Sharing a harvest certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s something that has become a bit more mainstream in recent years. Consumers want more of a connection with their food and the best way to do that is to deal directly with the farmers that grew it.

While produce shares are one of the most popular ways to build a connection with a farmer and their food, it isn’t uncommon to share part of a pig or cow, especially if you have an extra freezer to store the meat.

We don’t eat much meat at our house, but do eat fish from time to time so when I heard that a salmon share was launching in the Twin Cities, I jumped on the opportunity and signed up for a summer share right away with Sitka Salmon Shares.

sitka salmon share crystal grobe Bite Of Minnesota: Sitka Salmon Shares

(credit: Crystal Grobe)


Over the next three months (July, August, and September), I’ll be receiving three five-pound shipments of Alaskan salmon delivered right to my front door in a special cooler. The salmon is cleaned, vacuum-sealed, and blast frozen in one-pound packages, making it easy to defrost and use as needed. I’m happy to say that my first shipment of sockeye salmon arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get cooking!

We’re planning to grill the first couple of pounds and are excited to try out many new recipes for our upcoming shipments of king and coho salmon. Any recipe suggestions?

Since I love to spread the word about cool things like this, you should know that Sitka Salmon Shares is offering what’s called a “Catch Two” share that allows you to “catch” the last two deliveries of salmon. You’ll receive 8 pounds of sockeye in August and 8 pounds of coho in September. Click on the Catch Two link and read more about it. The deadline to sign up is Aug. 22.

Disclosure: I paid in full for my salmon share and I think it’s such a cool concept that I decided to write about it. If any readers sign up for a Catch Two share (and put my name down as the referral source), Sitka will give me some additional salmon at no cost, but again, that’s not why I’m writing about it –- I just think it’s really neat.


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