ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Skiing in December is nothing new, especially here in Minnesota. But skiing on open water is another story.

Alex Elder, Mike Lucas and their friend Eric are huge waterskiing enthusiasts. They hit the water every weekend during the summer.

“It’s was December ski, so it’s a milestone in my book – to get out every December,” Lucas said.

And they’ve made it a tradition to head out on the lakes in December and ski our rivers in January.

Saturday they were on McCarron Lake in St. Paul. The fellas say since it’s been warmer, the ice breaks up when their festive boat passes by.

They say it stays out of their way…for the most part.

“Yeah, we got to watch out for it, when we go on the boat, it loosens it up and if you’re barefooting, you don’t want to run into one of these, Lucas said.

Fellow skier Alex Elder may have made some icy contact.

“One time when I was trick skiing I came around and I saw some ice, and so I got a little nervous I may run into it. I think I may have hit a chunk when I was trick skiing,” Elder said.

The guys say it was a little windy and bumpy Saturday, but they’re looking to go back out Sunday or next weekend.

And they hope the warmer weather will open up a few more lakes for them.