By picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has put the nation on a path of choosing between two very different political and fiscal philosophies.

Even Republicans, and especially conservatives, have been critical of Romney for being fuzzy on key issues.

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That is not the case with Congressman Ryan. The Ryan budget would overhaul Medicare and Social Security and sharply cut entitlements.

It is a budget that has been a lightning rod for Democrats.

The Romney campaign has sought to make the election a referendum on the state of the nation’s economy. But with the Ryan pick, the election may in fact turn out to be at least in part a referendum on Ryan’s fiscal agenda.

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The pick comes at a critical time for the Romney campaign. National polls this week show President Obama opening a statistically significant lead. A Fox News poll showed President Obama leading by 9 points, 49 to 40 percent.

But, in the end, it is not the popular vote that matters. The Electoral College is what decides who wins, and Wisconsin’s 11 electoral votes are critical. A Quinnipiac poll this week of Wisconsin voters showed the President leading Romney by 6 points.

Can Paul Ryan deliver Wisconsin? Historically, polls have shown that voters cast their vote for the person at the top of the ticket and that a running mate has little impact on their ballot decision.

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But by choosing Ryan, Romney has made a bold pick that more than any other running mate pick in recent history will put a sharp focus on the man running for the No. 2 spot.

Esme Murphy