MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 65-year-old Little Falls man pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing nearly $50,000 from the Social Security Administration by not telling it he was in jail for about four years and thus still receiving public money.

Bruce Holman pleaded guilty to one count of stealing public money before Judge Richard H. Kyle, the Justice Department said.

During Thursday’s hearing, Holman said he has received Social Security disability payments since 1992. He also said he was aware that he needed to promptly notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) if he were ever convicted and imprisoned for a felony. But when that did happen and he was imprisoned from June of 2007 to March of 2011, he never did tell the SSA he was behind bars. As a result, Holman continued to receive payments, which totaled to about $47,951.

Holman faces a maximum penalty 10 years in prions and possible fines. Judge Kyle will sentence him at a future hearing, which has yet to be scheduled, the department said.

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