molly erickson 640 st olaf sports information1 Beyond Bounds: Who Exactly Is All American Golfer Molly Erickson?

St. Olaf’s Molly Erickson took second place at D-III nationals last year. The senior iss also the drum line heir apparent to Nick Cannon. (credit: St. Olaf Sports Information)

Molly Erickson’s the reigning MIAC MVP, and seeing the St. Olaf women’s golfer took second at the Division III National Championships last year, she could be wearing a crown at the end of this season.

Yes, the MIAC Championships are this weekend, but the national tournament is next spring. While that frustrates no one more than Erickson — the waiting game is brutal — this spunky senior All-American has more to her than a sound short game.

But who exactly is Molly Erickson?

Well, she’s …

molly erickson mug st olaf sports information1 Beyond Bounds: Who Exactly Is All American Golfer Molly Erickson?

Molly Erickson (credit: St. Olaf Sports Information)

Capitalizing on a head start
“My dad (Richard) started me playing golf when I was a 3-year-old. I was the only of my three siblings to keep it going.”

More skilled than Nick Cannon
“I was on drum line from sixth grade through high school – I could definitely out-duel Nick Cannon. I would have continued music at St. Olaf if it weren’t for golf being a two-season commitment.”

Hoping to emulate her Dad
“I love how hard-working he is. He didn’t go to college. He worked his way up being a manager at Radio Shack and then started Comtech Marketing. He’s now traveling to China several times a year. He’s really good at what he does.”

A Beyoncé-wanna-be
“I have a huge desire to sing like Beyoncé. I think that would be the coolest. ”

On the green every day – no, seriously
“I spend a lot of time on my short game. We are allowed one day off a week, either a Monday or Tuesday, and I never took that day off after a tournament. The season goes by so fast, so I just wanted to put as much in as I could. Spending those extra hours sharpened my short game.”
(Note: Erickson went from being just a freshman seeing playing time on the Oles team, to being the nation’s second-best in two years)

molly erickson vertical st olaf sports information1 Beyond Bounds: Who Exactly Is All American Golfer Molly Erickson?

Molly Erickson plans to combine her love of writing and her exercise science degree after she graduates.
(credit: St. Olaf Sports Information)

A champion – and it’s very likely
“The only way I can improve upon last year is to win (the national tournament).”

Hoping for a career as a health-oriented writer  maybe
“I thought I wanted to do physical therapy (her major is exercise science). I love the health field, but found out I also love writing. I will either go to PT school, or try to write for a fitness-based journal. We’ll see what happens.”

Planning to be first in line for the highly anticipated “Arrested Development” movie
“I am really excited for it, actually. It’s my favorite show.”


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