MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Do you ever think about the position you sleep in and whether it has something to do with your personality? Well, apparently it might.

A British sleep expert recently did the study, questioning 1,000 men and women about how they sleep. The study claims to have found a correlation between a person’s sleep position and their personality.

The study looked at six sleeping positions in all.

The first is the Free-Fallers. They generally sleep on their stomach with their arms at the head. If you sleep like this, the study found you’re generally brash and confident and tend to respond badly to criticism.

Then there are the Yearners. They make up about 13 percent of sleepers. They lay on their sides with their hands outstretched. This may indicate a suspicious and cynical person who is slow to make decisions.

Another is the Log, which includes people who sleep on their sides with arms at their sides. The study found this indicates a social, easygoing person who is often trusting of strangers and can be gullible. This describes about 15 percent of the people questioned.

The Soldier is similar to the Log, except you sleep flat on your back. The study found about 8 percent of people sleep like this, and it indicates someone who is quiet and reserved and sets high standards for themselves and others.

The largest group in the study was those who sleep in the Fetal position. If you’re one of them, you tend to be tough on the outside but have a sensitive heart and a touch of shyness.

Conversely, the least common of the positions was the Starfish. This is when you sleep on your back with your arms in the air. These people are said to be good listeners who make friends easily, but are happiest when they’re out of the spotlight.


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