive to report reliable, unbiased news when their corporate sponsors advocate the idea that there are only two sides to politics.”


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