MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This is the time of year when we start cooking up those comfort foods. But when things are starting to get spooky for Halloween, WebMD says there are some fall foods you should be just as scared about.



The damage from a bowl of chili can easily hit 500 calories with the wrong recipe. Same goes for meaty stews, which are often loaded with fatty beef or sausage and then topped with cheese and sour cream. But chili and stew can be nutritional superstars when made right. Use lean meat, plenty of beans, veggies and spices. If you want cheese, just go low fat.

Game Day Grub

Favorites like chips, nachos, pizza, wings, and ribs can spoil diets. If you’re a sports fan and glued to the couch for hours every week, you’re not burning off those extra calories you’re eating. Try some veggies and low-fat dip instead. And eat from a plate instead of grazing.  That helps you keep track of how much you’re eating.

Pot Pies

If you pick one up at the grocery store, you could be looking at around 1,000 calories in that creamy pot pie. A healthier option is a roasted chicken breast with a whole wheat roll. You’re looking at 350 calories there, or less than half.

Caramel Apples

A caramel apple with nuts can total more than 500 calories. Here’s a good tip: enjoy your apple, but dip it in low-fat caramel dip instead of real caramel.

Seasonal Drinks

Pumpkin spice latte anyone? How about hot chocolate, apple cider or eggnog? Fall drinks are a quick way to take in lots of extra calories. A cup of hot cocoa, even without whipped cream, is 190 calories. An 8-ounce cup of eggnog packs 340 calories. Here are your tips. Try hot tea, or drink small portions. Even a light beer has less calories than many of those fall drinks.


All it takes is an extra 100 calories per day to gain 10 pounds per year. The best strategy for your health is to avoid the weight creep. Remember these four things: moderation will keep you consistent, watch your portion sizes, limit your alcohol intake, and finally eat lots of veggies, but don’t add fat and sugar to them.