By Jason DeRusha

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Aquatennial Tennis tournament didn’t let the heat stop them. Some of the best players in the area are on the courts and some big crowds on the sidelines. One thing is clear: this is still an event that celebrates water.

As the mid-day sun pounded its heat on downtown Minneapolis, four top players pounded away on this temporary tennis court.

The tennis tournament is a lunchtime tradition for downtown workers, but players had the heat and water on their minds.

In fact, event organizers gave players extra time for their water breaks.

Watch the report above.

Sports Camps Adjust To Extreme Heat

Minnesota sports camps didn’t let the heat stop them either.

As the sun beat down on the Hamline all-sports camp, counselors made some changes: adding water breaks, lengthening lunch and shortening their time outside.

“So, compared to a normal day, we’re out here for an hour and a half two hours,” said camp counselor Shane Swanberg. “We’re cutting that almost in half for a regular day.”

Kids sign up to play three sports apiece, so they can’t really avoid the heat.

Counselors keep reminding them about water and shade.

“Water is everywhere. We’ve got ice over there, too. So we’re trying to be well prepared and lots of little breaks in between each session we do.”

Judging by all the empty bottles and the ones in use, the kids paid close attention.

“We should drink lots of water and take breaks and stuff,” said attendant John Takgbajouah.

But you can’t keep everybody happy.

“No, there’s not enough water,” said counselor Christian Taber. “Most of the kids are using it to spray themselves down, just like that.”

When all else failed, track kids played a water-soaked version of duck-duck-gray-duck in the shade and with a particularly refreshing ending.

The camp runs through Thursday, so they’re likely to keep going through water, ice and extra rest breaks.


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