MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s the start of a holiday weekend. And for anyone driving north, especially on I-35, it could be tough going.

As if slow-to-still traffic wasn’t bad enough, Hannah Andersen found herself stranded on 35 North. And it was a true holiday weekend driving nightmare.

“It’s extremely frustrating, because I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of stuff, and nothing’s moving,” Andersen said.

Traffic delays are the rule of the road if you’re heading north on I-35 this weekend. With one north of Hinkley and the other just south of Duluth in Scanlon, delays could last for up to two hours, according to MNDOT.

Some like Todd Belinger say while it’s not ideal, he’s really in no rush.

“Just sit in the car and listen to music,” Belinger said.

MNDOT recommends Highways 23 or 61. But alternatives routes don’t fit everyone’s plans. Cindy Russell and her family simply try to get a head start.

“Both my husband and I took the day off, so we could get packed up and leave early,” Russell said.

While drivers sit in traffic, they’re burning gas that is increasingly expensive,”

“It went up high and then dropped down, and started creeping up towards Labor Day again. So, not fun but what are you going to do?” Russell said.

At $3.78 per gallon, the average price of gas is 80 cents higher than a week ago.

And as for the trip back south on 35, MNDOT says expect much of the same: 1 – 2 hour delays for Sunday and Monday.


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