BROOKLYN PARK & NEW HOPE, Minn. (WCCO) – Two Twin Cities families had their homes struck by lightning Saturday.

The Ruffin family of New Hope heard a loud boom during Saturday morning’s storm, but didn’t realize the noise was that of a lightning strike on their roof.

They were informed by a couple who happened to drive by and witness the roof engulfed in flame.

The Ruffins made it out of the home safely, but fire heavily damaged their property.

The family had only been back in their house for a year since a devastating Christmas Eve kitchen fire.

The Obete family of Brooklyn Park says an act of God actually saved them when lightning struck their Brooklyn Park home.

They didn’t realize their home was on fire until they headed to church.

Everyone escaped, but the home was destroyed. The American Red Cross is assisting the Obete family with disaster relief.

Lightning also struck a home Saturday morning in Troy Township, just south of Hudson, Wis.

No one was home at the time, but according to the River Falls Fire Department, the $1 million home was heavily damaged.

Mike Okey, of St. Louis Park, saw it from the beginning.

“I was in the clubhouse at Troy Burne (Golf Course) waiting out the storm when my friend and I witnessed the lightning striking the house,” he said. “We immediately went to the window and noticed a slight flicker underneath the bottom of one of the roof overhangs.”


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