By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities man was in the hospital Friday, unable to attend his son’s wedding, but that didn’t stop him from being a part of it.

Pat took a turn for the worse after an out-patient procedure, so the nurses on his floor brought the wedding to him, via Skype.

“Yep, I’m sitting up watching everything,” Pat said.

From the comfort of his hospital room at St. Joseph’s in St. Paul, Pat attended his son’s wedding on the west coast.

“I’m able to watch it; and see it all happen; and feel part of it,” Pat said.

Pat’s nurses, his St. Joseph’s family, set it all up.

From the guest book, to the cake and the sparkling apple cider, the nurses didn’t miss any details. They even managed to find Pat a tuxedo for the occasion.

“And they got it to fit,” Pat said.

It was the only way they could make sure Pat was a part of the special moment.

“Nobody asked, they just did it,” Pat said. “They got me strong enough to be able to watch this and they put an incredible effort for our family to enjoy all of this together despite the setback of my illness. It’s just fantastic that we could do it.”

Surrounded by his good friends, Barb, Marty and Kim, Pat watched as his wife, Kathleen, made her way to the beach. Then he saw the moment he didn’t think he would witness: the wedding party walking down the beach.

Pat said his spirit is stronger because of what his St. Joseph’s family has done for him.

The nurses at the hospital said the holistic care of the patient is important; they feel they had to do this for Pat to heal.

Pat’s wife, who is also a nurse, will return to his bedside in the morning.

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