By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This summer’s wet weather has created problems in many Minnesota towns.

But for those in the lawn care business and those who enjoy gardening, all the rain has resulted in a big payout.

The crew from Green Horizons Lawn Care is enjoying a 20 percent bump up in business. The St. Louis Park-based business said the early spring and warm weather has meant that lawns need to be mowed once a week, if not every other.

The circumstance is a welcome turnaround from last winter, because like many lawn care companies, Green Horizons also does snow removal.

“Last year was very slow, so we were very happy when spring came early and we were able to get working again,” said a Green Horizons Lawn Care worker.

And it’s not just the lawn care business that’s doing well. Gardeners are enjoying the wet and warm conditions, too.

Sally Larson and her kids are seeing an amazing and early crop of berries. And the tomatoes aren’t doing bad either.

“My tomato plants are five feet tall, and it’s June,” Larson said.

The added bonus to Larson’s situation is that her kids are in on the growing, too.


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