MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) – Maplewood Police are apologizing after an innocent man was mauled by one of their German shepherds.

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Bob Rozmarynowski was on his morning walk Monday, when a police dog attacked him. The K9 team was trying to catch another man who was eventually arrested for having drugs.

Strolling through Maplewood is part of Bob Rozmarynowski’s routine.

“That’s when I have my time with the Lord. Him and I walk and talk every morning,” says Rozmarynowski.

The 65-year-old’s walk on July 2 was one he’ll never forget. Maplewood police officers were chasing a young man they believed was armed, and they released a canine. But that dog went after Rozmarynowski.

As he grabbed a tree to protect his face, the German shepherd latched on to Rozmarynowski.

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“I’m bleeding and it hurts like hell,” recalls Rozmarynowski.

Bob spent a few hours in the hospital. His back and thigh were chewed up. Five days later, he says the injuries still hurt.

“I can’t sit down or anything. I got to stand up all the time,” he says.

Deputy Chief David Kvam with Maplewood Police says the officer with the canine didn’t see Bob when the dog was let go.

“It’s a horribly unfortunate circumstance,” says Kvam. “But had [Rozmarynowski] not hidden himself, it would’ve given the handler the opportunity to stop this from getting to an apprehension in the first place.”

Kvam says the K9 unit did everything that morning by the book. Maplewood police have apologized multiple times and will pay the medical bill.

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Rozmarynowski says he plans on suing the Maplewood Police department. He is still walking the neighborhood for exercise, which he has done since suffering a heart attack five years ago.