By Vanessa Peng

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (CNN) — People living in a western Minnesota nursing home have an unusual system for getting their mail. The mailman often brings some helpers who waddle along behind him.

Fifty-three-year-old volunteer mailman Steve Score is walking his daily route at Emmanuel Nursing Home in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Some residents receive letters, others cards. But everyone is getting bills.

“That’s what I say. I bring these bills and throw theirs away,” laughed Score.

The bills don’t ask for money, but they sure make a lot of noise. The girls actually don’t quack; they peep. They’re called Peeper and the Pipettes. Score bought 8-week-old Peeper and the 6-week-old Pipettes at L&M Fleet in Detroit Lakes.

“She was peeping, and they were piping,” said Score. “Once you get them and start feeding them and paying attention to them, they imprint on you as their mother.”

That means waddling into action, once they hear the magic words from their “mom,” the mailman.

The ducklings make it to the nursing home every couple of weeks. When they do, it makes for a fluffy yellow surprise.

“I get to interact with them and the residents, so it’s a plus all the way around,” said Score.

With all of those ducks, Score says the mail isn’t delivered as quickly, but the residents say that’s alright.

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