MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Carrie Rocha from Minneapolis sent me a question from her kids using Twitter: What’s the difference between bees and wasps?

They are totally different.

Bees are pollinators, spending much of their lives visiting various plants and flowers to gather and distribute pollen. Wasps are predators. They eat and feed insects, flies and caterpillars to their young. Their bodies are also sleeker and more streamlined for hunting.

Bees nests are made out of wax; wasp nests are out a papery-material.

When wasps sting you, they pull out the stinger and fly away. Bees usually lose their stingers, and die.

Eleven-year-old Landon Rolbiecki wanted to know the difference between a mole and a birth mark?

Birthmarks are skin blemishes that form before you’re born or shortly thereafter. Vascular (“strawberry”) birthmarks tend to be areas of reddish, swelled skin thought to be caused by a non-harmful overgrowth of blood vessels.

Moles are the marks that should command your attention. You probably developed in-between 10 to 40 of these throughout childhood and adolescence. They can be raised or flat and come in a variety of colors. However, a change in a mole can be an early sign of melanoma, the skin cancer that kills more than 8,000 Americans every year.

Stephanie Bruns, of Champlin, wanted to know the difference between Miracle Whip and mayonnaise?

Miracle Whip has many more ingredients than mayonnaise, which is only a mix of egg, oil, vinegar and water.

Miracle Whip originally hit the market during the Great Depression has a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise. Now, however, prices are about the same.

Jason DeRusha