MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We’re less than 24 hours away from the polls opening for the general elections, and candidates are spending their Monday making a final push for voters.

The Presidential race appears to be up for grabs at this point. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are making several stops across the country on Monday to get any last vote they can. Romney’s son spoke Monday at a rally in Plymouth.

The crowds are also getting bigger for rallies as Election Day approaches.

“I think we are seeing this year an enthusiasm I have seen in many years, something special is happening,” said David Anderson, a Romney supporter.

Officials said Josh Romney’s Minnesota appearance is giving the Republican party added buzz and the feeling that Minnesota could go red on Tuesday.

At the same time on Monday, Democrats are on a get out the vote bus tour in the Twin Cities.  Sen. Al Franken and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak are campaigning for candidates.

Mayor Rybak has also been heavily campaigning for President Obama. Just back from the swing state of Ohio, Rybak said he has no doubt Minnesota will go blue. The latest polls show Obama has a slight lead in Minnesota, but it’s within the margin of error, making the race a virtual dead heat in Minnesota.

“People say crazy things at the end of an election. Here is what I see as fact: Minnesota supported President Obama because he represents our values and Minnesota is going to do it again,” Rybak said.


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