MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Over 12 days, Minnesotans will see nearly 170 baby animals born at the Minnesota State Fair’s Miracle of Birth Center.

It’s easily one of the most popular exhibits at the entire fair; in fact, some say it’s the most popular free exhibit. Workers there make sure that there are always animals ready to give birth in full view of visitors throughout the entire fair.

Visitors to the Miracle of Birth Center are constantly surprised by how quickly newborn animals get up on their feet, and how they seem to already know to get food from their mothers.

On Friday morning, WCCO This Morning’s Chris Stanford took a trip to see the overwhelming cuteness on display, and talked with Jared Luhman of the Minnesota FFA. You can watch his morning reports — and Chris’s encounters with newborn cows, piglets and a talkative little lamb — in the videos below.

Farm Babies Born At Miracle Of Life Barn

Checking Out A Newborn Calf At The Fair

Newborn Piglets At The Miracle Of Birth Center

Baby Lamb Has Got Something To Say


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