MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s nasty, and then there’s nasty. 

And Thursday’s 5th District Congressional debate came close to blows between incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison and his Republican challenger Chris Fields.

The radio debate on KFAI devolved into a shouting match, with Congressman Ellison calling Fields a “lowlife scumbag.”

Fields accused Ellison of digging up an old domestic violence charge, which Fields says doesn’t exist. Ellison called Fields “stupid.”

Then Fields brought up Ellison’s recent divorce, and both candidates began exchanging insults. Check out the video for the on-air fallout.

At one point, KFAI shut down the broadcast to allow the candidates to cool off, but when they returned, it started all over again.

Congressman Ellison told Fields, “I look forward to your concession speech.”

Congressman Ellison later issued a statement apologizing, and saying he, “acted beneath my personal standard as a public official.”

Fields also issued a statement: “At a time when we need civility and leadership from Washington politicians, Congressman Ellison has proved that he cannot deliver.”

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