MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Michele Bachmann was just named one of the “Most Beautiful” people in Washington, and the congresswoman could also make a “Most Controversial” list, too.

But despite her reputation for political flame throwing – like claiming Muslim extremists are linked to the U.S. government — Bachmann appears to be popular back home.

She’s been elected to Congress three times and is one of the best-known politicians in America.

She’s up for re-election again this year, and many of the voters WCCO met today say they’re with her.

At Daddy-O’s Diner in Elk River, Brett Johnson is on Bachmann’s side.

“She’s a strong conservative that has strong views, religious views and political views,” he said.

Minnesota’s sixth congressional district is a political mix of urban and rural stretching across the northern Twin Cities to St. Cloud.

And Bachmann still appears to have wide support, even among voters who don’t always agree with her.

“We ignore what we sometimes have to hear, and it may be something you don’t want to hear, but it is the truth,” said Marco Fanelli of Andover. “And sometimes the truth is difficult to take.”

Bachmann’s recent claims about Muslim extremists in the government drew widespread scorn from the Washington establishment, including fellow republicans.

But back home, voters like Jim Trumbull say she’s doing fine — especially on issues such as immigration.

“The people that are here now have no jobs, and we keep bringing in people that don’t seem to want to work,” he said. “I think she is on the right track.”

But not all is well in Bachmann’s back yard.

At a quiet park overlooking the Mississippi River, John and June Sorensons enjoyed a picnic lunch, and marveled at how Bachmann could ever be elected.

“She’s dumb. She doesn’t know nothing,” said John Sorenson of St. Michael, as his wife nodded in agreement. “Her mouth runs 90 percent of the time before her brain connects.”

Added June: “I think she is a disgrace to Minnesota. I really do.”


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