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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Republican and tea party favorite Michele Bachmann has beaten Democratic hotelier Jim Graves to win her fourth term in Congress.

Bachmann cements her hold on a district that became more Republican under new political boundaries this year.

Graves was seeking to persuade voters to choose a successful businessman rather than Bachmann and her controversial national profile. Bachmann was running to keep her political home after an unsuccessful bid for president last year.

The race was hugely expensive as Bachmann fell back on a fundraising machine that drew from her national following.

Bachmann won the race by about one percent of the total final vote. State law mandates an automatic recount if the margin of victory is 0.5 percent. It’s now up to Graves to call for a recount, which he has up to seven days to decide. Graves said on Twitter that a recount “is likely.”

When Bachmann learned she had won, she issued a statement thanking her supporters and volunteers.

“It has truly been an honor and a privilege to represent the people of Minnesota’s Sixth District in Congress, and I am humbled that they have placed their trust in me for another term. I am extremely grateful to my dedicated volunteers for spending countless hours knocking on doors and making phone calls,” said Bachmann. “I pledge to continue to work everyday to create jobs and do everything I can to make life more affordable for Minnesota’s families. Our children and grandchildren deserve a future filled with opportunity in a country that is safe and secure, and that’s what I’m fighting for in Washington.”

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