MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Express Games announced Wednesday that Minnesota charities have reached a crucial milestone in the push for electronic pull tabs.

The company said state-wide charities who invested in the games have sold more than $1 million of electronic pull tabs. They are included in the plan to help be a revenue source to construct a new Vikings stadium, a bill that controversially passed during the last legislative session.

Skinners Pub and Eatery is just one of 51 bars and restaurants statewide currently licensed to sell the games. More and more are being added each week as gaming regulators get them approved.

It may seem like a small number of establishments with the electronic games, but it’s already turning in big revenues.

On Tuesday evening at the Power House Bar in Proctor, Minn., a customer playing the electronic pull tabs put gross sales over the $1 million mark. That’s just over one month into the games.

“Oh, this is a remarkable start,” says Frank Ball.

Ball is executive director of the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association. The organization was one of those behind the push for electronic pull tabs as a way to spur hospitality business and help the state pay its $350 million share of the new Vikings Stadium.

However, Ball said keep in mind that the true impact of electronic pull tabs will be felt far beyond a new ballpark.

“This helps out the little leagues, hockey clubs, even fire departments who rescue people,” said Ball. “This is a win-win for everybody. And let’s not forget the lightning bolt that’s the Minnesota Vikings!”

In honor of the achievement, the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association is donating $500 to the Irving Community Association in Duluth.

Bill Hudson


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