MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There will be another hearing in the murder case against Aaron Schaffhausen Monday in Hudson, Wis. Schaffhausen is accused of murdering his three young daughters this summer.

The Schaffhausen hearing will focus on a number of issues. The defense wants key evidence thrown out. Both the defense and prosecution want cameras barred from the courtroom. Most experts don’t think that is going to happen because Wisconsin law, unlike Minnesota, specifically allows for cameras.

The judge has set a Dec. 14 deadline for a possible insanity plea, which is something the defense has hinted at. However, the fact that Schaffhausen scheduled a visit with the three girls and then, according to his ex-wife, called her and told her she could come home because the girls were dead, suggests he was aware of what was going on.

Criminal defense attorney Joe Tamburino appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“If you have phone calls saying ‘I am coming in …’ phone calls saying ‘you could leave the house, I will stay with the kids’ and then the last phone call being ‘come back’ … that goes to show that he knew what he was doing — that he had intent. That he had some plan. That he was able to recognize his actions,” said Tamburino.

It’s not clear if the hearing will go into the issue of the sale of the home where the girls were killed. The home belongs to Schaffhausen and the girl’s mother has tried to block the sale to keep Schaffhausen from profiting. That may be a moot point because a bank has begun foreclosure proceedings.

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