By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Father’s Day, we’re reminded of all the unique roles our dad’s take on. Some are more unique than others.

For instance, for 162 games each summer, Glen Perkins suits up for the Minnesota Twins. But at home, the strikes from the pitcher’s mound don’t count — quality time does.

“We spend a lot of time at the field, but we spend a lot more time with our families,” he explained. “I’ve talked to people that think i live at Target Field. and when we’re done we go in the clubhouse and go to sleep and wake up the next day and play baseball again.”

His daughters, Addie and Lyla are too young to realize that their dad’s job is different than most.

“You can see that in them, that I come and go. They ask, ‘where are you going now?’ ‘Why are you leaving this time?’ But it’s part of the job and you have to take the good with the bad.”

“They look forward to when he gets home, they just jump on him,” Glen’s wife Alisha explained.

Some road trips stretch a week or more at a time. It isn’t about how often Glen is or isn’t there, the entire family has realized it’s about sharing the precious moments they have together.

“When I’m gone so much you have to have those times. You know, Daddy and Addie time, or Daddy and Lyla time,” Glen said.

Alisha admits she’s often the one who disciplines the girls when they do get out of hand.

“He tries to keep it as light and as fun, so when he does walk away to go to the field or a road trip they have happy things to think about not ‘oh I got sent to my room for doing this,’” said Alisha.

“One of my favorite things to do is on Sundays, when we have kids days, is she’ll bring the kids and drop them off at the field and she’ll go run.

Glen said one of his favorite things to do is a daddy-daughter play date at Target Field. On Sundays, the players can bring their kids to the park.

“I’ll go take them in a batting cage and we’ll go play out on the field and go have breakfast. That’s something we try to do every Sunday when we’re home,” said Glen.

Alisha will drop the girls off with Glen and go for a run.

“It’s really just to give me some time away with them from her,” said Glen. “Because she’s kind of their ‘go to.’ I like to be there for them, and when she’s not around, they do come to me and see that I am there, too.”

Unlike some other 3 and 5 year olds, the girls don’t make their dad play dress up. Instead, they tag along for trips down to the dock. They’re hooked on fishing and being on the water, just like Glen is.

When the Twins are on the road, the girls can still keep him close. They each have a Daddy Doll. It’s a knitted doll that has a Twins jersey and his number on the back. Addie and Lyla sleep with the dolls and say it helps them think of their dad when he’s not home.

Both Glen and Alisha grew up in the area and have decided to live in the Twin Cities year round. They credit staying close to grandparents and other family members with making raising their family do-able and not difficult.

“My parents live a half-mile down the road,” Alisha said. “We’re very blessed to get to play where we live and where our families are.”

When Glen is home, he’s a part of the action.

“I’m kinda the secondary helper around here,” said Glen. “Alisha does a great job. She’s got a routine and I spend more time trying to stay out of her way.”

As the season gets underway, the Perkins family will find a new Summer routine that includes a lot of time spent together.

“Ask us in 10 years how much fun we’re having at our house, when we have a 15- and 13-year old at home, and the answers may be a little different,” Alisha said.

Later this summer, the Perkins are hosting a 5k that supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Their involvement was inspired by close friends with children close to Addie and Lyla’s age who have the disease.

Fifteen’s 5k is Sunday, August 12. It goes from the Metrodome to Target Field. The $54 race fee includes a T-shirt and a ticket to a Twins game that weekend. You’ll find more information by visiting the race’s website.

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