MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Students at the Breck School wore yellow on Monday, celebrating the life of a kindergartener who drowned in a pool at a birthday party.

Yellow was 6-year-old Nicholas Janzen’s favorite color, according to a statement made by a family spokesperson. Breck students made yellow paper chains on which students and staff recorded their most beloved memories of Nicholas, who died of an accidental drowning last Friday in Hopkins at the Oak Ridge Country Club.

He was swimming at a classmate’s birthday party when lifeguards saw that he wasn’t moving in the water.

Nicholas’ father, Mark, spoke with the family hosting the party when he dropped his son off at the club. Before he left, he helped Nicholas into his swim suit and told him he’d see him in a few hours, the statement said.

Upon Mark’s return to the club, he learned that Nicholas had been brought to the Hennepin County Medical Center. Mark met his wife at the hospital, where Nicholas was pronounced dead.

Arrangements for Nicholas’ funeral are being made for later this week, the statement said.

The Janzen family has asked for privacy during this time. They also give their support to those grieving for Nicholas, including the family who hosted the birthday party and the lifeguards who tried to save him, the statement said.

Nicholas had close relationships with his family members. He loved to play soccer with his father and read stories with his mother. He adored his older sister, Anna. He will be greatly missed, the statement said.